5 Tips to Grow Your Chiropractor Practice

August 12, 2019

Show Notes

Today we're gonna talk about Five (5) Tips To Grow Your Chiropractic Practice. We're talking about Videos, Messenger, E-mail marketing, and many more. Stick around!

Here are some key points to the show:

  • Focus on locally targeted online and offline advertising. Most people are not going to travel more than 5-7 miles to see their chiropractor regularly. Some things to consider: demographics, ethnicity, socioeconomic status.
  • Reviews on reviews on reviews. It doesn’t matter what you say about yourself, it matters what others say about you. You want to make sure you are getting positive reviews frequently across multiple channels. I.e. Facebook, Yelp, and Google.
  • Email marketing is key. You need to stay top of mind with your audience and the best way to do that, or most effective way right now is email. You probably checked your email today already. Email is effective because it’s intimate and if it’s done tactfully can deepen your relationship with customers.
  • Videos! We have been pushing this agenda since 2015 and it’s becoming ever more important. We, and you too, consume way more video than anything else. Don’t believe us, scroll through your Facebook feed and count the number of videos you see.
  • Messenger! Right now, it’s super inexpensive for you to speak to your audience with an insanely high engagement rate. Think about email and how effective we said that was above, now image doubling the engagement rates and tripling the open rate. Start using messenger today!


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Hope y'all enjoyed this episode! We'll see you guys next week for another episode of The Marketing Natives!


Christian [00:00:00] Both good dudes. Today we're gonna talk about five tips to grow your chiropractic practice. We're talking about videos, Messenger, E-mail marketing, and many more. Stick around! This is the marketing matrix.

Aaron [00:00:27] Hey guys. All right. So let's jump into this or we can just talk about it but we'll probably do both. So these five tips to grow your chiropractic practice practice practice practice lunches jump in number one. All right. So folks we focus on locally targeted online and offline advertising. And the reason you want to do this is because most chiropractic offices are going to attract people between five to seven miles max. I mean I don't know very many people who are gonna go. I guess it depends. So if you're in a like metroplex or like a suburban area they're not gonna travel 10 or 15 miles to go to one chiropractor unless you're just amazing. But it's it's more the exemptions. Yeah well the exception to the rule of going five miles like if I was Christian. Hey where's your chiropractor it's like all it's down in downtown Dallas and I was like how often do you go there. Like no we're not going to drive 30 miles to go do that. So making sure that your message is targeted locally. So for example if you're in Allen Texas or if you're in McKinney Texas or you're in what is a town Steamboat Colorado you want to make sure that it's specifically to those people who are in that town. So for example trying to get somebody outside of Texas and Steamboat Colorado is going to have a completely different demographic there than they are going to be in somebody who's gonna be driving from Denver or even crested butte or something like that. So you want to make sure that you're focusing on your message locally and supporting the local local area. And that's offline advertising as well. So whether you're supporting a race or anything much better options or opportunity for you to do something that's in your community. 

Christian [00:02:10] Yes so definitely focus on those demographics and the city's socio economic status to really even niche down even further from just you know geographically targeting five to seven miles. So number two we have reviews on reviews on reviews on reviews visually only. And I mean this goes for every business out there. I mean reviews are super super important especially those Facebook Yelp and Google ones those are. I would say those are the main ones that people are constantly reading or looking out for and they're the easiest to find as well. There are obviously more specific niche down review sites. There might be like a chiropractic care. Dot com. I don't I'm making this up that offers exclusive reviews for chiropractors and blah blah. But to be honest I think some of the ones that you should focus on it should be the big three Facebook and Google and even Yelp for a chiropractor might not even make sense. A lot of times when we think about Yelp you think about restaurants may think about restaurants and maybe food places that are called restaurants. I don't think I've ever used guilt for anything else besides finding a good food spot. But Facebook and Google for sure I've looked at different businesses and I was a Google the first thing that sort of pops up whenever you search for something. So make sure that you are getting frequent. Reviews on different platforms so not just bulk up google reviews and then just have to well the cloud recommendations on Facebook two recommendations on Facebook should they have an even amount across multiple channels that you're actually responding to these reviews either positive or negative. Also very very important. 

Aaron [00:04:01] Right. I guess a good gym analogy I wish we had a gym for this one as well but a good gym analogy for you is like you want to use Google and go to the gym and and lift your biceps and you're like dang these biceps look amazing on Google but then see you see where I'm going here and then you neglect Facebook and your legs look really small. And I'm saying everybody knows the guy who doesn't do the legwork out to him. So people are watching. All right. Number three here is email marketing and e-mail marketing isn't. I mean you can get business from e-mail marketing but more than likely they've given you their email address for something in exchange for their e-mail. So like you've given them tips or you've asked them hey would you like to find out more information about stretches you've trying to add value to them. But what it does is it it leaves you as the expert in the industry and allows you to really stand out from other people but you also don't want to use this as something to completely bombard people with either it's not a hay sale sale sale or come see us today like every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. So it's it's not a spamming mechanism but it is a good way to tactically be in front of people which we send out one email a week. Maybe we should do more but we just send out at least one e-mail week and ours are. 

