4 Proven Ways A Consultant Can Increase Website Traffic

October 14, 2019

Show Notes

4 Proven Ways A Consultant Can Increase Website Traffic

  • Create content

This could be a blog, videos, or a podcast. But the number one way to drive actual searches is to create content people want to see.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization is fancy term for driving organic traffic to your website. This works really well for our previous tip on how to  increase traffic as content is a big part, but really there are a few other factors to consider. Google reviews, website load time, and backlinks (linking to another popular website)

  • Paid traffic

Please note that paid traffic, i.e. Facebook and Google ads DO work, but paid traffic only increases or magnifies what is already working. Make sure that your website is doing well already, meaning that is converting. Then you can use paid advertising to drive cheap eyeballs.

  • Influencers

Use people who have a big name in your space. Influencers have been around for, like ever, but not used to its full capacity on social for micro-influencers (Less than 10k followers) Giving your product or having an influencer talk about your service is a great way to show up on their followers radar and drive traffic to your website. The key here is to make sure you contact 20-30 micro-influencers vs putting all your eggs into one basket.


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Aaron [00:00:00] Hey guys. Welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives. Today we're gonna talk about four proven ways a consultant can increase website traffic. We're gonna cover things like content creation SEO which is search engine optimization paid traffic and micro influencers all things that you as a consultant can use to increase your website traffic. And don't worry. Continue to listen to this even if you're not a consultant. This will help you in your business too enjoy. This is the Marketing Natives. 

Christian [00:00:42] I think we can all agree that in order to get more Website traffic you need to have content right. So I would say that probably number one way to create more traffic to your Website is to actually make some content. Obviously blog post. That's probably what started when people started creating Websites. So that's something to share through blog posts. But there's like new things like videos podcasts. Anything else. I mean you can come up with a ton of different things. I'm thinking about maybe the blog post could have you know it doesn't have to be necessarily a you know how to’s or instructional as it could be something as simple as recipes people who obviously were. 

Christian [00:01:38] We're not talking about consultants necessarily write recipes but you got to think about content as you know it could be literally anything everything. And those big three which we technically do all these theories blog that is in podcasts on our Website are important to actually start generating some traffic. 

Aaron [00:01:59] Right. And I think. I think it's easier because you know people are already searching for these those items so I guess whenever you're creating content. The purpose behind it should be like not just doing them. You know for example if you're a consultant listening to this or a local business owner or something you looked at this episode and you were like Hey that that resonates for me. So we're creating a piece of content that's going to work for our potential client or potential audience. So you don't want to just hey I'm a consultant I'm gonna do I'm going to create a blog or a podcast or something about you know things that people don't really care about in your world. So think about that as you're trying to attract people to instead of just creating content to create. 

Christian [00:02:40] So I would say it's not just creating content great content but you also need to look at for example things h refs where you can even Google provides keyword exploring tools where you can actually see what people are searching for. And it gives you search volume and different metrics that you can take into consideration when you're creating your content. So it's not I mean it's not just great content great content. There's also a little bit of a strategy on creating content. 

Aaron [00:03:09] Absolutely. And you'll get better with that over time. So don't worry about trying to make it perfect and you don't have to try out like I would actually suggest not to try to do a blog videos and podcasts. That's probably a lot at first if you're starting from scratch fear to have two of them adding a third probably wouldn't be that bad but all right. Number two we have here is SEO so search engine optimization and kind of going along with the first thing that we said which was creating content SEO is being predominantly we're actually a good chunk of it is based off content. There's a lot of other things that are factored into SEO which is basically organic search traffic on Google or Yahoo being all of those but content is a big piece of it. So by doing content you're also helping with your SEO. The only other thing you really need to be doing is well there's a lot of other factors but really building back links for connecting with other popular sites or other related sites doing that and then creating your content you'll be in a really good situation for your SEO too which will help drive organic traffic to your website. 

Christian [00:04:15] Right. We talked about creating content and we are talking about SEO. One of the parts of SEO like optimizing our content. Right. 

Christian [00:04:21] So even thinking about you know making and this is something that I feel like it's overlooked maybe a little bit when it comes to a SEO but literally just making a blog post that the user experience is just awesome. 

