4 Types Of Video Content For Agencies On LinkedIn | EP 90

March 11, 2019

Show Notes

Quick Stats:

  • Throughout 2018, LinkedIn made video content a priority, rolling out a range of new features and tools to cater to increased on-platform video consumption.
  • LinkedIn has since discovered that video generates some 20x more shares than other types of content on its platform.
  • 80% of video content on the platform is watched with sound-off
  • 57% is viewed on mobile
  1. Trending News Related To Your Industry - Trending news are naturally more share-worthy. Think about it… right video at the right time is better than PERFECT video too late. This is an easy way for an agency to provide information about the industry and cement themselves as a leader.
  1. Newly Launched Live Video -  At the time of this recording LinkedIn Live has been only announced as an invite only feature with no news on a broader roll-out. We do expect this feature to launch in the coming months. This presents a great opportunity to do interview style videos and shows on LinkedIn.
  1. Webinar or Event Promotion - Professional development is something A LOT of people on LinkedIn are looking for. Think about it. You have the best audience at your fingertips if you’re running educational webinars or events. With these types of videos you’ll need to present some stats or interesting data right off the bat to capture their attention. LEAD WITH VALUE.
  2. Company About and Culture Videos - Your next best hire could be on LinkedIn.. Probably following you right now. What better way to attract TOP talent than by creating about and culture videos on your company.


Christian: [00:00:00] Hola! and welcome.Today we have a super exciting episode we talked about a lot of good things about video on linked. More specifically we talked about trending news Weikart about that and women are promotion company about culture videos. And a newly launched feature which is linked in a live. Marketing. Providing. In your business and now your host and. Our. So basically three of the dozen 18 linkedin has increased the priority on their video content. They've had a ton of new tools and obviously increased on platform video consumption. They've favored people who post videos on Linked In versus posting maybe links from YouTube or Vimeo. They've also discovered that video generates 20 times more shares than any other type of content on linked and also 80 percent of video content on the platform is watch with the sound off which from the four types of video that we're going to talk about.

Christian: [00:01:15] We're going to talk a little bit about that particular stat right there and also 50 percent is viewed on mobile which I think is a little surprising because most people when I talk to them about LinkedIn is they're looking at it from their desktop really for the most part it seems like it's a predominant desktop app. And this is saying not only for video right now just for you. All right so number one here is trending news related to your industry. This could actually be something that will we're talking about. We could turn this into a video and it don't only do it too much but we could actually do a video talking about new tools that linked in released which is going to be our number two. Want to give you a preview here. But we could talk about what's happening with Instagram what's happening with Facebook what's happening with YouTube and do a video on net.And what's great with LinkedIn is that the organics organic reach is only going to continue to show up especially if it's good content and this video I don't know if we have any numbers as far as like how long the video should be but really just long enough to do do it to purpose. But I've seen videos that are longer than say a Facebook video do really well and linked and so I think people are there watching a little bit longer. But I don't know if we have those numbers.No we don't have them. So it doesn't matter. But anyway trending news related to your industry what do you got there.

Christian: [00:02:47] Yes so basically what you want to do here is make sure that you are at the forefront of anything that's new and exciting within your industry. We're talking about agencies. So for example Facebook releases a new feature or there's some new marketing tactic that you figured out. Maybe Instagram stories that it's good to do a video and share it on LinkedIn where other professionals and potentially other agencies are going to be following you and looking at your content and your business to make yourself as a industry leader among your peers because you're just at the forefront of everything that's happening within within your industry. Something very important take into consideration with this type of video and the other three that we're going to talk about is to make sure that to take into consideration stat that we talked about the 80 percent of video content it's watch with the sound off. So it's very very important for you to want to either added captions to your videos. If you are creating videos where you know you're you know facing the camera and actually talking to the camera obviously there's other types of videos where you could just do more slideshow images with with actual content that might be a good idea for this number one of the trend in news and related to you know related to your industry. You don't have to necessarily have the time to be in front of the camera. You could do maybe some some slideshows some pictures. It could be something that maybe it's an update to let's say like the Facebook platform you want to talk about it.There the screen shots and then have like big words. I feel like we call them a certain type of video like a carpet bomb I guess type saw video or maybe seen these on Facebook. Now this are box videos where they just show their news related videos and they just show images like just short sentences explaining what's happening. Those videos get a lot of views because a lot of people are watching with their sound off. So take that into consideration. Sure you putcaptions or words on your videos so that people can follow while you're showing them.

