5 Free Traffic sources for new websites

March 9, 2020

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To successfully grow your business online, you have to have more traffic. It’s a numbers game, the more people on your site, the more chances to get more customers. In today’s episode we are going to give you 5 Free Traffic Sources for new websites!

  1. Youtube - Google owns YouTube, yes, but when you tell people to go to a specific URL on your website, a lot of the time they will Google it and that helps with search traffic.

  2. Podcast tours - Reach out to people in your niche that you can add value to and make sure that on the podcast you have something for the listeners to get off of your website. Whether it’s a downloadable PDF, quiz, etc. But you want them going to your website and for you to collect their email addresses.

  3. Pinterest - You want to get a ton of pins, the more pins, the more traffic. The key to being successful long-term is sharing 30-50 pins per day. 

  1. Facebook Groups - 200 million people are part of a meaningful group. FB is switching to a more private experience. Share content, build a community, create videos and in the videos tell them to go to your website.

  2. Udemy Courses - Create a Free Udemy course, the site gets 68 million people per month! Yeah, that’s a lot of traffic. In your course, tell people about other opportunities for free content on your website and give them a specific URL to go to. 

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Christian [00:00:00] We've done an episode on Instagram for this already and now we have one for Facebook, baby. So these are six hidden features that you're not using on Facebook. Some of these things are actually going to surprise you. Really? Stick around for this. One is a really densely packed episode with some juicy info. Let's get right into it. 

[00:00:24] This is the marketing natives providing actual ways to grow. Improve and Succeed in your business. 

[00:00:32] And now your host, Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:37] And this is also the second time we recorded this calling me Loston, so I did actually call transparency. 

Aaron [00:00:44] It's probably on SD card, but it would probably take more time to find it than it would be to record it again. 

Aaron [00:00:50] So you know that it's gonna be really, really good. And we actually Christian, I think you talked about this before in our local marketing academy, right? Yep. So local business owners check out local marketing dot academy. 

Aaron [00:01:02] It's some time like an in-person workshop. And we covered this like hands on. You listen to the podcast. You're gonna get 80 percent of what you need. But we also do this locally. So if you're in the Dallas Allen Plano, Colin County area, you should check out the local marketing academy. 

Christian [00:01:16] Yeah. We actually had way more than just six. These are just hand-picked from that workshop. 

Aaron [00:01:22] Yeah, I think Christian give me a wink, I don't know. That means he's hungry or if he had way more than six. No. 

Christian [00:01:28] Yeah, I want six. All right. So the first one is spy on your competition ads. So this is something that before you could do from just going to like if you would go to bitbranding page on Facebook and you would scroll on the left hand side of the menu, you would see something that would say, I think ads that it's a page. 

Aaron [00:01:51] Transparency now is new ish. Well, OK. So like you on the left hand side, I would say something about like ads or sometimes something like that. 

Christian [00:02:00] Yeah. I picked think those pictures Francey as too long. But you would click on there and you would actually see their ads. You know, they Bitbranding ads though we were running. You could do this for any page now. Facebook still has this, but they've completely taken it out from the pages and now it's a dedicated link. So if you go to Facebook.com forward slash ads forward slash library, it's just a search engine for ads. Right. So you can go there. And if you can get that, just Google, Facebook ads, library operator. And the way you do this is once you get in there, you can search for the exact name of that company that you're looking for. So if you know, you want to look at the ads for bitbranding, you would just type in that bitbranding. And then on the dropdown for that search will show you that particular page. You just click on it and it will show you the ads. It will show you the copy. It will show you the media that we're using. It will show you some of the impressions an average of money spent doesn't give you very specifics. And then again, it gives you an average of demographics as well. So it doesn't give you specifics, but you still get a lot of information from just looking at your competitions at. 

Aaron [00:03:17] Yeah. And we actually released a video over on our YouTube channel, A why paying attention to your competition is more important than paying attention to your own business. So you should check out that as well. So already you too. But this is not intended to just be like a a slap back to all of our content. But it is a very good video about why you should be paying attention to your competition. All right. Number two here, messenger. Automated responses. And we have here saved replies. And again, so Christian taught this. I'm not going to address this to Christian or I like pretend that I'm you guys as I talk to Christian about this. And maybe there's questions that come up for me so I can ask him, like, hey, how does this work? Cause we're going to do our best job to tell you guys this audibly, which is, you know, sometimes a little bit harder than if you were seeing it visually. 

