5 Tips To Creating Better Video For Your Gym

May 13, 2019

Show Notes

  • Create a Storyboard

Use a tool like Storyboarder to fully flesh out your videos. Don’t just wing it because you know your stuff. Specially when it comes to technical videos where you’re showing proper form. It important to figure out the details before you start shooting.

  • Engage

If your are just starting out or have been creating video for years, when you engage in other content more eyes will come to you. The more eyeballs on your content, the more opportunities to ask them what they want to see and let you tweak your content to be tailored to the right audience.

  • Audio

Clear, crisp audio is a must. Make sure to invest in a lav mic or shotgun mic with a boom pole. Clear audio not only makes your videos look better and more professional but it makes it a LOT easier for AI on YouTube or Facebook to create your captions! Win-win.

  • Be consistent

You will not be the best at creating video out the gate, heck it may take you months or even a year to get to where you want to be. Don’t let that scare you away from making video because to do well in your business you can’t ignore video.

  • Lighting

This one is last because it’s a no-brainer, kind of. The difference between a video doing really well or not isn’t just the lighting,but it is a huge chunk. If you can, use natural light, if you can’t LED’s and then light boxes. If you are choosing whether or not to spend money on something for your videos, spend it here.


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Aaron [00:00:00] You're listening to another episode of the podcast Today's episode is tips to creating better video for your gym. Don't worry you don't have to be a gym owner to listen to this episode. You can continue on. All right let's go. This is the marketing natives. Providing actionable. Ways to grow. Succeed in your business and now your host Christian and Aaron.

Christian [00:00:26] All right. So the first step we got for you is to create a story. You could use a tool like story border which is not storyboarded calm but you just google search story border and you'll find it. It's a free app. It allows you to fully fleshed out your videos so you can know exactly what scenes you're going to be doing. And it just lets you plan ahead of time so you actually get all the scenes and everything that you need on that video. So for example if you're creating more technical videos like showing like a proper form for like maybe a squat I've seen a lot of videos where they just show a weird angle that you can't really appreciate what they're doing and they only show you that one angle. You know if you do a storyboard you can kind of think about OK people really need to look at it from this angle this angle. So I ask you to think ahead of time like I need a camera here. I mean we need to rerecord it and put a different camera on this spot and think about what you're going to say if you're gonna have text on the screen which is always a good thing to to have. Think about where you're placing your your your things on the on the scene so that you can actually add text and it still looks good. So yeah creating a storyboard will definitely help you create better videos for anything really. That way you can kind of think and plan ahead of time on like a fully fleshed out idea that video.

Aaron [00:01:48] Right. Because the biggest problem or not biggest. I don't think it's one problem is that when you just turn on the camera you're like oh let's just start recording and you forget everything. As a consumer you know that you know you want to do multiple angles but you're just like oh when somebody else is recording me or I'm recording myself or something I'm just gonna get through this one stands because obviously I know what I'm doing. But you got to realize that the people who are recording it don't or the people who are watching it don't. So a storyboard kind of like a checks and balance for yourself.

Christian [00:02:19] Yeah exactly. Like yeah I feel like a lot of people who who maybe are personal trainers they do these videos and they're like Oh yeah that's just do it because I know what I'm talking about. You know whatever. And then they're like given the camera person like oh come over here or looks like you know instead of just thinking ahead of time and just having something fully fleshed out that looks really really good.

Aaron [00:02:38] Yes. And it's easier for the person in the video too. Yes. All right. Number two here is to engage. Now follow me here because engage doesn't have necessarily anything to do with creating better video in a direct way. But it does in the sense that the more that you engage with other people the more people who are going to engage with your videos and the more people who engage with your videos the more opportunities you have to get critiqued or get feedback about the types of videos that you create and that will allow you to start creating better content. So whenever a Christian was talking about creating a storyboard you may not have been able to listen to this podcast before because we haven't recorded it but you never heard of that. So you didn't know to create a storyboard but if you actually had a lot of people who are engaging with it but I like look this angle is weird or this doesn't look right. You may have in it like intuitively figured out that you need to write out what you're actually gonna shoot which is kind of what we're talking about the storyboard. But if nobody watches your videos it's telling you that it's not a good video but you shouldn't assume that they're just going to watch your video. You need to engage with other people and then those people who engage with you are gonna be really good examples of what kind of content you should create and how to tailor that content.

Christian [00:03:55] Yeah. And I think a part of the engagement. It's also why you're doing the storyboard thinking about those moments within your video where you talk directly to your audience and tell them like hey do this this and this. You know common down below with what's your favorite movie your show in different ways that you can do a bench press. You know let's say like a white grip a narrow grip or whatever and maybe you're asking them like Okay what's your favorite you know like common number loan. Let me know. So that part of engagement is also thinking of ahead of time. OK. I wanted the video to include you know different sections where I'm asking the audience or trying to be interactive with them. They'll definitely make you better videos. Yes that's a good idea. Did not think about that one. All right. So the third tip that we have here is audio clear crisp audio is definitely a must when it comes to audio.

