5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools You Need In Your Website

January 21, 2019

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about 5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools You Need In Your Website:

  1. Email Collection - HelloBar or Sumo are great options here. You want to make sure you’re always growing your most valuable asset; your email list. Remember to entice your audience with something in exchange for their email; 10% off your next order.
  1. Cart Abandonment - We have generated so many more sales for our clients by adding this simple app. Cart abandonment is almost guaranteed to help you increase sales. Our go-to is Sumo.
  1. Chatbot - Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular among websites and for a good reason. They provide timely information to your visitors 24/7. Facebook Chat Plugin is where you should get started. Look into ManyChat and Chatfuel to easily create answers to most commonly asked questions.
  1. Tracking Pixel - Being able to track people who visited your site, but didn’t make a purchase and later being able to retarget them is huge for sales. Learn to install your Facebook pixel here.
  1. Upsell & Cross-sell - In a nutshell this app lets you display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that customers can add with a simple click. For example, a customer buys a pair of shoes, you could cross-sell them a container of polish to go with them. Super powerful app. You can check out Bold Upsell!


Hey, y'all! We have a really fun episode that's bound to level up your website and your business overall. The marketing tools that we covered in this episode have actually been used by us in a lot of the Shopify sites that we manage, so we're sure that these tools can really help you guys out! Don't worry, a lot of the tools that we talked about are inexpensive and some are even free to use.

Email Collection (Sumo and HelloBar)

Keeping track of your personal email list for your business is important. In our older episodes, we've talked about how Sumo is a great way to get your personal email lists organized. HelloBar is very similar to Sumo as well. The best thing about these two is that not only are you able to organize your email list, you're also able to send out coupons and promos to the people in your email lists through them!

Cart Abandonment (Sumo)

Having online customers go through your site, add something they like to their cart, and never checkout is a natural thing to happen. That's why using cart abandonment software is a great way to give them that extra push to go through with that purchase. Our personal go-to is Sumo, and our clients have actually saved and made A LOT of money just because of their investment towards this app.

Chatbots (Facebook Chat Plugin, ManyChat, and Chatfuel)

Chatbots have started to become really popular and it's for a good reason! Think of chatbots as your sales associates for your online business, they answer inquiries by customers, they suggest items, and they handle the checkout transactions for you. They not only allow you to focus on other things, but they also handle all of the repetitive tasks that would cost you your own time.

Tracking Pixel 

The tracking pixel is a great tool to know who visits your website. Whether they just visited your homepage, checked out some products, or maybe even almost made a purchase, the tracker will give you a list of these people in Facebook and you'll be able to retarget these visitors on Facebook. This eventually will persuade them to visit your site again and complete a purchase!

Upsell & Cross-sell (Bold Upsell)

What's great about apps like these is that customers are enticed to make another purchase from your website. An example of this is when a customer only buys one item and when they proceed to the checkout page, the app comes into play and shows them another item of yours that would go with that item they are about to purchase. When this happens, the chances of customers wanting to make an additional purchase are high! We highly recommend that you install one to your website!

That's all of the tips we have about these 5 tools for your website! We're sure that if you're able to incorporate them into your business, you'll be set for success. Try them out and see the results for yourself! You can thank us later! If y'all are wondering where you can get a link to these great apps, then you can refer to our show notes for this episode - we have all of the links there. But if you guys have any other questions, then feel free to comment on this episode and we'll be sure to answer it.

We'll see you guys next week!

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