5 Optometry Marketing Tips

September 9, 2019

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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Marketing Natives. We are going to break down Five Optometry Marketing Tips for you. We're going to talk about search engine marketing, we're going to talk about video, social media marketing, and a few other tips you're going to hear about.

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Five Optometry Marketing Tips Preview:

  • Search Engine Marketing - Getting yourself on the map is crucial for a local business. You will want to implement tactics that involve creating content and add setting up local citations.
  • Have a clear and concise message + a website that converts - Having a website is step 1, making sure it’s the best is step 2. Your website matters, it is something your potential customers are going to use before they ever even give you a call or walk in the door. If the website doesn’t convert or isn’t user friendly, you won’t get the business. The guy up the street has a little bit better of a website and has a simple scheduling software, he will get the business over you.
  • Reputation management - online reviews and what people say about you will not only help you rank locally in search, but it’s where your customers will do the selling for you. 80+% of people who purchase online are going to read reviews.. And think about it, would you just go to an eye doctor on a limb, probably not!
  • Videos! - If you have listened to our podcast in the past few years you know that we are huge advocates for video and to lead with video. A few ideas: start a weekly or bi-weekly series about tips or answer questions from your followers. Look at video as a way to keep top of mind, build brand, and also get more customers.
  • Social Media Marketing - When you have a video that is already doing well, say it has quite a few people who like it and a couple thousand views… that’s a good indication that if you put some money behind it that it would only do better. Think about social media marketing as a way to add gasoline to a fire. You cannot outspend bad marketing, so please make sure to focus on quality content first and then put advertising behind it.


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Hope y'all enjoyed this episode! We'll see you guys next week for another episode of The Marketing Natives!


Aaron [00:00:00] Thanks for tuning into another episode of the Marketing Natives. We are going to break down five optometry marketing tips for you. We're going to talk about search engine marketing we're going to talk about video social media marketing and a few other tips. You're gonna have to hear about oh and if you've never listened to us before we have a new middle of the show. Intro tune. It is not the rap air horn. All right enjoy. This is the Marketing Natives.

Christian [00:00:36] And Aaron. So the first. Tip.

Christian [00:00:43] Marketing tip that we have here for optometrist is either I mean searching your markings. Search engine optimization. Kind of like a combination here. But really what we want you to do is to be shown when people are looking for optometrists and in your area. I mean optometry is more of a local business. So you had to be thinking about people who are searching for you either on social media or just google bing and all these social platforms. So it's very important to right off the bat especially if you're starting out. One of the most important things is to create something like Google my business and make sure that you're on Apple Maps making sure that you know you're showing up where people are actually looking for you.

Aaron [00:01:30] Mm hmm. Well ironically because we're recording this after you talked about the SEO course or Yeah you did it as local for SEO. Yeah. Local market Local SEO yeah. We're on run Apple Maps right now. OK. I couldn't remember if we actually we're not.


Christian [00:01:48] Yeah I mean that was one of the first things that we did a long time ago when we first started was. Yeah. Getting on the Google my business doing the apple maps I believe like Yelp. Obviously we had a Facebook page but yeah those are some of the very first thing that we did. And the thing about the Apple Maps is that we had an apartment or office thing at a apartment.


Christian / Aaron [00:02:14] So we I think we still did it pointed to the apartment but yeah dang and optometry I'm guessing you you cannot be doing your job out of an apartment so unless you're mobile and then maybe you could be. But either way. So you probably will not run into that issue and as SEO is huge. So that's going to SEO Search Engine Optimization search engine marketing. The reason this a search engine marketing is because you want to do things to set yourself up like a Christian saying to make sure that you rank organically. But it's probably going to take you a little bit to rank organically at least three to six months to do decent. So using search in your marketing like paper click or Google ads is the other terms that people would use doing something like that would allow you to be up at the top at the very top of using ads and something new that happened. I don't know if it's available if it's available for optometry or not but like local services or local businesses are now use are able to use Google guaranteed. So you may go looking to see if that's an option but that's the very very top. And there's kind of like a background check and stuff that goes on with it but I don't know if it works for optometry.


Christian [00:03:25] Yeah. I'm not super familiar with Google guarantee. I know how it looks when you search for something and like you're saying it's the very top of the search results even before actual ads and there is some sort of application process but I don't know like what type of businesses can apply for that. Is it more local.


