7 Tips To Grow Your Local Business With YouTube

September 23, 2019

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I think YouTube is a platform. One of the Social Media platform that often gets overlooked by business owners. And we think that you can definitely benefit if you're a local business by using YouTube. And the number one thing here that we have is to make sure that your profile is completely filled out.

7 Tips To Grow Your Local Business With YouTube

  1. Make sure your profile is completely filled out. This is number one because it really should be a no brainer. Google owns YouTube and videos now pop up when you search on Google, so please, please make sure you fill out your profile completely.

  2. Add your website link to the description of the videos that you create. If you are a local business owner and creating content for your local area, make sure to use that name in the title. I.e. How to find a good chiropractor in Allen, Texas.

  3. Be able to consistently put out great content. In order to grow your YouTube channel you need to provide great content often. People won’t subscribe to your channel if you have a handful of videos you posted the same day a month ago.

  4. Create content your local audience will benefit from. Think about those questions that your potential local customers might be searching for and create videos to answer those.

  5. Thumbnails are a game changer. Although, it’s funny, we didn’t have a clue when we uploaded our first videos that they would make such a difference we got thousands of views on some tutorial videos we created. Overall, a thumbnail should have some kind of face on it and should take up a good ⅓ of the thumbnail.

  6. Research trends and follow trends in your industry. It’s easier to ride a wave  than it is to create your own.

  7. Get software like Tubebuddy or VidIQ, they will be able to give you insight and tips that you didn’t know was possible. I.e. Searching for keywords that are relevant, searched a ton, and not competitive.


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Christian [00:00:14] So I think YouTube is a platform. One of the social media platform that often gets overlooked by business owners and we think that you can definitely benefit if you're a local business by using YouTube and the number one thing here that we have is to make sure that your profile is completely filled out. Yes. Yes. And it's a no brainer. I mean that’s what we've put on the text and so I guess. 

Aaron [00:00:40] We don’t have to spend so much time on number one but really shortly. 

Aaron [00:00:44] Google owns YouTube and YouTube is the highest volume search for video on the web. If you don't fill out your profile completely you're not gonna be found. So it's really six tips but number one this is for somebody out there who's just starting out. Please make sure that your profile matches and is completely filled out and matches what's going on with your website as well. And you Google my business making sure that all that stuff matches filling out your profile so we don't see anything else about that. 

Christian [00:01:11] Well I think we can expand just a little bit because I mean we talked about profile you know and people might overlook something like that cover photo that's very important. That's true. And some people might overlook the whole like aesthetic of you know your page and just the way that you're communicating that. So I think when it comes to the cover photo two things are important. If you're going to be the face of the business I think your face needs to be be part of that. Yeah. And you also need to let people know what they can expect from this channel and we'll talk about some other things with that. But you know if it is that you're making publishing a video one video weekly then say that you know because the only way to I mean if you want to grow your local business with YouTube then you need to grow your YouTube first right. So in order to do that you need to let people know what to expect from your channel. So that's all part of you know the filling out filling out your profile is making sure that you tip panting into all these little things. 

Aaron [00:02:12] Good point. All right. So we did have a little bit. There really are seven tips right. All right. Number two here at your Web site link to the description if it makes sense. So if you're a local business owner you probably should be creating videos locally for YouTube. It's great if you get people outside of your location and where if you get some traffic outside of your local area and you become like the number one video for that you just never know how that's going to push you up as far as rankings. But if you're doing something that specifically locals say for example you're a chiropractor now in Texas. Make sure that you put like if you put the video title and it says how to find a good chiropractor it's not going to do as well for you and your business. If it was something like how to find a good chiropractor now in Texas. Well great. Now somebody go with that they see your video you're doing them a disservice if in the description you don't put a link to your Web site to tell them like hey request to book here or a little bit more information. So very simply put. Just make sure that if you go all the way through creating a great video make sure that people can follow you and actually take that next step to work with you too your phone number too. 

Christian [00:03:17] Yeah and also do within the video as well and you'll see a lot of YouTube is do this through other videos they'll tell you to subscribe. They'll tell you to like they'll tell you to comment. So it's important to get within your videos also direct people on how they can find out more about you. So it could be that yeah you put your Web site link under description of the videos but you also need to let people know that that link is down there. So that's also important. So number three here is I kind of looked into this before but to you know be able to consistently put out great content and I think in order to to grow your YouTube channel like you need to provide great content for people. And in order to do that like you want people to subscribe to your channel. Right. So in order for people to subscribe to your channel you can't just have a handful of videos that you publish them all back to back to back a month ago. You need to have some sort of strategy in place in order to grow your channel. So whether that is like maybe your first line of business is to figure out OK. I want to post once a week. That's totally fine. And then figure out what are those topics that you want to talk about. So figure out your strategy for I don't know two three months ahead of time so that at least you have you know that that consistency in place or the beginning of a consistency plan in place for for your videos. 