Aaron: [00:04:55] Yeah. And the thing is also important to make sure that if you're going to create that kind of content that you do it in a timely manner. Because the ones who create it first are more than likely going to get the most shares in the most the biggest impact in the beginning. Even if it may not be the most impactful video this particular video is more about if it's trending news making sure you get it out there because if it's something that happens months later it's already been talked about there's already something new. So this is this needs to be super timely.

Christian: [00:05:25] Yeah yeah and may be something with your strategy you account for just be ready for ready to make a quick video on that particular topic and maybe you want to be a guest of the one who's breaking news and down the road you can maybe create a more in the video a little bit more perfected the video on that topic.

Aaron: [00:05:49] Cool. All right. So number two again we kind of alluded to this linked in at least announce when we're recording this earlier this week. So this is the second part of February linked and announced that they are rolling out live video a little bit late tot he game. Most other platforms have launched like live video Facebook YouTube Instagram all have live video. But LinkedIn is definitely something to mess with when ever it's coming to link to live video. And at the time of this recording right now it's not available for everyone. It's available for select users by invite but just like Facebook did whenever we were first testing by video. You know it was a slow roll out. So maybe in the next couple of months everyone will have linked in live video.

Christian: [00:06:36] Yeah and I mean just like Facebook I think the same rules apply to the type of content that you would probably want to do with live. You know we're talking about maybe some interview style videos maybe even some you know some talk shows or you know those shows where you have people talking about a certain topic. It could also be you know even you can take number one the industry news and something comes out and you want to literally be the first one then do a live video with that particular topic. It will be very interesting to see the type of features that they'll have as well. I wonder if they're going to whenever they roll that out.They're going to have you know a lot of good stuff for us to to play around. Is it going to be something very basic. Hopefully it's the first one. Yeah. And not something sort of in the infancy is there are you know pretty far behind compared to other platforms. There are features and stuff right.

Aaron: [00:07:39] I was thinking that. I mean at least they've been able to see what worked and what didn't work with the other platform. So whenever they release it hopefully they've already figured out OK we want to have multiple users online video we want to have you know we want to get rid of all the issues that Facebook and everybody else has already put out there.

Aaron: [00:07:56] So yeah let's just hope.

Aaron: [00:08:04] All right. So if this is your first time listening that was a rap air horn it's infamous here. What that does is it kind of breaks up our segments here we want to talk a little bit about braining tell you guys a little bit about us. So where local marketing agency in Allen Texas just north of Dallas if you don't know where that at. And we focus on online advertising as well as web site design and the creative side so we can do everything from coming up with the idea for your video creating your video creating your Web site and bringing your advertising campaigns to life. All of that in-house to make sure that you have a complete marketing strategy to help grow your business. So really we'd go into depth about one of those services but it's one of the let everyone know that those are some services that we provide. So if you have any questions or want to see some of our work you can go to our Web site at braining Does SEO forward slash portfolio. Check that out. And then if you have any of those needs just reach out to us there on our website or on Instagram and send us a DMH. And everything I guess over everything on our social is always at branding.

Christian: [00:09:19] There you have it. Alright let's get back into this. Number three. So the third type of video content for agencies linked in should be webinars or event promotion. Think about more maybe educational things that you're doing. Everyone on linked and it's either a professional or maybe a company. And they're always trying to develop themselves professionally educationally so they're always looking for opportunities where they can grow. And I think the Burlington will be the perfect place for you to advertise or promote. You know if you have any sort of educational webinars or actual physical events that you have coming up creating videos for those is definitely very important. And it's I mean you have that people read their Oslington. Your audience is definitely right there Arlington I think is one of the things that you should definitely do.