Aaron [00:03:44] Well those businesses are the ones that we've worked with specifically you've had it like plumbers roofers and pet sitting. Yes. So there's not really any correlation I mean roofers and plumbers kind of fall into that contractor space but like a pet sitter I mean that's not really falls into that area. So anyway I would definitely go check that out maybe that's available for you. Yeah for sure. All right. Number two what we have here is to have a clear a clear and concise message on your Web site but also making sure that you have a Web site that converts a really good looking Website. And it's funny because we're talking about eyes here. But if you don't have a really good looking Web site or if you don't have an ability for people to schedule online you don't have like information about your business which is funny because as I was doing research for optometrists there's really not that many good optometrist websites like they're really bad. It's more like hey here's some picture with somebody wearing glasses. And then there's some stuff with like hey you may have a stigmatism or something like that and there's some issues or whatever but then it's just like OK here's who's the doctors and then call us like there's no real in-depth information about like the way that they practice or what they believe or how they can help you or anything it's just more like yeah we're doctors call us do they even have pictures of the doctor. Some of them do. But I believe it's from like the 1980s like it's one of those ones where it's one hundred pixels by 100 pixels and for those who don't know it's just a really small image and they made it blow up really big. So it's really pixilated. So if you walked in there you may not even recognize the doctor because they look different or you can't tell from the picture. Interesting. So that's just that's rule number one and. I put it here in the notes that I'm gonna pick an optometrist who's gonna have which we will talk about in a little bit more for this next one but there's a few factors to look at before I hire an optometrist. But one of them is being able to navigate the website if you frustrate me when I go to your website I'm probably not going to do business with you because I'm gonna go look for somebody who's not gonna like you know make me upset and just trying to find out how to you know what you believe or where I can find you or how to book online.


Christian [00:06:07] I think at the end of the book online I think it's a huge thing to. There's even some local doctors that all they want is just a phone number and that's it. And then they have my work for older demographics but, us Millennials and Gen Z. Like they want to do everything online and that will end the convenience of just tapping a button and being able to schedule something without having to call or back and forth with emails and stuff like that.


Christian / Aaron [00:06:35] So yeah having some sort of just simple scheduling software as a chat I would feel I wouldn't feel like that's OK. Did you know form summit like one of the websites I would want to show you after this. I'm not going to call them out on here but they don't even have a spot for you to pick out a forum it's more like call us and that's it. Don't sched You can't schedule your appointment. You can't even schedule something over the weekend because it closed on Saturday and Sunday so schedule us on Monday and then you'll probably be out another couple of weeks.


Christian [00:07:04] And I think another big thing is when it comes to especially Doctor websites or to lawyer websites a lot of people tend to go with these huge companies that just use templated and just maybe four or five templated designs and they use them for every single person that uses that service. So do not do that. If you're an optometrist and you're looking to build a website do not go with one of those companies. They say Yeah we'll take care of everything and we'll get you a really good Website. I mean I've seen I believe there was a lawyer Website a long time ago where they use some kind of service like that and they're about like this is that they're supposed to be like they're unique story. You know I copied and pasted it on Google and there was maybe five or six different lawyers. Obviously they were from all over the country but still like they had the exact same about. That's a good origin story right. And you know others can relate. Yeah. So yeah if if you can't at all costs do not go with one of these very niche down specialized Website builders that they promise you oh we'll take your pictures and text and everything for you more than likely you're going to end up with a really cookie cutter Website that someone else in Milwaukee has the exact same thing.


Aaron [00:08:28] So don't do that or we're better case scenario. You could be a dentist here and Allen and then have another dentist that's like five miles away which we've actually experienced. Yeah. Yeah. That's even worse. So most of the time we'll tell you to niche down in most of the time will say hey find somebody who specializes in this specific area but for when it comes to Web sites like this you really got to make sure that you talk to the right people so that you aren't doing that.


Aaron /Christian [00:08:58] Number three. Number three. Reputation management. Yes. And I think reputation management kind of goes hand in hand with you know the whole Google my business and as SEO. But I think what we're trying to say here with reputation management is to have something in place where you know you're actually getting reviews more often. Whether that's you know I don't know creating some sort of follow up process with all your customers or having even iPads or something in store. You know when right after you're done with them you can sort of gauge their satisfaction. You know that's might be a little bit tricky because they would have to sign in with their Google accounts and stuff like that. But there's software out there that might be able to help you out with that and make it a lot easier for people in store to leave reviews easier. But yeah definitely you need to have some sort of strategy behind that. And I just let it. Be something that. Oh yeah. People will just fill out these reviews and not have to worry about that.


