5 Tips for Making Videos that Sell

October 5, 2020

Show Notes

If you want to grow online… video MUST be part of your strategy. 

You don’t need the best equipment to make an effective video, but what you do need is a strategy and a little bit of knowhow on the psychology of a video that makes people take action. 

In this episode of The Marketing Natives we have a ton of fun breaking down tips for y’all to not only use video to reach more people, but to grow your business by closing more deals. 

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to grab attention and get people to watch your videos longer
  2. Why it’s so important to SHOW vs Tell
  3. And the one mistake most people (Including veterans in the space) make when creating videos online

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Christian [00:00:00]  What's going on? Today's episode, we're going to talk about five tips to make videos that sell. In this episode, we break down those five things that you too just check mark off your list when you're making that video. We're talking about ways to get attention, we're talking about yellow bananas versus green no I was kidding we're not talking about that. We're talking a little bit about bananas, but not, not important. We're talking about ways to show proof in your videos and what a strong call to action really looks like. Check it out. 

Narrator [00:00:29] This is the Marketing Natives. Providing actionable ways to grow, improve, and succeed in your business. 

Narrator [00:00:37] And now, your host Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:45] I feel like this will be a really good episode for ourselves because we haven't really talked about it, but we've done a lot of videos, including this as a podcast, it's a video. But five tips from making videos that sell. I was doing some research on this, and then I was like, well, I did. I think part of the research myself just like wrote out what it was and then researched like what people wrote as far as articles and like looked at some other videos of what's worked. And then also just advertising. But, I think it's also good for us to know, too, like we should be doing some stuff for the podcast. But we have quite a few tips here. And I think that this will be beneficial for ourselves. Reiterating for ourselves to. 

Christian [00:01:22] Yeah. For sure. 

Aaron [00:01:24] So number one... 

Christian [00:01:26] Did we do this? 

Aaron [00:01:26] Huh? 

Christian [00:01:26] Did we do this for this first video? 

Aaron [00:01:29] We do for our ads. Yes, because I don't know if you've seen some of our ads, but it's like either like jumping into the screen or like, coming out from behind a tree or anything like that. So number one is to grab attention. Like, there has to be some kind of motion. I even told Jack, like for every video we have, like even if it's something very, very simple, we need to have some kind of motion because a lot of times people just sit there on a camera and by motion it's not just like your lips moving, but like something jumping in the screen... 

Christian [00:01:58] So it's like when you do, what's going on guys? 

Aaron [00:02:02] Yes, exactly. Like it's something even as simple as that, and it will work. Another thing we did like was jump off of like a, like a brick or something like that. Or like a... 

Christian [00:02:10] Jump off a brick? 

Aaron [00:02:11]  Yeah. A brick ledge. I forgot the... 

Christian [00:02:12] Oh. 

Aaron [00:02:12] Ledge part. But, so you just jumped off of the ledge. And it's like, Oh! what is the point of that? It's just, it really just catch attention. Like why is the guy jumping off the ledge? It has nothing to do with it, but, it's catching attention. 

Christian [00:02:23] Yeah. I feel like there's a lot of Instagram videos, not a lot, but I've seen some recently where I mean, yeah, like capture your attention one way or another. And then on screen you can see the rotate now or rotate your screen now and almost instantly I always go yeah!  

Christian [00:02:43] Where I'm like rotating the screen to continue watching the video. 

Aaron [00:02:45] Yeah. 

Christian [00:02:45] But that first segment. Yeah. There's some sort of something going where like I don't know. Yeah. They capture your attention and then it's like, oh, switch your screen. And then at that point they just, they have you hooked because they got your attention and now they got you to actually do something physically. 

Aaron [00:03:02] Yeah. 

Christian [00:03:02] And then like okay now you have my full attention. Which is kind of great. Kind of makes you stop scrolling. You know? On your screen.

Aaron [00:03:10] Right. You can't scroll anymore if you're on the video. 

Christian [00:03:11] Right. 

Aaron [00:03:12] I think that's a one a. So you added a bonus tip there. 