Christian [00:04:38] Right. So even thinking about and I've seen this on Neil Patel's he has talked about this before where he even took his consideration the amount of letters per line and what's easiest for the eye for people to read. A lot easier. So little things like that that you don't really think about when it comes to SEO you're thinking about more technicality or technical things but even things like that like figuring out the amount of letters and even spacing in between you know lines all those things help people actually read all your blog posts because you're just making it so much easier for them to to read. 

Aaron [00:05:17] Yeah. And I actually do Christian. Christian was saying is I actually stole Neil Patel's format for his blog. As far as like content the amount of content space image space image. 

Aaron [00:05:33] I mean it took me a long time and probably took three hours to create this content and create this blog and get these images and you know if I could find somebody else to help do exactly like that but that particular blog drove like 30 or 40 percent of our traffic for like two years how to market to millennials was the blog. But in that blog still brings a lot of traffic to us. But I would just one blog and it's still helping us for years and probably should have done more blogs like that from Neil Patel's like strategy. But it just goes to show you that it's like it doesn't necessarily matter. Like I didn't focus on h1 tags. You may have heard are like meta descriptions or anything it was just literally writing for people and then making it really easy to digest so I feel like a lot of people probably finished a blog and that’s why it ranked really well. 

Christian [00:06:20] Yes so those things are definitely very important within the SEO but SEO is huge and there's a lot of things that go in there so definitely not talk about SEO enough. 

Christian [00:06:33] But I would definitely suggest you know we have other content that we actually do talk a little more in depth about SEO and even do some research on on on SEO different techniques different things and all the factors that are considered when it comes to SEO. So the third proven way is pay traffic. I mean that's definitely proven. You're spending money to get people on your website. 

Aaron [00:06:57] I mean yeah you're sending people there and the note that we have here is that you shouldn't make sure that your organic traffic and that wherever you're sending paid traffic is already a good resource for people. Because I guess a lot of people that you know I've talked to personally is I look at the stuff that they put out there and it's not good. And they're like well Facebook get ads don't work or Google ads don't work or this doesn't work. And really the ads aren't the problem. It's usually everything else the ads are only really is you supposed to be used as a tool once. Everything else is working well for you to put gasoline on your fire. So if you get 10 people per month and those 10 people love you doing paid traffic to get you to a thousand and everybody loves you then that's how you can see that you can scale. But it's really hard to scale if your content is just not good. 

Christian [00:07:48] Yeah. So the previous two things that we talked about creating good quality content and then SEO you definitely to focus on those two things first before even considering doing pay traffic. Yes. 

Aaron [00:08:01] And there's a little bit of a learning curve. There's tons of resources out there at the time of this airing we should hopefully have our Facebook foundations that I'll link up here to which will help you with getting your Facebook page launched and ready to go. And then also your first ad but even then you're still not ready for that if you don't if you're not creating content. You have to have something advertising it. Just please don't do like a like campaign or just put out content like one video and just try to run it for whatever reason with no strategy behind it. 

Christian [00:08:30] I would say is if you're just like brand new and you don't necessarily want to start paying for for pay traffic a good alternative to that would be to share that particular blog post on LinkedIn. There's also LinkedIn communities and groups Reddit Pinterest Pinterest like even Slack. You could join. There's a Slack communities out there. I recently joined one for designers Latin designers Latin ex designers and there's a lot of encouragement and people who were you know just wanted to either collaborate or help you with different things. So I'm guessing there's the same for consultants there's probably hundreds of Slack Slack groups Facebook groups and different things like that. 

Christian [00:09:16] And I wouldn't say necessarily blasted but just pick a few people who you can connect with and start talking to them and then start sharing some of your content to them and see how you can fix it or make it better. And then eventually you just kind of blossom to the group get some feedback. That alone is it's giving you some traffic right there. So I would definitely suggest that try to find some communities within your consultant niche and test your content in there first before even going into pay traffic. 

Christian [00:10:00] If you need help with creating content blogs videos podcasts anything like that I want you to reach out to us at hello at BitBranding dot Co Hello at BitBranding dot co Hello at BitBranding dot Co. We need to make a jingle out of that and just let us know Hey man I need some help writing blog post we'll take care of that. Hey man I need some help with videos. We'll take care of that. Hey man I need some help creating my own podcast. We can help with that. All right. Again. Hello at BitBranding dot Co. Send us a message. Let us know your needs. We'll take care of you. 