Aaron /Christian [00:10:09] Yeah most of the time when people are motivated to leave a review it's not the good kind either way something bad happens and yeah like oh you stab me in the eye so I'm gonna leave you. Once I review. And then if it's the only one that you have or it's been up for a long time and you just don't notice it you don't realize how much business is going out of there. For example most people like a huge percentage of people are gonna go and look at reviews before they ever go and call you. So when we talked about earlier SEO this affects SEO but more than likely somebody's going to do the research on you. Which is why your website's important which is why your reviews are important which is why it's important for you to rank but your reputation online if they find you you have to make a good impression. These are your customers telling other people because you don't ever want to be a Christian never wants to go and say oh I'm the first person to try out this new restaurant in town because if it's maybe he would be but more than likely it's horrible he just wasted his money and versus Hey I'm gonna let a few people go and give us some actual reviews and people rave about it. And then you go. It's kind of like going to the movies you always have critics go out and watch the movie and tell you hey this is how the movie is. Even though I feel like some of the times are full of crap and they're not really good but they tell you how the movie is and if they're saying this is a great movie go see it. Okay cool. Let's test it. I should probably go watch that.


Christian [00:11:30] Exactly. Adding another component of like reputation management is not just getting the reviews but also being able to monitor and respond to all these. I mean obviously there's a bunch of different places where people can leave reviews. So using software again it's something that will definitely help you out with that. Thanks I Google my business Better Business Bureau Yelp Facebook all these places where and then there's also a more specialized probably optometrist or healthy great dot com maybe could be one the doctor during which you're also at the monitor so it's important that either you have staff in place that can monitor that or purchase some software that will do that for you and monitor when you get reviews so that you're able to respond Good and batteries. Yes that's a really important part of the.


Christian [00:12:23] Reputation management strategy. All right. That new sound was amazing. What do you guys think of that sound. There's going to be a sound on there. That's why we did it.


Christian [00:12:44] So before we used to do this air horn thing we're trying to get rid of that but so we don't have a physical sound that we listen to. We're doing this. It's going to be a sound and post edit. So I'm saying this. That's a great sound but I have an ear and listen to the sound I don't know what it is. Hopefully something cool. Anyway so we take about halfway through our episode to talk about us our company.


Christian [00:13:04] We are a BitBranding we're a creative marketing agency from Allen Texas represent Bay. And we mainly focus on two things Web site design and social media marketing campaigns for local businesses. So if you're an optometrist and you're listening to this even though we're in Allen Texas and we help local businesses we help local businesses all over the United States. So if you're listen to these things and all these things are making sense for you and it's something that you would want to implement. We can help all these five things that we're talking about here are things that we do for our clients. Currently right now I can't say that we've had an optometrist. We have had dentists and other doctors as clients. So if you're an optometrist and you're thinking like wow these tips are awesome and these dudes are really cool then you can just go to our website. BitBranding dot co. We also get a lot of engagement through our Instagram so you can check us out at BitBranding or you can look at us on Facebook as well. We publish a lot of content editorials a lot of videos to help business. So check this out.


Aaron [00:14:15] All right. And that was a very good segue into talking about our videos into number four which is videos we have been talking.


Aaron [00:14:22] If you listen to the podcast or followed us at all and the reason you listen to the podcast is because you follow us other places. You know that we're huge in the video space or at least telling other businesses to do video and that's no different for an optometrist.


Aaron [00:14:38] And I was trying to think of some cool ideas for an optometrist. What are some cool ideas for optometrist. I think it'd be cool for like well. Q and A with that would be kind of interesting but just like short one minute videos of like hey if you do this or you know or telling stories crazy stories I have a crazy story about a friend of mine and I will probably say he's not a friend right now because this story makes him sound like an idiot which he is. So he left in the once a day like contacts dailies yes dailies Yeah I don't have I got him glasses so I don't know this but he left it in for 30 days and didn't take it out.


Aaron [00:15:20] He. No I think he took them out like each night and put them whatever the heck it is to sell you whatever. I don't know selling that thing.


Aaron [00:15:31] Yeah I think he put that on there but then you put it right back and he would sleep with them on too and he grew like some kind of sty or something like that on the top of his eye and they said that if you were to left it on his eye they don't know at what point but like a few to left it in there for a couple more days he would be completely blind out of that eye. So I'm sure he isn't and he he's obviously dumb but I'm sure there's other stories like that where people were like Yeah I was you know mowing my lawn I had perfect vision guy hit with a rock. Now I need like glasses or now I have a friend of Puerto Rico.


Christian [00:16:04] I don't know if something happened with his vision but he got hit with a paintball. Oh. And his eye was wearing a mask again another dumb friend of ours.