Christian [00:03:15]  There you go. 

Aaron [00:03:16] One a. Make them turn it sideways. 

Christian [00:03:18] Yeah. Grab attention. Turn it sideways. Alright. Number two, state a problem that target audience might have. 

Aaron [00:03:27] Yeah. 

Christian [00:03:27] Some people watching the video. 

Aaron [00:03:29] Right. So if I got my attention, I was like, jumping out of there and I'm like, Hey Christian! Are you, you know, sad that you can't get yellow bananas anymore? That you can only get green bananas you like, huh? 

Christian [00:03:40] I love bananas. 

Aaron [00:03:40] Banana is my favorite fruit. You know, and we figured that out because of Facebook or YouTube you just kept watching like people picking banana videos. I don't know. 

Christian [00:03:48] Yeah, I love watching banana videos. Yeah.

Aaron [00:03:49] It's like, Oh! look at this fun... 

Christian [00:03:51]  Did you ever see that tiktok I showed you? 

Aaron [00:03:54] No. I didn't. For Tiktok. What was that? 

Christian [00:03:55] There was like two brothers and one was eating a banana. 

Aaron [00:04:01] Oh gosh no, but that's a funny Tiktok. I don't know how people will find that. But gosh it's horrible. So it's like bad ways to eat a banana. But no.

Christian [00:04:08] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:04:08] I just pulled that out of thin air because I literally was talking to bringing about bananas for which  was at the grocery store. But, the point I guess, from this is that there's a problem that your target audience has and you should state it right then. Because let's say you grab their attention, it's like three seconds and then you go into it and it's like, Hey! Do you have a problem with, like, I don't know, your Mazda three and you're like, oh, I don't have a Mazda three. So you're gonna keep scrolling. But, if you do have a Mazda, this is a problem that you probably running into and you're helping people and it catches their attention even more like, oh, okay, I guess I need to watch this. 

Christian [00:04:42] Yeah, I can definitely see that. And I guess that's part of our third tip. Right? Like those to kind of go in conjunction. But yeah so I think,  more of I guess overall feel is that to make videos that sell you need to be explicitly clear. Right? On what's the problem and what's gonna be that's number three, which is. 

Aaron [00:05:05] Right. I think so to give an example of a bad video or not a bad video, but what everybody else would do it be like, Hi! I'm Christian or I'm Aaron, and we run a marketing agency and we're gonna to help you generate more leads online for your business versus Hey! And then, like, there's some kind. 

Christian [00:05:21]  Are you tired of

Aaron [00:05:22] Yes! 

Christian [00:05:22] Not getting qualified leads on your website?

Aaron [00:05:25] Right. Or spending countless hours working into the night or with your family, like, and why you can't spend time with your family. Those are actual problems. So I would say, like, write down those problems cause something and then the solution, Hey! There's this. 

Christian [00:05:41] What is it like you can find out? I mean, the problem is, you know, they're not getting qualified leads. But then, like, you also want to dig, I guess deeper into more of the emotional side of. Okay. What does this problem cause? 

Aaron [00:05:55] Yeah. 

Christian [00:05:55] This target audience. And I think. Yeah, I think that, I don't know, if was that a point? I haven't, anything. 

Aaron [00:06:02] No. But it is it for another episode in like two weeks, it will be. 

Christian [00:06:06] So. 

Christian [00:06:06] But yeah. I mean going more into, yeah, that emotional route of it's not just like you're not getting leads is like because you're not getting leads your business not thriving, you're not getting, I don't know enough, money to pay rent like you know, X, Y, Z, whatever that might be for that particular audience. So... 

Aaron [00:06:21] Yes! Diving. Is, what is it from donkey from Shrek unraveling the onion, you know, but. 

Christian [00:06:26] Layers. 

Aaron [00:06:26] The layers. Absolutely. So if you don't have that then I think that you're gonna run to a lot of problems or it won't connect with people as well. Again, the whole point for this video is to sell them. Alright. Next one we have here is to show proof. So if I tell Christian... 

Christian [00:06:41] Will you jump three? 