Aaron [00:04:41] Absolutely. Yeah consistency consistency consistency. That's just I mean throughout every throughout everything we're talking about YouTube. But just to reiterate most local businesses are not consistent. And the ones who are the ones who are usually beating the other people it's just that simple. 

Christian [00:04:59] Yeah. Then the next thing is to to make sure that you're creating content that people are actually searching for in your local area. Right. So that may be a little bit more challenging you know to I guess find icons that you might have the answers for. But this is something that I was also talking about recently on a local marketing academy about local seo is to provide content that your immediate local customers or audience is going to find very beneficial. So like Erin said here how to find a good chiropractor in Allen Texas is a great content for you know our local area and our local audience also. And this might not apply to everyone but talking about upcoming events in your area. They don't have to be necessarily directly related to you but it could be that you know you're supporting local high school and there's like a few football games or something coming up and writers a local family thing going in the park that maybe you talk about these things you know or you know best ways to navigate the park on Celebration Day whatever is called here and now celebration out there now. So just things like that just thinking you know it may be just a little bit outside of your your top subject. Yeah the scope of your business. Yes scope of your business. But it still is it is helping people that are here locally find you because you're talking about things that they care about and especially if you're in a small, like. 

Aaron [00:06:30] Allen's not a small community. I mean he's kind of a small community. But a hundred thousand. So if you're in a.. Small town of like ten or fifteen thousand or maybe twenty thousand or fifty thousand you're absolutely gonna have to go outside of your scope because there's just not gonna be as many search volume as much search volume for what you're looking for her size chiropractors and Allen our chiropractor and Great Bend Kansas or whatever else. So if you go outside of that like Christian saying you're just going to get a lot more people who are searching for you and at least become aware of you which social media is number one thing is to just have people be aware of you. So you would accomplish that. 

Christian / Aaron [00:07:10] All right if you're a local business owner around the Allen I would say Collin County area. I want to invite you to the local marketing Academy. We had this going for how long now. Nine months almost a year almost a year. And by the time this comes up. Yeah. Almost a year of great workshops for local business owners and teaching them the way around social media marketing around SEO around Website design. Just the range of topics and things that we do on a daily basis. And we're happy to share with these business owners. All we have to do is go to local marketing dot Academy. 

Christian [00:07:52] So I don't think I have to type in WWW I just type in local marketing dot Academy on your browser and you will see the landing page you'll see all the information in there and what you need to do to apply. Awesome. 

Aaron [00:08:09] Okay so yeah we really look forward to looking and looking forward to looking when we really look forward to having you in a local marketing Academy. So yeah. 

Christian [00:08:19] And if you if you're from not the area we're also working on trying to get an online version of this so it might not be surely ready but we'll let you know when that's open for everyone. 

Christian [00:08:33] So you will have access to recordings of the workshops you have access to private Facebook group and different things like that. So we're excited about that. 

Aaron [00:08:44] OK now we're back for real for real. All right. Number five. Here it really is a game changer is your thumbnail. This is like the cover of a book. This is like the title of an article. This is like the number one thing that people are going to use to make a decision on why they choose to watch your video versus somebody else. Yeah absolutely. You choose them all by some. 

Christian [00:09:05] Yeah. You know not this right. It's even hard because we've gotten better with our Earth Hour no recently. But it's even hard sometimes looking at times like could they be better even better. Oh yeah for sure. And yeah I mean I watch a lot of a lot of videos on on YouTube and I can honestly say that I think that the thumbnail is the what stops me right. But then I. Yeah. Then I read a script or another to the title of the video just to make sure that OK. That's OK. That's what it is. Yeah. Because a lot of times the thumbnails could be maybe a little bit obscure so you don't know necessarily because they don't have like maybe a certain few keywords right in there and we do this a lot. And that's why I try to you can't just look at it thumbnail and say OK yeah that's fine. I think you need to look at the combination of the thumbnail and the title. Yeah. To make sure that. OK. That's enticing enough for me to actually click on it. Yes. So yeah having having thumbnails having people or faces in the thumb now and then I think having I think that's what's working for us and a lot of other people. And when I click on videos is seeing a face and seeing just certain words. Mm hmm. Like not the full titled the video just certain words. OK. I know what this video is about. Yes. And then I read the title it's like OK that assures me that that's what this was about. OK. I'm going to click on it. 