Christian [00:05:23] Really, SALES We may include something in there when we have maybe an event coming up or we want to grow or group but normally is more about providing content providing our expertise to these business owners and laughs. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes we include what made it would make us laugh that week. So just keep that in mind whenever you have a email marketing strategy. Make sure that you don't feel like you're inside bombard them with just sales sales discount coupons and all this stuff. Make sure that you provide value. 

Aaron [00:06:00] All right. So if you listen to last week's episode you know we didn't have necessarily this spot in there and it's last week was your first episode. Want to tell you that this is part of the show or is really about halfway through we got. We tell you a little bit about it. Branding a little bit about us which I will do. And then also maybe something cool that we're offering or something cool that's coming up. So fun fact and you did not notice your first time when I feel like we haven't done this for a while but we're based in Allen Texas where a creative marketing agency we focus on website design social media marketing and video production and really help local businesses tell their stories. Or if you're a really cool local business trying to sell online we'd like to help with those local businesses start selling on Shopify or their own e-commerce store. So if you look if you're one of those businesses or one of those chiropractors you would listen to this right now. 

Aaron [00:06:53] If you need any help with social media marketing and you're local to this area that'd be great. If you're not local to this area we can still help you but I just want to give you guys a little bit about us and I feel like there's something else I want to say but that's really it. We'll get you back to the regular show here. 

Christian [00:07:15] They wanted to find a new sound. Just going to vary. 

Aaron [00:07:20] What's the low. No I want to get a drink. Well we have audio here Oh no. So we should just find a little jingle or something from inside of that can just stick in. 

Christian [00:07:29] Yeah I think something more subtle you know maybe like a Bell's doo doo. 

Aaron [00:07:36] The horn is too harsh on people right. They're listening to it in the car and they're like This is the greatest podcast ever and then their kid like yells and then they hear the band and they're like oh gosh I've almost got hit by a smile. So if you have been listening you almost got hit by a smile. Please send us a message. We will let us know how much you hate that horn. Yeah yeah and give us a one to 10 scale. Like I stopped listening because of the iPod because of this. But you guys are so great so I came back. Let us now. We'll switch out their horns. It's been one hundred and a lot of episodes so at least a hundred and twelve. Yeah. We've been using rap air horn so it's you know we need to retire. It's time to move on to season to season two. 

Christian [00:08:12] All right let's jump back into this. Number four we have BDO. And this is something that we've been pushing since we started the company and we actually started our company doing videos before we even had a Web site. We were making videos and we definitely recommend the same thing to everyone else out there and it's important the quality or the quantity or anything like that is important that you start and that you keep consistent with it. All of those things are the quality and consistency consistency should come from just doing everyday. But the quality will come later and the quality of the content as well might come later but you need to start doing videos now. It would definitely help your chiropractic practice and any other business out there. That's probably one of the things that we try to push the most is for people to do videos and not do videos just on Facebook but Instagram Stories videos videos on LinkedIn and videos are just popping up everywhere. And I guess even back in 2015 where it wasn't super popular and we didn't have Instagram Stories we didn't have linked in video. We're still pushing it because it's very very important and it's where people people's eyeballs are gone. 

Aaron [00:09:27] Yes. Not much to add but that one just really take out your phone start doing some videos even if it's not good to go ahead and do it. All right. Number five here is messenger so very similar to the email marketing it is it's just a great way for you to keep in touch with your audience. It's more of like an omni presence so you're not only going to talk to them on Facebook with videos you're not only going to see have reviews you're not only going to have locally targeted ads or offline events you're also going to have messages that you're going to send them. For example any type of offer or anything like that. Maybe use messenger once a month maybe twice a month. But the good thing about Messenger is that you're gonna get about double the engagement rate in three times four times the the open rate on the average. I think messenger open rate is like 80 or 90 percent whereas the average E-mail open rate is like depending on the industry 15 to 20 percent. So huge huge difference on the amount of people. And I know people are checking my math there but just trust me it's a lot it's a lot higher engagement a lot higher open rate. And so you should be using Messenger not abusing it but just using it. And so you get a complete omni presence of your marketing out there. 

Christian [00:10:45] Cool. That's it. Yeah that is it. All right. So that's that's all we have for you. 

Aaron [00:10:51] Those are the five I kind of broke them down individually or we we did break them down individually but I kind of recapped a little bit there too and there's whole strategy of these five tips are if you do them you will be successful in the sense that you'll be on multiple platforms you'll be doing things that make you get in front of your target market and you know the side effects of that. The ability for you to grow is just much higher. So all right if you are a business owner and this is your or if you love to consume this and you're not a business owner. Thank you we want to review from YouTube but if this is your first time listening to this make sure you go to Apple and leave us an honest rating and review if you leave us a comment we'll also shout you out here on the podcast. We have yet to have anybody do that. I think we got another rating in review. Somebody click the button but it did not leave a comment. So make sure you go out there leave a comment so we know who you are and we'll give you a shout out on the podcast. And if this is your many hundreds time listening we really want to hear your feedback on the episode internally as well. So we go over to Instagram. Shoot us a D and let us know what you think about the podcast or other types of content that you would like to be consuming. And we would start creating that for you. The shows for you guys. All right. We'll talk to you guys next week.

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