4 ways to find subscribers when no one knows you yet

February 17, 2020

Show Notes

You know the early days. Where you count for five of the eight views on a recently published blog and co-workers are the other three.

You’re just starting out! It’s the beginning. You’re ready to write and get thousands of views and subscribers. But nothing really happens. There are certain things you can do to help you out. The real question is what are you willing to do to get those views?

  1. Be ready for the traffic you get. In the beginning you won’t get much people but what you can do with those few people is make sure you have other content for them to look at, interesting layout, and an easy way to capture email leads.

  2. Answer the right questions. Find out what questions your target audience is asking and answer them. Simple. This gives you a stream of fresh content that your audience is already looking for. 
  1. Be a social butterfly. We’re not saying you have to become the next Kardashian on Instagram. We recommend two 10-minute social sessions where you can post on your own profile, comment in a social group (like Facebook), or create relationships with other people.

Take one controversial stand. This is the internet and there’s potential for controversy in any strong statement. Do some real research. Question your own biases. Weigh the evidence and consider other points of view. Be willing to be swayed by reliable evidence that contradicts your assumptions.

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Christian [00:00:00] You know, the early days where you count for five of the eight views on a recently published blog or maybe a video and then your coworkers or the other three that happened to us a long time ago. You're just starting out. You know, you're ready to ride. Get thousands of viewers or subscribers to your blog or maybe video channel, but nothing really happens. They're really certain things that you need to do in order to gain that traction. The real question is, are you willing to do those things to get those views? We don't talk about four things to find more subscribers to your blog or video channel. Check it out. 

[00:00:50] This is the marketing natives providing actual ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. 

[00:00:51] And now your host, Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:55] All right. Number uno. Be ready for the traffic day you get. 

Aaron [00:01:03] So you're saying like, OK, we could be oh, we got three people per month. So we're just you know, we're completely fine with that. Or are you saying like, hey, we have to take care of the first three people that get there, even if it's only three? 

Christian [00:01:15] Exactly. You have to get. You have to get taking care of those people. So, I mean, if we're talking strictly, you know, your blog and your Web site, then for sure you need to have not just one blog post, but have a few blog posts in there. You need to have more information about yourself. So there's got to be certain things on your Web site to make sure that you cater to even those three people that come to your Web site. And then the other thing is you have a fast Web site. You wanna make sure that your Web site is definitely optimized for fast viewing and fast loading and then have a way to capture emails, you know, even if it's just three people coming in a week or whatever. For every blog post, you need to have a way to capture emails and make it easy for them. 

Aaron [00:02:01] Yeah, I think it's just kind of build from there. But yeah, if you if you're just at least doing that part, you're probably doing better than some people who get 100 people per day and that aren't collecting e-mail addresses or don't have those things on there. So they're like they're just bouncing off. So you're three people. You may have an amazing bounty. It's like a 5 percent bounce rate or something. So, yeah, that's that's really a good foundation, I guess. So just making sure that you have something in place. So whenever you add the traffic and then as you scrape, as you scale, you've already got the groundwork laid, too. 

Christian [00:02:32] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Especially when you're starting out. I mean you have a lot more time. So you're able to strategize a little bit better. And even a on a per blog post or per video basis, you can set your own call to actions or different email captures. So you know, this particular blog post, you could be talking about how to write a book. Towards the end of that blog, maybe you have a p_d_f_ on it. These are the things that you need to do in order to write a book or whatever. I don't know, like something that it's tangible, maybe a p_d_f_ that you can download that where you can capture their email a lot easier. 

Christian [00:03:09] It's not just a simple pop up that is. Hey, give us your e-mail. Yeah, nice number two. 

Aaron [00:03:17] So answer the right questions. So with that it's more of. OK. Who. Who's your web site for? If somebody goes there and they're looking for a service that you don't offer, then they're not a good person for you. But it's there. But if you do offer a service and you aren't catering to that audience, then it probably is going to mean that they would bounce off or they're going to leave you. So make sure that you find what questions your target audience is asking and answer them. So for us, it's small business owners have for you guys. How do you get more subscribers to your blog post? Well, we're creating that podcast for you. Or how do you gain more traction, you know, with Instagram? OK. Well, great. We've we've answered those questions. Otherwise, we could just say, hey, you know, marketing services. This is why you need it. This is what you're doing. Like we're not even seeing any real problems or answering any real questions. Seen in make sure that you're doing that thing. It's it seems obvious, but it's also often overlooked. 

Christian [00:04:12] And there's a lot of times where someone asks us that question and we've already done something for a blog post or a podcast. And we're like, well, let me give you a short answer, but you should check this out because we did a whole blog post or a whole podcast talking specifically about this and we give out more tips. So it's always a great way to direct people back to to take your content. And, you know, like like you're saying, I think frequently ask questions and then you can also sort of tweak those questions to maybe different audiences. For example, we do this sometimes with this podcast where it could be the same answer, but maybe tweaked a little bit different for a different audience. So how to gain entry and followers for chiropractors? Then we could basically do another one, how to gain interim followers for boutique owners. So it just allows you to create more content and more content at scale. Again, just keep it simple and just tweak. 

