5 Marketing ideas for local craft breweries in 2018

March 12, 2018

Show Notes

Today we talk about some marketing ideas for breweries, we cover these five ideas:

  • Create an event where you do brewery tours where all dogs are invited and then have treats or free swag for the dogs.
  • Create your own 5k and/or fun run!
  • Video! You need to have a comprehensive yet short video that tells YOUR story.
  • Partner up. Find synergy partners where you can help each other. Food trucks is something that comes to mind.
  • Create a crappy beer exchange event where the community bring in their crappy beer and allow them to trade for your beer.


Christian: [00:00:16] Hey.What's going on? Welcome to another episode. First thing I want to say is thankyou for listening to our show. We do greatly appreciate that, and if youhaven't already, leave us a review so we can know how we're doing and how wecan get better. All right. Let's get into the show. Today we're talking aboutfive marketing ideas for local craft breweries in 2018. We'll be talking aboutsome cool event ideas. We're talking about video. We're talking aboutpartnerships. So you definitely want to stick around until the end because wehave a pretty fun idea for an event.


Aaron: [00:00:55] Allright. Yes, I'm excited about that too. I think this was a last minute notethat I saw on the show notes here. So pretty exciting. So to jump into this, Ilike the idea for summer anyway to- Like an event for the dog days of summer.So a lot of people have dogs. Lot of people love dogs and would love to bringthem places. So there's a lot of places in Dallas anyway where you can go outand have a beer or go eat some food and bring your dog. I think I knowChristian's been to a few places down there. I can't remember. Is it Truck Yardhas one that you can take your dog there?


Christian: [00:01:32] Yeah.You can take your dog there, but it's not a brewery. But yeah.


Aaron: [00:01:35] Right.I was trying to think of a place- I know there's places like that, but abrewery has never done anything like this. So that's what I'm trying to get atis that having like a dog days where you could incentivize dog owners, who arealso humans too, to bring their animals but give away like some dog treats. Souse the dogs kind of like a lot of restaurants do with incentivizing for thekids. Like hey, kids eat free, and the parents are like wow, our kids are goingto be free so we're going to go there and we're going to spend more money.Well, a brewery should absolutely do the same thing. Hey, come here. We'redog-friendly. We're going to have dog bowls. We're going to have all thesethings. We're going to bring them treats, and oh, at the same time you're goingto be able to go tour the brewery. And you've never been here before. So now weget you in the door.


Christian: [00:02:17] Yep.Yeah, that's a really cool idea if you have a dog which neither of us actuallyhave dogs.


Aaron: [00:02:22] Wehave a rented dog.


Christian: [00:02:25] Ohyeah. Harley. Harley comes to the office. I mean, lately, he's been coming herepretty often. Almost every day, but yeah, we need to figure something out whenwe move.


Aaron: [00:02:35] Soas a tidbit, Christian took a selfie with Harley. Go check out our Instagram.Instagram/bitbranding. He took a nice little selfie with Harley. You can seeChristian. Nobody cares about that, but Harley's there. He's smiling away.


Christian: [00:02:49] Yes,definitely want to see Harley, and like the picture because of Harley. Notbecause of me.


Aaron: [00:02:52] Right.And leave a comment and say that why too because we had to like a- He used thehashtag like wiener dog or whatever. So now we have a bunch of like dachshundand wiener dog people following us.


Christian: [00:03:04] That'sgood.


Aaron: [00:03:04] Verycool. Anyway, we digress.


Christian: [00:03:07] Allright. So the next idea here is another event, and I feel like maybe somebreweries have done this. But it's to create a 5K or a fun run in your town.You definitely want to start the race a little later in the day. Normally 5Ksand fun runs start early in the morning. You definitely don't want to do that.You want to start it a little later so that people will stick around and drinksome beer, and yeah, just enjoy the atmosphere of being in a brewery after arun. You don't necessarily have to do and organize a whole 5K. Another thingwould be to partner up with someone who's in the process of building their ownraces and 5K and sort of, you know, just partner up with them and, you know,incentivize them with, you know, obviously the beer and the fact that you'll bethe location that, you know, they can end the race at. Maybe even start it too.So that's just a cool little idea to do, and this one is not during the summer.You can actually- I mean, you can do it during the summer. Little bit harder todo, but you can definitely do it in the spring or the fall.


