5 Unique Video Ideas To Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business

October 8, 2018

Show Notes

In today's episode, we talk about 5 Unique Video Ideas To Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business:

  1. Create a great “about video” of your company. Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate your value proposition. This type of video makes for excellent marketing material. Make sure to use real images and video. Show the leadership team and showcase some of your workers.
  2. Do regular testimonial videos. These are powerful for any type of business. Written review or testimonials are great, but it’s another thing entirely to produce a slick, well made video about the experience that a consumer had with your lawn maintenance business.
  3. Instructional videos! There are several topics you can cover. They can range from tools and techniques to landscaping and types of plants/flowers. The possibilities are endless. Instructional videos will help you cement yourself as an expert in your industry. Which is always a good thing.
  1. Create short personalized thank you videos for your pre-existing or new clients. Show them you appreciate them. A great way to use these is to send them via email.
  2. Announcement videos! Any time you want to share an announcement on social media consider doing a video… better yet go LIVE! Here are some suggestions on what you can share: upcoming events, new services, new product lines, and special promotions.

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Christian: [00:00:14] Welcome to another episode. Today we're talking about five unique video ideas to grow your lawn maintenance business. As we always say, "You don't have to be in law maintenance business to get some good tips and good information". On this episode, we try to keep them a little bit broad so that if you are a dentist or a lawyer or a physician or any type of business you can definitely use these five unique video ideas on your business. Or maybe they'll spark another idea.

Aaron: [00:00:49] Yeah and hitting it off with number one is again this is something that can be related to any business and something that we tell other businesses that they should do which is: create an 'About Video' in 30-40 -y'know, minute - minute and a half. Tell us what it is about your company that we need to know. A video is a great way to communicate not only who you are but why you do what you do and why people should be buying or calling you instead of your competitor. So a good 'About Video' versus somebody else who doesn't how one is going to help you stand out.

Christian: [00:01:25] Yeah, yeah for sure. And I mean it's great marketing material that you can use throughout the whole year - multiple years. You know depending on exactly what you have and maybe if you showcase some team members or something and they've left the company - maybe you refreshed the video but it's something that it's evergreen and you know you can use in multiple locations, multiple ways to showcase your business a little bit better.

Aaron: [00:01:49] Yeah. And one of the notes that we have here is to make sure that it's real pictures and real videos of your team don't just put a slideshow together of stock photos and say that you know this is our city and we started lawn mowing or we started doing our business at this year. And you know, don't slack on the quality of that because if you slack on that quality we - we're just assuming that you're going to slack on the lawn maintenance, too. So make sure that you showcase your real business and make sure that content that's actually original content from your business.

Christian: [00:02:21] Yep. All right so number two. Do regular testimonial videos. These are powerful again for any type of business obviously written reviews are great. You know for SEO and for Google and for people to -- you know have a little bit better idea on how you do business but video testimonials is really where it's at. I mean you publish those on YouTube or Facebook and also include those videos on your website. And I mean that just creates more SEO juice which we love SEO juice, it's like the best kind of juice. You know what I'm saying?

Aaron: [00:02:58] And yeah it's the good juice and I think in about two or three weeks we're going to be talking about ranking SEOs. So be on the lookout for that. But yeah a testimonial for me. What you see for any successful website, what you want to do is go look at your competition or go look at somebody else in any industry and you'll see that on those pages they have a testimonial of some sort. If it's a fitness company - if it's a you know a dentist whatever else if it has a testimonial in their video, you feel a lot more inclined to believe the person versus just words that I'm pretty sure that some people's website is they've just said you know, "This company X did the most amazing job ever", anybody could put that there. But if you do a video you know like this is legitimately a business owner and you know that how much work that they went into to make a testimonial. So you know it's a legit thing because think about yourself. Are you going to go to a testimonial video for somebody you like. Maybe. But it's going to get a lot of work. So if somebody does that for you and you have that on your website I think that really helps you stand out.

Christian: [00:04:04] Yeah for sure. Creates another level of trust that you don't see anywhere else. So number three here we have instructional videos.

Aaron: [00:04:15] What do you have - what do you mean by an instructional video?

Christian: [00:04:18] So these are like you can do like the 'How to videos' on how to use you know certain equipment or maybe even some techniques that you use in your lawn maintenance business. Like I said there's several things that you can cover with this, it doesn't have to be just like a you know you're sharing all your knowledge you know out there to the world. Maybe as a law maintenance business, you carry a lot of products that you sell it to consumers. So maybe you can do some instructional videos on those products, you know showcasing those products or things like that. The possibilities really are endless and creating instructional videos. And basically be cementing yourself as an expert in that industry, which is I mean it's always a good thing.

Aaron: [00:05:10] And I think that one of the things that you could - those instructional videos don't necessarily have to be geared towards lawn maintenance, it can be in a related industry to lawn maintenance which could be you know sometimes the person who is not the landscaper but you could be giving landscaping tips. And as you get better landscape, you want to make sure your lawn is doing well too. So those kinds of things kind of complement each other and you could be getting a lot of search traffic but also just adding a lot of value to other people in that industry.

Christian: [00:05:41] Yeah, exactly.

Aaron: [00:05:46] All right. So this is - we've probably got maybe three more episodes with wrap air horn and then we're going to find something different. I know a lot of you are going to be upset probably going to be sending us a bunch of DM's about how sad you are. But anyway if you're new here this is our section of the show where we tell you a little bit about us. Quick fun fact: Christian and I both are from Kansas. Well he's from Puerto Rico, we met in Kansas, and started right track together in college. We own a marketing agency in Allen, Texas now. And that's just a quick fun fact for you. Were you going to say something Christian?