Aaron [00:05:12] Awesome getting that. And ironically, if you listen to last week's episode, go back and check that out about chiropractors. But this is actually a question that podcast was actually a question that a chiropractor here locally asked us. So it's just even very ironic that we're already doing that. So make sure you check out the chiropractor podcast, if you like, if you are a chiropractor. If not, so valid to. 

Aaron [00:05:41] Alright guys. So this is your favorite part of the podcast we're gonna tell you about some new things going on with BitBranding. We've been working on something for about six, seven months at this point called the Leads Accelerator, and it is for business owners who are trying to figure out a way to know their target audience, really get into the to the understanding of who those people are. Finding a way to automate it so they're not doing everything manually and then tracking results so that they can scale their business. Our goal with all of this is to literally generate more leads, but not just ADD offered as all the car service. So if you just want Facebook ads or if you just want CO or if you just want something like that, that's probably not going to get you to what you need. You need a full system. So we've created an actual system that's going to take you from an inconsistent, low quality lead to a consistent high quality lead. And the way that we've done that is through the lead accelerator, if this is something that interested is of interest to you. I get top. Well, you can go to apply that bitranding dot CO again, that's apply dot bit branding dot CO. You can fill out the questionnaire there and then just schedule Free Breakthru Strategy Session. It's a 45 minute session where we're going to walk you through how to figure out your target audience, how to automate part of your business, and then how to track the results to help you grow. 

Aaron [00:07:02] So if you're interested in that. Like I said, it's completely free to do the Strategy Session. Apply dot bitbranding dot CO. 

Christian [00:07:11] Nice. All right. Number three is to be a social butterfly. If you have a brand new blog post, but you have it, you have not taken care of your social media. I mean, you need to. You need to get on social media, whether it's Instagram, Facebook would definitely recommend just getting on at least one platform to start just makes it all easier and be a social butterfly man just or woman. And we recommend just like literally just take two 10 minute sessions where you can sit down post. You can comment. You can engage with people. You can create relationships. You can send direct messages and just be authentic. Don't try to push your block necessarily. Please don't share on Facebook your link every single time you post. I think it'll be more beneficial when you're creating posts on social media to maybe do a little video or some image regarding that post. Talking a little bit about it and then people get people talking on that post. Then you can direct them to your Web site to check out more information or the whole thing. 

Aaron [00:08:17] Yeah, absolutely. I think that the biggest part there is some people are going to be saying in their heads like two 10 minute sessions. That doesn't seem like a whole lot of time. Like so many people spend so much more. But at the same time, using in your head, like, I can't keep up or I can't do anything. And some is better than none at this point. So it's yeah, it's not a strategy that's going to, you know, work for you forever, but it's somewhere to start and start moving you in that right direction. So and it's also just a good way for you to start opening conversations. We've recently heard that like instead of closing deals, you should be opening. So just opening that conversation, you should have somebody, people you that you talk to per day. And it's just kind of you just never know where those conversations are going to go. Could be your ideal client you're talking to and you just have no clue yet. So go out there and just talk to people is like instead of going out to networking events or networking groups, you could just go to a Facebook group and network with people there for a while. 

Christian [00:09:13] All right. And number four is to take a controversial stand. Yes. All dogs are better than cats. Does a true stink? Yeah, I think. 

Christian [00:09:23] I mean, the Internet's a literally any statement that you make its contents controversial. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:09:29] Yeah. When you try to do something very generic, I actually ask this on my LinkedIn, like should you like appeal to everyone or should you appeal to a specific group of people and potentially upset another group? And I think a good chunk people a good chunk of people haven't went back to read all of them, but most of them were saying like, yeah, I'd rather talk to one specific group and just say, like, you know, this is better. 

Aaron [00:09:51] And you get into the debate of like, you know, LeBron versus Kobe or Joe or Shaq or Jordan or whatever. And like everybody has a stand of like who they pick and why they pick somebody and not anyone is like, right or wrong. So for all the people who had to choose LeBron. So then I guess it's to my point is like it doesn't matter, just as long as you can kind of back it up. People are going to follow you on that side and those people are going to fall more in love with you. Yeah, I agree with everything this guy says. I agree with all of this. And like, you get like diehard fans at that point. 

Christian [00:10:23] Yeah. You got to realize. Yeah. There's definitely a certain different type of content when it comes to blog posts or videos. You know, you have opinion videos and then you may have videos that are based more on evidence and facts and things like that. But yeah, I think they're both great strategies and great things to do. And I feel like when you do, they are the opinionated things and or we're saying, hey, you're taking a controversial stand. That's when you get a lot more engagement and a lot more comments, a lot more people looking at this, because there's just something different that nobody else is, you know, kind of talking about or is afraid of talking about. 

Aaron [00:11:00] Yeah. And it's also the the people who love it are going to comment and the people who are going to hate are going to comment. So like you win a literally. It does both. 

Christian [00:11:15] All right. So there you have it are for tips or for ways to find new subscribers when no one knows you yet, you're starting out. If you're just listening to us for the first time, I want to say thank you for taking the time. And we do this every week. We release a new podcast episode, if you're interested. Please subscribe to us. That way you get any type of market information that we give out to business owners. We try to cover a little bit of everything, different platforms, different things that are coming out and depending on the platform that you're in. Listening to us right now, you could hit the like button potentially. Or you can just describe or you can also leave us a review, if you like, really like this episode. You can just hit us up with a nice little review. Let us know how we're doing to get you some better content. All right. 

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