Aaron: [00:04:17] Yes,and there is a place in Fort Worth. I've never heard of anybody doing it, and Itook this idea from a- I can't remember the name of the brewery, but it is alocal brewery in Fort Worth. They did it, and I was like wow, that's a greatidea. But they started it super early. Like a 5K- I mean, I will not get intolike the speed of things, but let's just say you're walking. It's going to takeyou 40 minutes. If you start that race at seven o'clock, not very many peopleare trying to chug a beer at 7:40 a.m. in the morning. So starting at like 9 or10, it's not too long of a race that they're going to do it, and then 11:00it's close enough to noon. Time to drink a beer. So I think that's a great ideato bring people in, and it's like they feel like they can drink a little bit morebeer because hey, I burned some calories today. So you give them a free drinkticket, and they'll probably buy a little bit more beer than they thought theywould because they won't feel guilty because they got in their quote/unquoteworkout.


Christian: [00:05:12] True.True that. That's how I feel anyways after a run. Give me all the beers.


Aaron: [00:05:17] Right.Michelob Ultra obviously too.


Christian: [00:05:19] Yeah.A lower calorie. This is not a sponsored ad or anything like that.


Aaron: [00:05:24] Idon't know. Yeah. This is not a sponsored ad. I think we have to say that, butall right, so the next one here is to create a video and tell your story. Soshowcase your location. A nice drone shot would be cool. So I can't rememberwhat the thing is that a lot of breweries put out in front of their- I'm makingsome hand signals right now, but it's like a-


Christian: [00:05:47] Inflatable.


Aaron: [00:05:48] No,not like that. It's like a-


Christian: [00:05:49] Apine.


Aaron: [00:05:51] Insteadof a water tower, it's like-.


Christian: [00:05:55] Ohthe thing.


Aaron: [00:05:55] Yes.


Christian: [00:05:59] Yeah,I know what you're talking about. I don't know what it's called, but yeah.


Aaron: [00:06:01] It'sa cylinder and it's like really-


Christian: [00:06:03] Metal-looking.


Aaron: [00:06:04] Yes.You guys know what we're talking about, and if you do, please message us so weknow what we're talking about with that. But a drone shot of that. A drone shotof the brewery, and I would like to see a little bit of inside. But that justallows people to know a little bit more about who you are. Talk a little bitwith the brewmaster, and you can do all this into like a minute, minute and ahalf video. And people will just really fall in love. So you want people inthere smiling and drinking the beer, talking to the brewmaster and maybe theowner, and the cool location, and you're going to drive in a lot of people. Soanyway.


Christian: [00:06:46] Thatwas a delayed airhorn. Rap airhorn. Anyway, this is our little few seconds thatwe have so we can plug ourselves. Aaron and I are co-found- Not plug ourself.Plug our business. Sorry.


Aaron: [00:07:03] Hesaw my facial expression as he said that, and I was like um, well.


Christian: [00:07:11] Ihate that word. I hate the word plug anyways, and I know you use it. But Idon't know. I'm sorry, guys. This is an ad, okay? And we're going to talk aboutBitBranding, and Aaron and I, we own this company called BitBranding. It's amarketing agency down here in Allen, Texas. Right now we are really heavilyfocused on helping small businesses grow online, and the number one way to dothis in 2018 is to get more reviews. It's a little something that we callreputation management, and basically it's just a way for you to get morereviews, incentivize people to leave you reviews. A lot of people think thatreviews only happen on Facebook, Google, and Yelp, but we have a software thatcan reach over hundreds of websites and services that gather reviews that youdon't even know that you have those. It's a way for you to definitely not getrid entirely of bad reviews but know how to handle these bad reviews and handlethe good reviews as well. So if you definitely need or want some help, and Iknow you do because every small business owner wants to grow especially thisyear 2018, definitely leave us a message on Facebook. You can find us@bitbranding, or you can go to our website bitbranding.co and go to the contactus and drop us a message.


Aaron: [00:08:35] Onelast thing, we will give away- Wait, tell them about the free report.


Christian: [00:08:37] Tellthem about the free report. So right now we're actually also giving a freereport. So if you contact us right now, we'll give you your free report, andwe'll let you know- You know, we said that we can search over hundreds oflocations. So we'll do that for you. Automatically we'll give you a report, andwe'll tell you how you're doing right now and how we can improve on what you'redoing right now.


Aaron: [00:09:00] Andwe always do this. I just like to sign it off with one last-


Christian: [00:09:06] Thereyou have it.