Christian [00:04:46] The best thing you can do is either get a lot LAV microphone or a shotgun mike the lab are the ones that you just clip onto your shirt or article of clothing and they're really just close to you. And just sometimes they rub off underpinning on the clothing that you have or calling them you may not have if you're doing something without a shirt or something. But a good alternative to that is also a shotgun mike with some kind of boom pole where it just kind of sits overhead and it's just directed at wherever you are where you're at. And it just gets really really good audio I would either do one of those two things. Probably the the lab Mike are gonna be it's going to be the cheapest option here and not just use it but also make sure that you monitor it ever and our recording is podcast. Aaron has his headphones on just monitoring the audio making sure that everything's working correct. Making sure that we're actually recording that there's no spikes in the audio or anything like that. So you have to have like someone just where I mean where is a video and you need to be you know wearing headphones making sure that everything that they're capturing is what you want in that video and not any external sound or sounds of the jam or things like that.

Aaron [00:06:01] Yeah and there's a weird stat I don't know where the SAT is and I don't wanna make it up but it said that you're better off having like lower quality of video than you are with audio if you're explaining things. So if they can at least hear you in the audio the video quality is like 720 you're like a little Grady but they can tell exactly what you're saying. That's gonna do a lot better than the audio is called muffled and all you hear is like the noises of things banging around and the video is great quality people are more turned off by that. So obviously you want both but audio is so much bigger than what people give it credit for. Yeah absolutely.

Christian [00:06:39] I mean I find myself sometimes hearing or listening to YouTube videos instead of actually watching them and it kind of gives me some time where the video the video is like one of those videos where they don't talk. They just like showing you stuff with words and I'm like I'm driving I don't want to like necessarily watch this video I just want to listen to it. So yeah audio is definitely a must.

Christian [00:07:06] All right. So this is a part of our podcast episode where we talk about our company bit branding and if you haven't heard we make some pretty awesome webs.

Christian [00:07:19] Check him out. A big branding.co and look at our portfolio and check out some of the work that we've done. We do everything from just static one page and landing pages to you know full fleshed out Web sites to even e-commerce. So if you have an idea for selling something doesn't have to be a physical product. It could be your services it could be subscriptions it could be anything that you can think of with selling.

Christian [00:07:44] We can definitely help you with that and build your website that not only will get the right people and collect leads but also you know sell products or services.

Aaron [00:07:58] All right. We're back. And we hope you enjoyed that part of the segment. You had questions about a Web site definitely reach out to us. Number four here is to be consistent. You can not expect people to consume your content engage with you if you're not consistent. But more importantly than that doing more videos is going to make you better at video. I mean just like our podcast this is our ninety ninth podcast. I'm guessing I haven't went back to listen to number one two or three lately. Or like maybe once ever but I'm pretty sure that they're not as good as polished as ninety nine and ninety nine is not going to be nearly as good as episode 250. So doing more video is gonna make you better actually specifically to video. Christian I used to go live way back when. Seems like forever ago and we would do live videos for like 45 minutes and they were like you know we would ask a question to each other and then it would be like pause and then we would answer the question back like it was. It was bad like video but luckily we've done a lot since the end so we've gotten better. But for you to create better content for your gym you've got to be creating more videos. I mean if you can do it four times a week that's going to be ten times better than if you did it four times a month. But figure out what's going to be working for you and what consistent looks like for you as well. So if it's only twice a month that's fine but you do want to ramp up because then you just you're able to do it a lot faster and you're able to learn a lot quicker too. Yeah.

Christian [00:09:28] And the last hope that we have here at number five is lighting and making sure that you have proper lighting either you can use natural lighting from windows if your gym has windows or just purchase maybe a little set of three lights maybe get away with a set of two lights from Amazon they're not that expensive and it just allows you to have way way better way better video. The the light it just helps with the whole quality of the video. And normally when you record in low light conditions your video just tends to get kind of grainy and not high quality. So it just by adding lights proper lighting and you can watch actually there's probably a couple of videos where they teach you how to place the lights so that it actually makes the most sense. There's something called a key light and feel light and different things like that but you can quickly with a two light or three light setup you can you know make your video way better by just leaps and bounds. And I guess another thing would be also we haven't done any of this but they sell these LCD where you can change the color of the light bulb. And we've kind of talked about this but we haven't done it yet. But you know you get one of those and you can change the setting of you know wherever you're recording by just changing the color of the lightbulb and it just looks so much better and so much cooler. And just a little bit of more dramatic lighting I guess whenever you add those colors.

Aaron [00:11:03] Yeah. And we were talking to VR for Jack the other day and at least he was telling me our eyes can't see. I think it's like purple and green are the two things that our eyes like. If you don't have the lighting right the color won't like completely go through what you're trying to shoot. So just by having good lighting it's it's really weird because Christian could look super tan or he could look super white based off of what color you're using so not to get too technical here but you probably finally find what's a couple of LCD lights and making sure that you know you you look at it before you start recording and then you learn it over time. But like you said there's some YouTube videos you can check out literally probably anything will be helpful for you but it's not super difficult.

Christian [00:11:48] No. All right. That's all we have for today. Those are five tips to creating better video for your gym. Hopefully you got something out of this. These are not just the only tips that you can do. There's a lot more things that you can do. And if you've already done all these things and you want to know more just reaches out at Instagram just type an app that branding say like hey man I'm doing all these things. What else can I do. We'll let you know what else you can do. All right if you enjoy this episode make sure you share it with some friends maybe some gym buddies or maybe someone who actually owns a gym or personal trainers. Awesome. And if you also still enjoy it. And so I enjoy my my beautiful vocals. There was a review and we'll definitely appreciate that.

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