4 Ways To Boost Your Business On LinkedIn

July 29, 2019

Show Notes

LinkedIn is evolving. If you're not on LinkedIn you need to be. Today we're going to talk about Four (4) Ways That You Can Boost Your Business On LinkedIn.

Quick Stat: LinkedIn has over 300 million active monthly users and 40% visit the site daily.

  • Make sure to have a strong company page - Strong keywords matter. Make sure your description is on point. Also take advantage of Featured Groups, Hashtags, and Career Pages. Cover photo and content strategy matters too.

  • Link and optimize employee profiles - Make sure all your employees are connected to your company page and even have them include something more personalized in their bio.  (Link Nickquolette Barrett)
  • Engage intentionally - Try to have a solid content strategy that sparks conversation within the community.
  • Increase the recommendations - People trust people. These recommendations are a great way to provide social proof. The best way to rack up recommendations is for your employees to do it to someone else.


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Christian [00:00:00] Yo! LinkedIn is evolving. If you're not on LinkedIn you need to be. Today we're gonna talk about four ways that you can boost your business on LinkedIn. Check it out.

Narrator [00:00:14] Providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. And now your host Christian and Aaron. 

Christian [00:00:24] Quick step LinkedIn has over 300 million active users and 40 percent visit the site daily. I'm not one of the 40 percent now. 

Aaron [00:00:37] And what's funny is that it's been among a mainly desktop version of the software. Or like to the platform most people went to it on desktop. They finally started to roll out some really good stuff with mobile. Even before you couldn't even see your company page on mobile so it's like it wasn't user friendly. 

Aaron [00:00:54] It wasn't mobile friendly really and it was more of like a hey I'm an H.R. guy and I want to connect with this other person who is an H.R. guy and we're gonna get a job or something. 

Aaron / Christian [00:01:04] But now it's more of a I see it transitioning into like you see the Gary vine huckster to Garrett green card downs of the world they're pushing their content just like they would on Facebook Instagram YouTube on LinkedIn Yeah yeah they're building communities and something I don't think we're going to talk about it here but Linton is actually using hashtags correctly and you can build your own communities by creating these hashtags and using hashtags and even on your company profile page. You can kind of save these hashtags and see what people are posting under those hashtags. So it's actually pretty exciting that LinkedIn is doing all these things. 

Christian / Aaron [00:01:42] I forgot I was going to say well you should go and first off you should go to our page go like the BitBranding yes for BitBranding altogether right. We're at ninety nine followers I think. Yes I think so. I just checked it today. Yeah. So it will be the hundredth. Yeah. And make sure that you sell it tell us it was Kim from the podcast. All right. 

Christian [00:01:59] So today we talked about four ways to boost your business on LinkedIn print out about some things that you do as a company and personally because a lot of LinkedIn right now is done through your personal profiles. So the number one thing is to make sure you have a strong company page strong keywords matter. So whatever you're writing your description make sure that you're using you know relevant almost like the same as a SEO strategy for your website. You weren't doing the exact same thing for your company page. Now on top of that on top of is just your description. LinkedIn also has different features would you say one of them being Feature Groups. So for example for us we should have a feature group for the Marketing Natives which have a feature group for Tip for Tip maybe. And these are just kind of micro communities within your company to just sort of you know talk the same as like Facebook group really for you to do that. They also have like the hashtags which I just talked about and also career pages. These are all things that LinkedIn just kind of offer to you and you can have within your company profile page. I want to say these are things that we are currently not doing. We don't have super strong presence on LinkedIn. It's something that we're working towards and it's something that we're really excited especially with all the changes that LinkedIn has been doing recently especially like adding video and things like that. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:03:28] And even the live video that's actually brand new and I just found out one of my friends finally got the live video feature but that being said hopefully so we're recording this in July beginning in July by the time this rolls out and maybe beginning of August maybe they'll give us enough time to beef up our profile. So when you do follow it you'll get it. 

Aaron [00:03:45] Now we do share content there but this is all stuff that like what's good about this is we've done the research on it we know what needs to be done and as Christian said we're going to need to implement implement now. But the good thing is for you anyway as you continue to go through these to boost your business on LinkedIn not a ton of people are doing it correctly or there's a lot of things they can be fixing so if you do that you're going to really stand out on the competition. 

Christian [00:04:09] Yeah. So the second thing that you need to do it comes from the employee profiles. So you need to make sure that one they're linked to your company profile and two your employees have their profiles optimized. We're actually talking about this we know someone here locally who we've had her on the podcast. I think yes using the podcast Nicolette Barrett Nicolette Barrett and one of her specialties is fixed in your LinkedIn profile. And she does an excellent excellent job if you want to see a really good example of what we're talking about here. You can just look her up on LinkedIn. Her name is Nicolette Barrett. I really don't know how to spell it but it's like a really weird way of spelling Nicolette but Aaron's going to look it up here in a second. But look her up and see and see exactly what she's doing if not just hire her and have her optimise your employee profiles because your employee profiles will directly connect to your company page has a better outreach for for. For a company on LinkedIn. 