Christian [00:04:02] So Messenger made a response. I think the first thing to say is that the yeah, the messenger automated responses are things that within Facebook you can set up so that when someone sent you a particular message, you can automatically respond for you instead of having to go with a third party integration like Chat, for example, and try to do automations that way. Facebook already has some built in standard automation responses that you can do by just going to your inbox. So as we say, hidden because you have to go to the inbox and then you have to go find automated responses. 

Christian [00:04:43] In an in there you have options that you can toggle on and off in. Some of those are actually pretty customizable as far as the actual message that you want to send. 

Christian [00:04:53] And then the timing that it gets sent in different things like, yeah, we actually had an issue with that, though, which is why I think there's a default that it's on for some things. And I'll say like, hey, we're away right now like during certain hours. And I think it picks it by the time that you say that your quote unquote available. 

Aaron [00:05:09] So the retail store for like eight to five. And it will say like a year away and you'll be back later. So we had an issue with that, I think, because last week we were like, oh, hey, we didn't see this message for, you know, right away because Facebook notified them and we didn't get notified. So you may have messages that you need to go check out to. So it's also just be aware and then you also don't want the exact same message as somebody else's, which probably has something and a little bit more customized to your to your business and your brand. 

Christian [00:05:36] I think with one of the cool things that you can do with messenger automated responses is anytime someone leaves a good or bad review actually gives you two options. So it's only a good review on your page. You can have it where it automatically responds to them saying thank you, we truly appreciate this. And then you could even put an image as part of that or a gif or a video as well. So you can you make a little bit more personalized. You can have your whole team saying thank you. And when you do that. And also you can do it for, like, better. So if someone leaves you a better review, you can have it automatically, like instantly respond and say, like, OK, how can we do better? Please message us like we want to make this right. Take away that negative review. Yeah, exactly. So timing is of the essence when it comes to two either having good or bad reviews, so it's definitely good to have those two at least turned on as part of your message, your automated responses. Now, the other thing, part of this is to to be is the safe reply. So right there within the inbox, you can also do save replies. 

Christian [00:06:43] So if you get the same questions all the time and or let's say someone ask you are asking you about local marketing academy, for example, we can do a safe reply where a little box will pop up and we have a list of just paragraphs of text and whatever. So we'd have to like copy and paste it from somewhere else. It's just living right there within your Facebook inbox. You get this by. If you click on someone's conversation or combo, you can click on the little speech bubble with the three little dots and in there you'll see safe replies. Click on that. 

Christian [00:07:24] And then within there you'll see that all the automated responses, you can create them from right there as well. Awesome. 

Aaron [00:07:32] All right, number three, this one's pretty cool, especially if you are like us. We had two people who pretended to speak Spanish in the office. Now, just kidding. They do speak Spanish, so. And if you have an audience that speaks Multiple languages, then. Or like an audience like a potential employees, employers or just people you're marketing to. It'd be really smart for you to cater to them in their native language. So, you know, sometimes people's first language is Spanish. Sometimes it's French, English, depending on who you're marketing to. So you can actually post in English and in Spanish. And I don't know if you can do like three or four. 

Christian [00:08:09] I think so. I'm never tested that way. I think the main thing here is that you can do it simultaneously. So you post in English, then you can also do it in Spanish. 

Christian [00:08:20] And you actually have the power to dictate where that's that's going to say instead of leaving it up to Facebook. Automatic translation services. So all come to my house and like what? I don't don't do that. Great. So in order to turn it's on, you just go to settings. You got a general then post in multiple languages and you just toggle it to allow. Then when you go back to create a post on your Facebook page, you will see it will give you the option to do English and then has the separating line and then it has your next language that you want to do. 

Aaron [00:08:53] Yeah, I noticed that before we ever done that. Have you done that? No. I'd be curious. I'm sure there's a few people who follow us and speak Spanish or French or something. 