Aaron [00:10:41] All right. 

Aaron [00:10:41] And our last one here and I think actually as well as we're looking through these four it's very they're in a very good order for you as far as how you should tackle this. So you should create content first. You should then focus on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You should then finally go into paid traffic. And then lastly the part that takes the most time as far as making sure that it works sometimes. And the one that you know may take a little bit more work upfront and on the back end is influencers. And like I said once you've done knocked out these first three then getting into the influencers for your product or service will start to make sense. And for those who don't know what an influencer is you've probably seen like a Heinz commercial of Michael Jordan or you've probably seen like Britney Spears with Pepsi or Taylor Swift with Apple like those are all influencers. Those are all probably people if you listen to this podcast you cannot afford don’t worry we can't either. But you can afford people like Micro-influencers like people with you know 15 10000 followers who are in your area or who endorse services like what you already provide. And getting those people on board and having those people talk about your products or services and showing those your products or services to all of their followers. So endorsements have been around for a long time influencers have been around for a long time. It's just now using it to leverage it for your business. And I think one of the notes that we have here is that you should not just focus on one that's putting a lot of eggs in one basket. You'll probably spend way too much money. But if you focus on like 20 to 30 micro influencers and spread it out that way your reach is going to be farther. And you'll also have probably more results because you reach up to 20 to 30 maybe 15 of them will actually do something and then maybe five or six of them will actually have a bigger impact and actually give you on our ally. 

Aaron / Christian [00:12:35] Nothing else there's nothing else. I do want to say that and I think you've briefly touched on this one we're talking about a SEO. 

Christian [00:12:44] One of the components of SEO building back links and things like that but I think it's very important to either write guest posts and then the other thing would be appear on podcasts. So here I think we're talking a lot about current content and paying for content things like that but appearing on other people's content that is relevant to your industry helps a great deal. I mean you can speak about when you are on the paid traffic podcast. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:13:18] Which actually switch to the art of online business really kind of yeah. It's last Wednesday but I think about we have Zain. So if you guys listen to last week's episode Zain was on there. That's how we met him. We also met a few other people through the paid traffic or the art of online business. Yeah there's just been a ton of connections we didn't even know about because of just one podcast. So I do not know. 

Christian [00:13:41] So if you're interested I'm appearing on a podcast. You check out the Marketing Natives. Now before we do interviews I think the first of the month or the first Monday of the month is when to release a interview style episode we might be all booked up right for for the year. 

Aaron [00:14:05] I think we have people scheduled so there's one scheduled for not next week in the week and after and then one person scheduled on like November but that gets us through January. Who knows if you guys like interview style. It's a little bit more work on our part but we may knock. We may say OK for the first part of 2019 we're going to do two interviews per month instead of four instead of one. And just slowly build it up and maybe we'll do we'll start you know where half of our content is is interviewing local business owners or local influencers or people who are just doing really well in the industry. 

Christian [00:14:40] If you're listening you're interested definitely let us know. Hit us up Instagram Facebook at BitBranding or send us an e-mail Hello at BitBranding dot Co. 

Christian [00:14:49] It will for sure try to get you either here or we have Tip For Tip or we have a game but we have a lot of different ways that we can promote you and help you increase your website traffic. 

Aaron [00:15:01] Awesome. All right. 

Aaron [00:15:03] If you are a consultant and you found that a lot of value in this please make sure that you go to iTunes and leave an honest rating review. 

Aaron [00:15:11] But even if you are not a consultant and you found value in this we hope that you did because it's written that way the topics are very much supposed to add value to people even if they aren't the subject matter in this particular episode. But if you've been listening to to us for a while and you have not left an honest rating review we implore you to go do that. It's really important. That's actually how we reach more people. And if you know much about Apple podcasts which used to be I think just remember what is called a format called Apple podcasts now anyway. That's how they really share it to people as by the ratings or reviews and the amount of subscribers and we don't know how many subscribers we have. Nobody knows but Apple. But if you could go over there and leave us an honest rating and review now help us spread to more people. And it will help us figure out how to continue to bring more content to you guys and add more value to you. All right. We will talk to you guys next week. 

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