Aaron [00:06:42] Oh. 

Christian [00:06:42] Explain the solution. 

Aaron [00:06:43] Oh, yes. 

Christian [00:06:44] Or kind of talking about them in conjunction, but. 

Aaron [00:06:48] Go back there. So the solution, yes. Yeah. What are they going to have? And I think that it's not just more leads 'cause you were talking about that like, hey, this is the plain point. So you should also tell them what you're going to do. It's like we're going to generate more leads for them. But the real solution is that you're gonna get this, which is the result, which is you're going to work less and spend more time with your family and do other things that you may love, or which is maybe working on the business, not saying you don't work on the or work with the business, but you work on the business. And that's just specific bars, that could be anything for Christian. Now he has nothing but yellow bananas. So because of that, he doesn't have to go the grocery store every single day, which means he can spend more time with Megan because he doesn't have to go to the grocery store and waste an hour a week. I don't know. 

Christian [00:07:32] Yeah. Just shopping for bananas, an hour a week.

Aaron [00:07:35] Hey, hey where you at? It's like, well, I'm getting off work at six, but I actually won't get home till six thirty because I got to pick up bananas again. Like, that's a real problem. And then you run into traffic and if you run into traffic... 

Christian [00:07:46] You know. 

Aaron [00:07:47] We can keep going. Like, Piper doesn't get what so she gets like heavier. 

Christian [00:07:52] Then she becomes diabetic. 

Aaron [00:07:55] Yes, exactly. Which causes stress in your life, which causes you and Megan to fight, which causes no vacations, which after that... 

Christian [00:08:02] And then causes that one guy to kick a dog. Was that the analogy? 

Aaron [00:08:06]  Yeah. Don't kick a dog. Yeah! It is the analogy. It's like yeah don't kick the dog. It's like the butterfly effect but reverse. 

Christian [00:08:12] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:08:20] Hey local business owners. If you're ready to grow your business online without having to work more in your business. And you can spend more time on it. We created a free training on how to attract, qualify and convert more leads online. 

Aaron [00:08:33] It's 38 minutes. It's gonna take a little bit of your time, but it's going to have a huge benefit. It's completely free. Make sure you click below on the description, whether you're on Facebook, whether you're on YouTube, whether you're on the podcast, everything's there that you need. Go grab the training now. All right. So now really moving on to the next part, which is social proof. The last thing you want to do is tell Christian, hey, I have the solution for you. 

Aaron [00:08:57] But by the way, I've never picked yellow bananas or for us, we've never generated the lead for a client before. Hey, here's your problem. We have the solution. But by the way, you're gonna be the first person we tested on. We think it's gonna work like nobody wants to be their first guinea pig to test something. 

Aaron [00:09:14] It's just, I don't know, it's not fun.

Aaron [00:09:17] I guess a kickstarter and places like that are kind of founded on that. But it's what you expect from it. You expect a huge discount or you're already. 

Christian [00:09:25] You're still like you. 

Christian [00:09:26]  You sometimes with Kickstarter, new products like that. You still have those beta testers =. 

Aaron [00:09:33] Oh yeah. True. 

Christian [00:09:33] Who've already done some kind of testimonial or some video testimonial or them using the actual product. You know. 

Aaron [00:09:37] That's true. 

Christian [00:09:38] So you're kind of showing something, which is part of the social proof, even a video showing how the product actually works. You know. 

Aaron [00:09:45] I think its social proof. 

Christian [00:09:46] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:09:46] It's like ad actually works like hey! This product actually connects. Or the 3D printer, and look, it did produce this product. 

Christian [00:09:53] Exactly. 

Christian [00:09:54] So, yeah, I think that's important. Going back to the solution. Is the solution also, like during the video, you explaining, like, I guess the process or. 

Aaron [00:10:03] No, I wouldn't go into too much, like, don't tell them like why? 

Aaron [00:10:08] Just show them. Again, It's like we'll get to the social proof part, but just show them what it could be like. So the solution is more time with your family. So you could have the role.