Christian [00:09:04] I try not very many French people, but I would definitely. So I would go to you again, your insights. And just see where your audience is located. So, I mean, if it's 90 percent United States, then I think you're good. It's just English. But if you have I mean, if we had a 50 percent there in the United States and like, you know, the other 50, you're from Venezuela, for some reason, I cannot not manage my money because while I was watching the Jack Ryan saga, I'd say that anyways. Japan. Yeah, we got followers in Japan. Yeah, but again, the number is like. Yeah, exactly. So who's a big percentage? Then I would say absolutely. It makes sense to do multiple languages on your posts. 

Aaron [00:09:53] Hey, guys. So this is if you're the first time listener. This is the time where we tell you a little bit about us and we offer a little bit of an ad. And really, this is just to help you. So we have a calculator that's going to tell you how much your website is going to costs, whether it's a redesign, whether it's a new website or whether it's an e-commerce site. So it's very sophisticated. And honestly, it's probably one of the best ones we've seen online after doing research. Christian created this and it's pretty accurate. So it's going to give you a range and tell you, hey, my Web site is worth. Or my Web site to build. This is between X and Y. And not only that, the results are emailed to you immediately. And you have an option where you can click a button and say, yes, I want bitbranding to follow with us and, you know, answer this question. So there's a free strategy session attached to that if he'd like it. We'll talk about how you get your website. Life doesn't have to be with us. We'd love that. But we just want to make sure that you know how much it is for a website to give us. Very short story. I mean, Christian had a friend of a friend who got a Web site built was really, really, really bad. He paid ten thousand dollars for something that should have been like fifteen hundred. So we never want anybody to be scammed or for like a better word screwed over because they just don't know what they don't know. So just go to the calculator dot bit branding dot cl filled it out and get an honest idea of how much your Web site is going to cost. 

Christian [00:11:19] Oh, maybe. All right. Number four. Boom, baby number four. 

Christian [00:11:24] Photo carrousel for blog post or link. So normally if you post a link on Facebook, it's kind of frowned upon because Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook. Right. So you post a lot of outside links maybe to your blog post or maybe some YouTube videos. Facebook doesn't like that because you're taking the audience away from Facebook. So I think a good way to kind of mitigate this a little bit. We're not saying to keep doing 10 links a week and just having it done this way. It's just like, you know, maybe one's a week or maybe one. And we should try this. I haven't done it yet. We haven't? No. So, yeah, we definitely have to try this. So. So the photo carousel is where, you know, you can do multiple photos. But the cool thing about the carousel is that you can attach links to that carousel. Now, typically, photos and photo albums do really well on Facebook. So the idea here is that you're doing a photo carousel and then you're attaching your blog link to that photo carousel, making it a little bit better, more visually appealing to to your Facebook. Yeah. I mean, it looks different than just putting up a link and then putting that picture up, whatever that block poses, for example. 

Christian [00:12:44] And is done is done organically. Right. Like you just go to your page like you're gonna post regularly. 

Christian [00:12:50] Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You'd yet click on the writer post and you do the photo and then click on the carousel one. So yeah you would start with the carousel and then you would you can add different pictures right. Mm hmm. Maybe the pictures that are part of the blog post maybe provide a little bit more context to the blog post. Yeah. And then add links and then you can also do different things. Her picture. 

Christian [00:13:12] So if you're maybe sharing three different links and you want to do it all in one post and this is a great alternative, instead of doing different posts or just having that main image, you know, for that one blog post and then the other two links just kind of get less attention. 