Christian [00:16:17] Yeah. Yeah. I remember his eye just spin like huge like you had a huge bulge on the other side of his eye. It was really weird. I don't remember if it affected his vision or not. I'm sure it did somehow no way he did it. Yeah. Yeah. I was crazy. And also remember not too long ago there was a news about this lady who just kept putting on she forgot that she had contacts on. Just keep putting context on her eyes and she like 20 or 30 in the UK or something like that. I remember where it was but I remember recently maybe the last year and she had them all stuck up above her like I don't know. It was just insane. It was like 30 something. I remember you showed me that article because I was like How do you do that. Yeah yeah. How do you, I don’t know.


Aaron [00:17:01] So that's one idea. The second idea I think would be really good is like using like a brand and making sure that they like indoors you like Ray Ban are like Dolce or something like that and. You would just put on different glasses and teach people how to find a perfect pair of glasses for your face so like you bring in different suspect or suspects subjects you like OK. You have more of a rounded face. You should probably do more square glasses. These are the type of frames that would work well for you. And then they just bring in people and like do like instead of like a makeup tutorial it's like an eyeglass tutorial. It's like Oh you're like more fair skin you should probably not do you know this color. I don't know because I'm not an optometrist but I think that would be a really interesting way for people to be like look and I think I feel like also glasses have become more popular in the sense of like like the brand is so important for people like Warby Parker is just killing it. And optometrist just I apologize cause I don't think you guys can carry those but. The reason I think that you can take care of this idea. I think it's like a standalone thing. So sorry but you could be doing better than them but what they do really well is like allow you to take them home and try them for free. So this would be a way for you to say OK I kind of have a face shape like this guy. Like let me see that here's my colors and when I come in or I order them online I'm already a step ahead of game.


Christian [00:18:30] Yeah. I think when it comes to videos and I know for the website I mean it might be different for an optometrist but also showing on the on the Web site would be good. Just having those maybe maybe you create a series that has you know you have maybe multiple people with like a square type face right. Right. But not all square typefaces are gonna be exactly the same. So maybe you want to do a series of square typefaces and have like maybe for them. Right. Once a woman one's a young child once a older person like you know.


Aaron /Christian [00:19:05] Now you just are not Tom but on the Web site just showcasing those videos so you can kind of see OK.


Christian [00:19:11] This is how this looks but on top of that there's probably also software out there because that's newer like glasses Websites where you can virtually augmented reality anything try it on. So that be something cool. If you can emple. I'm not sure you can implement that on the website or not but I would be really cool.


Aaron [00:19:29] Maybe the next 10 years we'll be able to listen to that and it will be possible. Yeah. So anyway those what you do. We gave you a couple of ideas. Think of some for yourself. Make sure you do videos all right. And our last one here is social media marketing and what we mean by that is actually paid advertising. You should have already been doing videos or pictures or anything that's on your social media currently. And all we're saying is to add a little bit of gas to the fire you have pictures maybe your video series is going well and it's call it like the double of optical or something like that. And that video series goes out every week and it's getting a ton of views. Well imagine if you spend a little bit of money you just get more reach from that.


Aaron [00:20:11] And I guess a good place to start for you. Like I said is ones that have already gotten good traction good. A good amount of likes comments and shares and video views. And then you know if you've just put advertising dollars behind it you will reach more people. We're not going to get into strategy but I just think that it's really smart for you to spend money on reaching more people that's the whole goal with social media is to reach people. Nothing good and nothing good to add.


Christian [00:20:39] Man it's just about spending the money and the right platforms and the right content I guess to.


Aaron [00:20:45] Yeah I was going to say definitely the right content. All right. Thank you guys for listening to another episode of The Marketing natives optometrists. We hope you enjoy this. If you're not an optometrist This is a really good strategy for anybody. We'd love for you to make a video series if you do it about eyeglasses and you're not an optometrist. We still would watch your show. So let us know. But is this your first time listening. Please make sure that you subscribe because if you subscribe you'll get a nice notification on your phone that says hey the Marketing Native’s released another episode and every Monday you will get that notification. So you do not miss an episode. A lot of our podcasts are timely. We have guests that come in through here. And if there's any kind of updates. We also talk about those types of things on here as well. And if you've been listening for a while now I know you guys some of you guys have been listening we see the numbers. There's a decent amount of you listening and you haven't left a review. Please go over to ituned and leave us an honest rating and review to help us make the podcast better. We've again change the format a little bit. We haven't gotten feedback from you guys yet. So either on Instagram or iTunes. Leave us a review Instagram we have the messages but I do believe it's a review. Let us know about the new format and also let us know and we'll give you a shout out on the podcast. Bye.

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