Christian [00:10:16] You remeber that emotional connection? 

Aaron [00:10:18] Yes. 

Christian [00:10:18] Okay. 

Aaron [00:10:18] So it could "be" role of like you and your friends at a concert or you and your wife or whatever or girlfriend or anything like that. 

Christian [00:10:25] Because nobody cares how you get to that point. 

Aaron [00:10:27] Yes. 

Christian [00:10:27] They just want to be able to get to. 

Aaron [00:10:29] Yeah. 

Christian [00:10:29] Be able to spend time with the family? 

Aaron [00:10:31] Yeah. And you also got to think at this point we're talking for the video of three seconds. Twenty. You're like thirty, forty five seconds into the video at this point. So nobody wants me to go through this whole process and like, oh, this is so much good information. But then they forget why they're watching the video.

Christian [00:10:47] Right. And then so last. Number five or tip number five to making videos that sell. It's having that call to action. 

Aaron [00:10:53] Mm hmm. 

Christian [00:10:54] And then again, being explicit and being candid. And this is exactly we're going to do for you. 

Christian [00:11:00] And make sure it's strong. 

Christian [00:11:02] What do we mean by strong? 

Aaron [00:11:03] I mean, like. Yeah, exactly. More so of biceps than triceps, although the triceps neglected. 

Christian [00:11:09] Well, you know, the triceps do make, I think, what is this like 70 percent of 80 percent of... 

Aaron [00:11:14] The bicep. 

Christian [00:11:14] Like. The actual, the other whole muscles. Like people who do bicep all the time, like they're neglecting like the majority of the actual muscle that will make them bigger. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:11:23] I think triceps actually work a lot more for like your benefit. Like biceps are great for like your curling something. But triceps do so many other things like pushing. So I know. 

Aaron [00:11:33] Yes. We do know I'm good about this stuff. 

Aaron [00:11:36] No, the call actually what I mean by saying it's strong is like you can say, like, hey, get this thing today versus like, hey, click below and do this to get this result, like click below so that you can stop buying green bananas and get yellow bananas and change your life today, like. So it should be explicit and it should be like a no brainer. 

Aaron [00:11:54] Like so many people try that, I guess, complicate this part of it. And they're just like, you want more information, just like email me here versus like there should be some kind of link or whatever else saying like, if you want the solution, just do this. It's only like one click away or whatever. So I think. 

Christian [00:12:13] Did you think a strong call to action would be schedule now? 

Christian [00:12:16] And it's, you're definitely. 

Aaron [00:12:17] If that's what you're doing. 

Christian [00:12:17] Phone call with me to go over whatever. 

Aaron [00:12:20] Whatever that next step is for this video could be for us, like, hey, grab this free training so that lead or the like, the video that sells this is like. Like if it's a higher ticket item, they may not be ready for a phone call yet, but they could be ready for like a free training or a lead magnet, which like I said in a couple of weeks we'll talk about. But if it's something like, you know, the banana option here, it's like a five dollar option like here, click below and get the resource to always find it, like you can just buy right now. But I think it just depends on the next step. 

Christian [00:12:51] Gotcha. 

Aaron [00:12:54] That's all. That's all we have. Actually we did five in an A, so we did five point of I'd say to five. 

Christian [00:13:00] Just to kind of recap. 

Christian [00:13:01] So, one grab attention. Two, state a problem. Three, explain the solution. Four, show proof. 

Christian [00:13:08] And five, get that strong call to action. 

Aaron [00:13:10] Yes. Make sure you put biceps up here on this, Jack. I think it's a huge biceps and triceps, I guess too. Let's do really big triceps and like. Okay, biceps is for that part. 

Aaron [00:13:21] All right, guys, thank you so much for watching and listening to another episode of the Marketing Natives. If it is your first time, please make sure that you subscribe, whether you're on any podcast app or if you're on YouTube. That way, you don't miss out on any of our content. We put out new videos and audio casts, I guess, podcast every single week to help you grow your local business online. 

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Narrator [00:14:16] The Marketing Native's podcast is a production of BitBranding. 

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