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5 Unique Video Ideas To Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business

5 Unique Video Ideas To Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business

October 8, 2018

In today's episode, we talk about 5 Unique Video Ideas To Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business:

  1. Create a great “about video” of your company. Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate your value proposition. This type of video makes for excellent marketing material. Make sure to use real images and video. Show the leadership team and showcase some of your workers.
  2. Do regular testimonial videos. These are powerful for any type of business. Written review or testimonials are great, but it’s another thing entirely to produce a slick, well made video about the experience that a consumer had with your lawn maintenance business.
  3. Instructional videos! There are several topics you can cover. They can range from tools and techniques to landscaping and types of plants/flowers. The possibilities are endless. Instructional videos will help you cement yourself as an expert in your industry. Which is always a good thing.
  1. Create short personalized thank you videos for your pre-existing or new clients. Show them you appreciate them. A great way to use these is to send them via email.
  2. Announcement videos! Any time you want to share an announcement on social media consider doing a video… better yet go LIVE! Here are some suggestions on what you can share: upcoming events, new services, new product lines, and special promotions.

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