Aaron [00:13:30] I think you kind of get lost in it. That's really cool. And I just thought about something that would be we know that that's kind of happening on Instagram, but like a progression of like connecting a story thereal carousel. But if I, like, told the story through blogging and it's like, okay, read more, click these links like I think that could do really well. I want to use that. So we're gonna there's a couple things in here that like Christian said, there's six on this. But we've. There's like 13, 20. I don't remember how many there were, but there is a lot. So we've done quite a few of these. But some of them we haven't tested yet. So we're gonna definitely do that. So make sure you do that. And if you and if you do this carousel, make sure to go over to Instagram at bitbranding and let us know. We'd love to see it. Check it out, engage, follow with you and wish you some luck getting some engagement. All right. Number five here, banned people from your page. It is not nice for people to be not nice. We have a video specifically to tell you guys how to ban people from your Facebook page over on YouTube. Wow. This is just a lot of heading over to our YouTube channel. Should be helpful for you. But really, you want to ban people who are just annoying or spammers or sometimes competition trolls. Trolls. Yes. And not a little nice ones that you see from like the eighties. Like we're talking about the people who are under a bridge who are trying to collapse the bridge and hurt you, those kind of trolls and also the people who are following you around on the Internet that are just laughing and making fun of you. So make sure that you go to your Facebook page and get rid of those people. You can ban them. And how you do that is go to your Facebook page, click on settings, people and other pages and then check mark the person so you can search in there, too. You want to like recently scroll, you can search personally. Go, Billy Joel. He keeps making nuisance on here. So I'm going to click this checkmark and then you hit the gear icon and you click ban from the page and Billy Joel is gone. No more Billy Joel, no more ability. He's not gonna be a nuisance to you anymore. You go on, you post happier, you'll live a happy life, all because you're able to ban the person. Yeah. 

Christian [00:15:37] So don't ban everyone, obviously. Yeah. It's under it so often. But yeah, there's definitely times where you definitely too you'll know. I think we've only had a ban like one person or two people in like five years or four or five years. Yeah. I think they're always bots. Yes. Yeah. They just have the know the Ray-Bans. 

Aaron [00:15:59] Yeah. Sale ninety nine dollars or whatever for the invasion. 

Aaron [00:16:04] Such a great deal like Uncle Carlos or Johnny. Thanks for sharing that. 

Christian [00:16:10] All right. So the last hidden feature that we have here is called the link sharing debugger. So like a bunch of random words put together. It's a link that Facebook provides for developers to debug your links, right? So the way it works. You may have had this happen before where let's say you publish a brand new blog post and Google so has and fetched the information. Facebook obviously haven't fetched the information. So it's a brand new link on the website, on the Internet. Right. So none of these social networks worked where as soon as you publish something and you know, they know that that thing was published. Right. So you have to let them know that you publish something new. So the way you would normally do this is, you know, you would grab the link and then you would go to your Facebook page and you would paste it and then you would share it. But sometimes when you paste that link, it doesn't come up with the little preview that has the image, has the title and author and the description and all that. So in order to get that preview and get that preview showing correctly, then you want to I think the best way we have to link in here so we'll have it in the descriptions and the notes. But you can just Google Facebook link sharing debugger. And I'll give you the link. That's for again. It looks like a Facebook developer's thing, but literally all you do is just paste your link in there and then you click, fetch and you click, keep hitting, fetch or scrape again. I think it's a button. Yeah, until you get all the correct information in there. So once you get all the correct information in there, then you can use that link back on Facebook and it will work like a charm. Another way to do this is like if you're maybe you uploaded a new gif to give you dot com and you want to use this gif on your Facebook page, but when you paste the link on Facebook again, it's just not working correctly or is like one of those gifs that when you click on it, it opens in a new tab and it's very, very annoying. It that give givi dot com. Yeah. So you can do the same thing here. You know, you can upload your gif on Diffie dot com and then you can go to the link sharing debugger to debug that link until it shows up the little gif, a little circle thing on the preview. 

Christian [00:18:28] So yeah, it's gonna helpful. I've used a lot of times, especially when, you know like those Tucson areas is mainly where we use them all the time. But first or doing gifs. 

Aaron [00:18:41] Awesome. All right. We hope you guys got a lot out of this episode 6 hidden features you're not using on Facebook. And honestly, we haven't used all of them either. So make sure you go use them. They'll help you grow your business and properly help you stand out from the competition. If this is your first time listening, please make sure to you that you hit subscribe. Now, we don't miss out on any episodes that come out in the future. We have new episodes come out every Monday. And if you've been listening for awhile, make sure to go to Apple podcast live. And it's an honest rating review and we will shout you out. We will not yell on the podcast, but we will talk about you on the podcast. You'll be able to hear yourself over the airwaves or your car or wherever you listen to it. So pretty cool. Member Apple podcasts leave us a review and we will talk to you guys next week. 

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