Aaron [00:10:23] Yes it's absolutely. It is the blood. Oh. It's like the blood post. You know you read the title or you stop because of an image. Then you read the title ending. Oh OK. I'm going to do that. So we don't have too much to go over this. You should go and look at other ones and just go it. I challenge you to go to YouTube right now and just go look at your home screen and go look at all the thumbnails there. That's a great place for you to learn and just things that you're going to pick up on is using people's faces. Good titles like Christian said and then making to use some words instead of the thumbnail as well to kind of be descriptive with it too. But have fun with it. You're not going to create a perfect one right away. And if you're a local business owner more than likely there's not a ton of competition. So you're going to absolutely kill people on that and just continue to get better your thumbnails but not for real. 

Aaron [00:11:10] Yeah not OK. Don't kill me. Don't get that this message brought to you by somebody else other than BitBranding. 

Christian [00:11:19] So do not sue but besides is that like the other thing is to to make sure that it's consistent with your brand. You know we talked about consistency a little bit. We talked about creating your fill out your profile completely. So that's another thing with thumbnails is. Yeah. You want to be doing all these things but in the same realm of keeping it within your brand and keeping something that's consistent throughout them. So people know oh this is Jimmy's soap's video. 

Aaron [00:11:46] I've been waiting for you know Jimmy so to go watch his videos later Jimmy. That's good. Number six is really important too. So research trends I put it on here and I think we should use this. This should be part of it here. It's easier to ride a wave than it is to create your own I put away but it is it's a wave wave. And what I mean by that is is there's already a hot topic. For example we kind of got on to this TikTok topic for business and it's just blown up as of recently. Well now we released a video where no one from TikTok marketing TikTok for business or something like that. Go go find our video and check it out. 

Christian [00:12:25] Yeah. If you google TikTok marketing and you scroll to see like the videos that are recommended we're number one. 

Aaron [00:12:31] So you. That's exactly why you should follow the trends. If it's within your industry you should not be trying to do something that's like oh there's a Boeing 757 that's coming out and you're like yes. And as a chiropractor I think that this is related to the Boeing 757 new Boeing 757 coming out follow trends in your industries and we'll give you some tips here. We're gonna jump to number seven which will make it a little bit easier for you but follow trends in your industry or related industries or your town like Christian said celebration Allen every year around celebration now and I'm sure that keyword search in the videos that we're on that go up quite a bit. So creating something for that would be obviously advantageous. So number seven How do people do this. What are they would. How do people research. Like how do they find this stuff other than just I go into the YouTube search console or the YouTube like search bar and typing and looking at all the videos. 

Christian [00:13:26] I think look looking at the local newspaper. 

Aaron [00:13:29] OK. Yeah. Well listen I'm newspaper that's down and no no no the local magazines like Allen is that's where they. 

Christian [00:13:38] Now what Aaron is talking about is software. Right. So. Something like Tubebuddy or VidIQ are great tools and I believe they have some free. Yeah free versions OK but I mean there's I mean it's insane. The honest idea you can do with these things but they give you one they give you a lot of insight on on either keywords videos that are ranking for different channels and things that people are searching for. It gives you helps you with your end cards your thumbnails like it's insane the amount of features that both Tubebuddy and VidIQ which they do similar things that they have. We have Tubebuddy and we're not using. I want to say maybe 50 percent of the features within within 2 buddy. I mean there's a lot of stuff that goes with it. So I would definitely implore you to check out either a Tubebuddy or VidIQ to grow your YouTube channel. 

Aaron [00:14:36] Awesome. All right. Local business owners. We hope you've got a ton out of this. Make sure that you do something on YouTube. It's less competitive and it will really help you grow your business. And it does what we want you to do which is create more videos. So how do you get a lot out of this episode. If you enjoyed it. If this is your first time please make sure to subscribe and if it's your fiftieth time and you have subscribe please do that. We don't ever actually know how many people subscribe but what we do know is how many people have left an honest rating and review which is why we would love for you to go over iTunes like dang. This is so hard to do. We know we know it is difficult but we'd really appreciate it for you to go over to iTunes. Scroll down to the spot on the podcast. Like when you lift it up and you can leave a review. Leave us an honest rating review say hey I love the Marketing Native’s or hey can you guys do this or could you talk about that. This helps us reach more people and also we will give you a shout out if you do so. So hope you enjoyed this episode and we will talk to you guys next week. 

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