Aaron [00:05:18] Yeah. And so I'm not going to necessarily spot or name on here but what I will say is that we will put her I made a note to put it her link in the show notes. You guys can go check that out. Yeah and her company name is just so much easier. I Rock resumes so that's also. 

Christian [00:05:33] I think this is just looked at. 

Aaron [00:05:35] Right. That's a company everything's there. So. All right. So this is your favorite part of the podcast that is halfway through the episode. 

Aaron [00:05:47] We like to give either a shout outs B tell you guys about what's going on next. Or three like I did that some offer for you guys. And since this is about LinkedIn I want to say that I don't know if we're gonna connect our personal profiles on here. Maybe we will. But if you are interested in connecting on LinkedIn maybe you're a online entrepreneur or maybe a local business owner and you'd love to be on one of our shows either a podcast or our weekly video show Tip for Tip which is a video show versus the podcast connect with us over on LinkedIn shoot us a message and let's get you on the podcast or Tip for Tip. We have a lot more Tip for tips per year than we do the podcast. But if you are looking for free exposure it's a great way for us to connect and get you on the show and get you in front of more people. So make sure that you'll find us again we'll put our links in there on LinkedIn connect with us there and we'll get you some exposure. 

Christian [00:06:51] All right. So the third way that you can boost your business LinkedIn is to engage intentionally and have a solid content strategy. Again this is something that we need to get better at. Right now we are sort of repurposing some of our evergreen content that we posted on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And so far I mean it's working OK. But I think we definitely are seeing we're seeing a benefit to creating original content on on LinkedIn and treating it as you know right now was really working well on on Facebook as far as engagement. It's just like asking simple questions or trying to get people's opinions on different topics. So the same team is working on LinkedIn. So just creating just a simple post with a question. Works very very well to engage your audience. And again we need to implement right now our strategy is more of repurposing some of Evergreen content but we do need to sprinkle in some of those original content to to LinkedIn. 

Aaron [00:07:56] Yeah it is funny because we are just repurposing content. We do get a decent amount of exposure for the amount of followers that we have. So I know that there is value there. And it also is a little bit more work but just being able to post natively our videos to LinkedIn which we have software now to allow us to do that. And we just need to make sure that we're we're doing it. But again we're learning we're obviously an agency we provide these services LinkedIn's definitely somewhere that we are working on but it just goes to show you that you know we're all busy. You know you as a business are thinking this is a lot is another platform but don't worry there's plenty of time to grow into it. All right. So. 

Christian / Aaron [00:08:41] Numero Quatro. Yeah I know that. 

Aaron [00:08:45] All right. So number four increase your the recommendations. I actually was reaching out to people through the Facebook group. The Chamber group this last week because I just want to give as many recommendations and I think that it comes back full circle. But it also if you leave a recommendation it's also showing up on their profile. So it's a good way for you to kind of link back to them to if you're an ACL person or search engine optimization person you know that linking to somebody is just as important as having your name on their site as their name is on your site. So it works both ways but people trust people think of recommendations as like the online reviews for LinkedIn. But it's a personal approach. So they're really giving credit to Christian is a five star person and it's what's great about recommendations is they don't leave a star rating they actually write a paragraph or they write a couple of paragraphs and it's like wow he did this or he did that and it's very personal. 

Christian [00:09:38] Yeah yeah. You don't usually don't get them anywhere else. And I think your strategy is really good is just to you know do the opposite of asking and just ask people to leave them reviews you know. So say something like hey we've worked together in the past. Please let me know if you'd like me to leave you a recommendation I think then I would say 90 percent of the time they will do the same for you. They would just go right ahead back and write you a recommendation. So I guess the best way to increase your recommendations is to write more recommendations to other people. 

Aaron [00:10:13] Yeah and even if it's a 10 to one you know if you did 20 or 30 and you still got three four or five recommendations that's still going to put you way ahead of a lot of people. I would say most people that I look at. They have one recommendation. Yeah. So just the more the better the more iterating of other people trusting you the better. 

Christian [00:10:32] So there you have it four ways to boost your business on LinkedIn. Just to recap real quick. Make sure to have a strong company page link and optimize employee profiles. Engage intentionally and increase your recommendations. 

Aaron [00:10:46] Awesome. And if this is your first time listening please make sure that you hit the subscribe button so you get a notification every Monday when we we whoever we release a new episode our content is usually topical meaning that it's very relevant for what's going on right now so if you miss a couple of weeks your competition could be listening and getting ahead of you or you just won't find out what we're eating. This week we'll talk about a lot. I'm just can't. But no. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode. And if you've been listening for a while and you would love to give us some more feedback you'd like Hey I love these segments for your podcast. I love when you do the interviews or I love you doing this better go leave us an honest rating a review so that we know what to do to continue to make this podcast better for you. And when you do that we'll also sweeten the deal by giving you a shout out on the podcast as well. All right. We'll talk to you guys next week. 

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