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5 Advantages To Using SMS Marketing For Your Ecommerce Store

5 Advantages To Using SMS Marketing For Your Ecommerce Store

November 11, 2019

How many times do you check your phone per day? If you’re like most, its right around 85 times!! Heres another astonishing stat: 80% of millenials check their phone as soon as they wake up!

SMS open rates hover at 82%.

Here are 5 advantages to consider using SMS in your marketing:

1. Trackable - Just like emails, there are plenty of tools that track who opened your text message, what they clicked and who ignored it. These metrics can help you manage your campaign.

2. Interactive content - Text messages almost guarantee a faster response than email. And its more personal.

3. Texting has the best engagement rate - Most of us read texts right away. Its just not the same with emails and phone calls.

4. Immediate delivery and data - Creating a campaign can take a few minutes and you can get data instantly.

5. Personal touch - Texting gives you a unique opportunity to speak to your audience in an informal way.




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