Christian: [00:06:23] No, I was going to say yeah that's just the truth.

Aaron: [00:06:25] That's the truth?

Christian: [00:06:26] That's the truth.

Aaron: [00:06:27] So he believes me. All right. One thing that I want you guys to think about as you're driving or running or jogging or whatever you're doing right now is, "Is my website bringing me business?" and if it's not that's something to be thinking about for not only the fourth quarter or whenever you're reading this but really into 2019 "What do I want out of my business and what do I want out of my website?" Because the website is really like your nucleus to the business. If you don't have a good functioning website, it's going to be hard for you to do social media well it's gonna be hard for you to do email marketing well. It's going to be hard to grow your business. So as you're thinking about 2019 and what you really want to do, consider your website and if you guys have questions, we're happy to answer those. We actually just wrote a blog post "The 10 biggest design trends in 2018". Though, some of them are going to roll into 2019 but just go check out the blog post it's bitbraining.co/blog. And if you have any questions just don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Christian: [00:07:27] Word. Rap air horn.

Christian: [00:07:33] There you go. Wait. We never talked about this whole you're changing the rap air horn to something else.

Aaron: [00:07:38] Yeah, we did. We were like "Wow", I think it was like two weeks ago, we said: "Yeah, there's like there's no reason we can't put in a cool sound" and you're like "Yeah, why are we doing the rap air horn? When we could like literally edit it in a cool sound or edit in something besides the rap air horn".

Aaron: [00:07:54] And we mentioned it.

Christian: [00:07:56] Yeah I feel like I remember - maybe.

Aaron: [00:07:59] All right listeners go back to the episodes or if you remember it, tell Christian what we talked about.

Christian: [00:08:06] So number four here on - back to the episode we were talking about five unique video ideas to grow your lawn maintenance business and coming in in number four, we have here to create short personalized 'thank you videos' for some preexisting customers or even new clients. It's a great, great way to, again, be more real and more trustworthy too.

[00:08:32] I mean imagine you getting an email invoice, right? Or not an invoice. Your like your receipt, you know? And with that receipt, there's a little personalized video thanking you for your business. Like how cool is that?

Aaron: [00:08:46] We need to do that. We just finished a project, we should do that.

Christian: [00:08:49] Yeah.

Aaron: [00:08:49] We got to set up right now so let's do it. Cool. No. Yeah, definitely do that and I don't see many people doing it.

[00:09:01] There's actually one company who reached out to us to give us lunch from like Florida or Georgia, I can't remember where but she sent me e-mails and they were all videos and they were all like you know very entertaining and they are like 30 seconds long. And I've, I mean I'm definitely going to open their e-mails a lot more now too because it's different. So use it as long as you can.

[00:09:22] All right. So number five announcement video. So any time you want to share an announcement on social media consider a video. This is something that I think we do really well is we come up with ideas or we come up with new things or something is about to happen or say there is a new trend. Now we do a video and a lot of times we'll do it live and just try to be the first person or the first group in our area to let our followers and let our the people who consume our content know what's happening. And when you do this, this really points you at the forefront of like what's happening not only what's trending but also the way that people are going to perceive you as like "Hey, they're on top of their stuff" but it doesn't have to necessarily before I guess trends. Like it could be about your new services upcoming events. It could be a special promotion, new product lines but using video just helps you spread a lot easier.

Christian: [00:10:22] Yeah, I love it. Did you did you mention live?

Aaron: [00:10:26] I did mention live, yeah.

Christian: [00:10:27] OK. Good. Sorry I was distracted.

Aaron: [00:10:30] Because I was doing live?

Christian: [00:10:31] Yeah, yeah.

Aaron: [00:10:32] That would've been cool if we were doing live as we were talking about this.

Christian: [00:10:36] Yeah, but there you have it. Those are five unique video ideas to grow your lawn maintenance business. We talked about having a great 'About video' about doing regular testimonial videos. Doing some instructional 'How to videos'. And number four, create short personalized 'Thank you videos'. And number five was announcement videos. There you go, you only have anything else to say?

Aaron: [00:10:57] Make sure that they subscribe.

Christian: [00:10:58] Subscribe. Please describe please on iTunes. Please. Do you know if all podcast platforms have a subscribe button?

Aaron: [00:11:09] I don't know. I'm an iPhone user so I know Apple's iTunes does. I don't know what Google does or not.

Christian: [00:11:15] I think they do. I just didn't know about like Stitcher and all these other ones.

Aaron: [00:11:19] I think for overcast there is.

Christian: [00:11:21] Yeah, overcast. I don't think Spotify has a subscribe.

Aaron: [00:11:23] No it's a follow button.

Christian: [00:11:24] OK. So just a little bit different. So follow us on Spotify. Subscribe on iTunes. Like us on - just kidding. But yeah, do that thing that makes you get notifications on your phone when we publish a new episode which is every Monday.

Aaron: [00:11:39] Yes it is.

Christian: [00:11:40] All right.

Aaron: [00:11:40] You were questioning it for a second.

Christian: [00:11:42] Yeah well, we'll have so much stuff going on.

[00:11:44] Also by the way I don't know if you know this but every Saturday, we release what we call the Weekly Bit which is our weekly newsletter that showcases everything that we publish throughout the week. Plus some really cool stuff like what music we're listening to. What we've been up to that week. Things that we found we thought was pretty cool. Like this week we found what they call a sketch case which converts your computer into a whiteboard. So if you want to be in this email newsletter list just click the link that we'll have in the description of this episode and we'll put you on the list.

Aaron: [00:12:26] Awesome. Yes and it's only once a week. And it's yeah there's no, there's no sales within I guess.

Christian: [00:12:32] Yeah it's strictly fire content.

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