Aaron: [00:09:07] Allright. So the next part we have here again for ideas for local craft breweriesis partnering up. So there are a lot of different routes here. A good exampleis to partner with a food truck. Good food, good craft beer, and then you needa hammock. And I mean-


Christian: [00:09:26] You'reset. You're good to go.


Aaron: [00:09:27] Yeah,maybe bring-


Christian: [00:09:28] Notgo but stay.


Aaron: [00:09:30] Right.Go to sleep after you bought enough beers from the brewery, and you canprobably bring the dog too. Like the dogs like hammocks.


Christian: [00:09:39] Yeah.A lot of food truck places are dog friendly. So.


Aaron: [00:09:43] Andit's also a great way to get involved with the community. So like people wholike certain kinds of food trucks and craft beer, they're kind of like- You'rekind of a synergy partner. You're kind of sharing audiences. So somebody whoknows about a food truck, and maybe they're drawn to that food truck versusyour beer, they may find out about you because of that, and you could get somenew customers which is always a great idea.


Christian: [00:10:06] Yeah,absolutely. And another thing to take into consideration, not all food trucksstay in the same location. Sometimes some of them do go to different locationsthroughout the week. So it's a good thing that, you know, you're in with a foodtruck so that your beer can potentially be at different locations throughoutthe week. The very last marketing idea that we have for local craft breweriesis to create an event where people from the community can bring in their crappybeers and you'll trade them out with your beers. So I mean, I haven't reallythought up like a clever name or anything for the event, but you can think of areally cool name. You could even invite some influencers and bloggers from thecommunity which you can actually find on Instagram. That would probably be mygo to place to find some beer lovers out there. You can even use the hashtag,#beerlovers. And go and find some people around the community and personallyinvite them to this event. Right off the bat if you have a clever and funny namefor the event, the whole purpose of the event is already kind of clever. Soyou're definitely going to get some people and some buzz going online. So justtry it out. I'm really curious to see how a local brewery would handlesomething like this. It sounds like a really fun event.


Aaron: [00:11:32] Yes.I was going to say, we would definitely attend that.


Christian: [00:11:35] Forsure.


Aaron: [00:11:35] Youcan always find some- Dang it. We can't say the name of the beers. Maybe wecan. Like some Milwaukee's Best or, you know, an IPA. Not that I don't likeIPA, but like some IPAs that are like drinking milk. You can get rid of those.So that's a good idea. Yes. Anyway we do have a bonus one here, and that iskind of an idea that we came up with a while ago. We're going to work with thebrewery, and I think this is a great idea is to create that- Or use that video.So number three was to create a video. Use that video and just at the end of itoffer to, you know, cut your brewery tour prices in half. We know that there'ssome margin with that. They're going to buy the beer. So give brewery tour forhalf off and run it as a Facebook ad for a week or two to really reach out tonew people. And when you do that, you bring them in there. You can track thepeople who come in. Incentivize them to come back, give them a new, you know,something new like a new pint glass or whatever. That's pretty customary orcustom, but whenever you do that, you just can reach a lot more people. Doingthe video and the ideas that we have here, you need a way to get it out there,and I think that a really good video on Facebook and spending a little bit ofmoney on some advertising would really blast it out to your community. I thinkthe content's already share-worthy. There's already people who, you know, kindof like beer, but just and FYI, you can only advertise to people who are 21 andabove for obvious reasons.


Christian: [00:13:06] Yeah,true that.


Aaron: [00:13:09] Allright. So thank you guys. That's all we have. Did you have another bonus,Christian?


Christian: [00:13:12] No,I didn't.


Aaron: [00:13:14] Okay.Cool. So thank you guys for listening. We are curious about what you think ofthe rap blow horn. I mean, it's probably my favorite part of the show to pushthat button. So hopefully you're enjoying that, and if you again have anyquestions about the reputation management, just reach out to us on Facebook,and we'd be happy to send you over that report so you can find out where you'reat now. Maybe you're doing amazing, but if you just need some help or you justwant to see where you're at, that's a really good way to hit us up. All right.So just one last reminder, make sure you subscribe, and please leave a review.It takes like two minutes, and if you leave a review, reach back out to us. Letus know, and we will send you something in the mail. Snail mail. Somethingreally cool we think you'll love, and we will talk to you guys next week.


Christian: [00:14:01] Yep.Holla.

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