Aaron: [00:10:15] Is going to say I never thought about running a web and are on LinkedIn. But it does make probably the most sense or at least to generate traffic to the actual DXP plan for him. Yeah. What we're saying right now I guess from an over arching perspective and even when we close this up as it went in right now we think is super undervalued. Like I said we're recording this in beginning part of 2019.We talked about this a little bit last year but there's a lot of opportunity for growth on LinkedIn especially if you're in that B2B space. You know if you're going like an agency like us trying to sell a course about Facebook ads linked in a great place for us to get people to say that they're interested in bring them in. So if you're in that B2B space you should seriously look at howto promote your event or webinars because organically you could do it without having to pay for any ads and it may be a better place to hang out for you than another platform.

Christian: [00:11:13] Yeah I think with his videos and also maybe take into consideration you know some other videos that you're creating is always lead with value no matter what. Even if you're trying to physically even sell a product right there always always lead with value presents some interesting stats interesting data just right off the bat start with and then go into the cell but always try to lead with value.

Aaron: [00:11:40] Cool. All right. Our last one here number four is company about's and culture videos. It's cool that we can kind of expand on the cloture videos because I think that's something that people don't talk about as much but the first one the about video this is really just kind of the story of your company. And you know where you started where you're going and what's the vision and what's the mission for that. And I think one one area that people should focus on with this type of video is that since it is on LinkedIn it should be a more professional video should be more polished. This is something that you know if you're an agency like us maybe you could do something a little bit more out of the box but if you're a real estate company we have a certain parameter I guess that we're looking at or at least a type of quality of the video that we're looking for on LinkedIn. I think that Facebook you could get away with doing a little bit more or less quality of video or you know maybe the audio isn't as good but potentially putting something on Linked In. Think of it as just more of a professional platform so you're about video should be more of that kind of a front facing more professional side of your business.

Christian: [00:12:49] Yeah and if you think about it like actually we as a company whenever we're looking for you know maybe hire someone or looking for talent linked in one of our first go to places and it's because everyone should be a professional who takes them so seriously should be linked. And so we take that to a high standard and are first placed. We go looking whenever we search for new talent and having these about videos culture videos on your on your on your page Edlington it's definitely good to attract top talent and to have some of those people start falling. You mean they even industry leaders when we're talking about prospecting and you know getting that really top talent and creating these kind of videos will definitely attract them and when we talking about culture videos I think we wanted to say what that is you know every company should have said their mission statement. Will they care for things like core values or are things that we could we could create we have six core values and we could potentially create one video for each of our core values and we have six videos read there. Then we have a robot video that's 7 maybe we talk about our mission. That's a we could have employees talk about you know what is the day in the life of an employee of a branding. Those are all types of culture videos to showcase things that we care about. We care about employees. Maybe you know we're actually talking about partnering with nonprofits so you know one of the videos could be about you know our partnerships with different nonprofits and things like that just a showcase. You know we care we care for employees we care of our culture very much. So all those things are very important and it's good to have them on video on Willington where people are looking for jobs yet.

Aaron: [00:14:38] As Christian and I have been hiring. One thing that we've looked at is that it's not really about those. I mean it is part of this. These things are a factor like salary healthcare benefits all of that those are part of the factor but really a lot of it is making sure that it's a good fit for them. Making sure that they're continuously growing making sure that you know they feel appreciated. All of those things are way more weight and you know something that they actually enjoy. Those are way more weight than you know if they had a 5 percent increase in their salary. So these culture videos can really help you stand out against you know maybe some bigger players and get that top talent that Christian talking about because of it.

Christian: [00:15:19] All right. There you have it that's all we have for you today. Those are the four types of videos that agencies should be creating on LinkedIn and we talked about trending news on. You're related or related to your industry that we talked about the newly launched live video which we don't have available yet but we should have in the next couple of months we talked about webinars or event promotion type videos and company about and culture videos. This is your first time listening. Thank you for being here and giving us a listen. Whatever platform you're using make sure that you subscribe so you don't miss any of her new episodes that come out every Monday. I think we've missed any right now things. So yeah I think last year Christmas or maybe New Year's Eve on Monday we still launch an episode so we're on it. All right. So give us a follow subscribe and if you've truly enjoyed this episode let us know. Contactors send us a Diệm on LinkedIn. It's a matter of fact check us out at that Branning. Is for SLAs. If your computer is linked and dotcom for his last company for Slash branding what you can justsearch with branding you'll find us with one of the big B.

Aaron: [00:16:30] All right, see you guys!

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