3 Ways A Restaurant Can Use Video In Their Marketing Strategy

October 29, 2018

Show Notes

In today's episode we talk about 3 Ways A Restaurant Can Use Video In Their Marketing Strategy:

  1. You’re selling food. Pictures are going to go a long way, but if you had videos of your signature pieces you are going to stand out. They don’t have to be long videos. 5-10 seconds of the dish will do plenty.
  2. About video. Telling your story in an easy to digest way helps cement the infinity people have with your restaurant. For example, some restaurants put their story on the menu and that almost always goes over well. An about video allows you to do that for people who have never been inside.
  3. Product reviews of new dishes, favorites, or seasonal products. Food is very visual and is the #1 thing on Instagram, so showing your product with a video would only entice more visitors


Aaron: [00:00:14] Hey guys welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives.

[00:00:18] This is going to be a really fun episode. It's all about restaurants and specifically three ways a restaurant can use video in their marketing strategy. If this is your first time tuning in, thanks for listening and just a heads up we dissect for local businesses ideas and strategies. But these, like for example today's episode about a restaurant, can be used for any business in their video marketing strategy. So we have three great tips for you today.

Christian: [00:00:50] Yeah, did you say the title?

Aaron: [00:00:52] Yeah, three ways...

[00:00:56] Three ways...

Christian: [00:00:58] A restaurant can use video in their marketing strategy.

Aaron: [00:01:01] Yeah, I said it.

Christian: [00:01:02] Nice. Very nice. Well the first one. Man, it's I mean you can use it on social media or website, too.

[00:01:12] I don't think we're necessarily explicitly saying, you know, you know where to use these. But I think they're interchangeable. Maybe the first two, where you can use them on your website or social media or interactive menus. That'll be cool.

Aaron: [00:01:28] That's a good idea.

Christian: [00:01:29] Right? Yeah.

[00:01:32] Anyways a lot of people are not doing this but to do videos for your food, we think that would be kind of cool. Maybe not even videos but from a video you can make a gif or jif - however you want to say that. That will take less space on your website, especially if you're putting these on your website, it will take less space on the website. It might look kind of cool because it's unique. Nobody is really doing anything like that. But instead of just showing a static image. One, you can do the video which you kind of go around that particular plate of food or cocktail drink or whatever. Or you can make a gif out of it and that would be really cool but you have to actually make the video first and then from that video you can make a gif of you know kind of going around a 360. Not all way 360 but maybe what is it 180?

Aaron: [00:02:22] 180.

Christian: [00:02:22] 180 view of that plate or something. That would be pretty cool to have on the website. I mean a lot of people do really beautiful photography but something like that would definitely stand out.

Aaron: [00:02:34] Yeah and you could use that for...I mean like if you create that video like Christian said, you wouldn't just waste the video. You could use the full video on your social media and just use the gif or the jif on your website. I mean it's multipurpose for that.

Christian: [00:02:49] Yeah. And like another thing's like - one, I guess you can make that short, you know, 2-3-5 second video just going around the plate. Maybe a longer form for social media, could be where you're actually talking about the dish. You know? And it may be like 15-20 seconds where you're actually saying like "This is a blah blah it has so and so ingredients and it's delicious with great pairing will be this Frenchesco wine blah blah." You know?

Aaron: [00:03:20] Right. You totally made me want to buy whatever that tasteful dish is right there.

[00:03:27] But anyway, yes. The picture...pictures, I mean pictures do well. But the videos would be a step up. So we see a lot of restaurants post really good pictures and some restaurants don't post any good pictures. But those only take you so far. So using a video would be really helpful.

[00:03:45] All right. Number two is an About Video so telling your story is a really simple and easy way for people to digest who you are and what you're about. And an example is that there's a few restaurants - not a lot. But more people should take this on or more restaurants should take this on where they put their story or like how they were founded or why they exist on their menu. And that's great for people who actually go to your location. But for people who don't know if they're going to choose you versus another restaurant - an about video maybe the hook they may say "Oh, I can resonate with that. I used to live in Kentucky and I used to work on this, you know goat farm, and the fact that you started this goat burger restaurant or something.".

Christian: [00:04:30] It's kind of sad. I used to care for goats and now I'm eating at all places where to eat.

Aaron: [00:04:37] Well, they care for the goats and they take them to slaughter. I mean that's really the lifecycle.

[00:04:41] But I mean, regardless, and sorry for the vegan people out there but it's just an example of people get attached to this story and they're like "Oh yes, I have to go check this place out because of the story" and putting that on your website - it's a great place for people to find out who you are. Maybe they don't want to read too much, maybe they'd rather just watch a 30 to a minute, two minute video about who you are.

Christian: [00:05:05] And really when you go to...at least I do this, I always try to look for their "About" because they usually have that on their menu sometimes where they have just a little snippet of you know how they started. And it is always very interesting to read those stories.

Aaron: [00:05:21] And you got nothing else to do anyway.

Christian: [00:05:23] Right. I mean. Yeah. Yeah, but it's very interesting to read those stories and it would be really cool to watch those videos or even in the menu, you'll have "Go to our website to watch our about video.". You know, that will be pretty cool. And if you're thinking about, you know, we said an about video for your website. But if you're thinking how can you incorporate that in your social media. Obviously on Facebook you can literally post it on your Facebook page and you can also pin it to the top, so people can always just kind of see at the top of your about video and then on Instagram. I was thinking it would be a good idea to reformat the video on like vertical and have a snippet on your Instagram stories highlights and then have a...

Aaron: [00:06:12] IGTV.

Christian: [00:06:13] IGTV full version of it, where it's like vertical. It's just like really nice looking. And from that snippet they can just kind of swipe up and go to IGTV and watch the full about video.

Aaron: [00:06:26] And you would be,you know we're recording this in fourth quarter of 2018, if you're even listening to this in the next year that you would be way ahead of the curve if you did something like that.

Christian: [00:06:36] Yeah exactly.

Christian: [00:06:43] So for those of you who have been listening to us for a while, we usually take a little break in the middle of our episode or three quarters of the way just to talk a little bit about these two guys that are talking to you about awesome things for your business. My name is Christian and this over here is Aaron Pearson.

Aaron: [00:07:00] Whaddup!

Christian: [00:07:01] I guess I should have my last name: Christian Pinon. We are BitBranding, we're a local marketing agency here in Allen, Texas, and we're super excited that you're here. So first of all we're going to thank you for tuning in. And here's the selling point: if you're liking what you're hearing so far. Then go ahead and visit us at bitbranding. co and right there you can find all of our information, all of our services.

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[00:07:52] I don't know how to spell so I had to look at that.

Aaron: [00:07:56] Wow.

Christian: [00:07:58] Yeah. Anyways there you have it. If you like what you're hearing and you would like to learn more or how we can help you incorporate some of these video strategies in your company, just let us know. And this is a very delayed. Normally we get a rap air horn, but Aaron over there is having technical difficulties.

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[00:08:25] I mean they would probably do this in post - you know they would add that effect.

[00:08:30] But we like to do things very differently so we literally have an app. We downloaded an app.

Aaron: [00:08:38] Yeah, called Rap Air Horn.

Christian: [00:08:39] Called Rap Air Horn and the whole app is - the whole screen is white and it has a button in the middle with a green air horn and that's all it is.

Aaron: [00:08:47] But it does say Rap Air Horn.

Christian: [00:08:50] It's well...anyways.

Aaron: [00:08:51] Yeah, that's awesome.

Christian: [00:08:55] Yeah, he's speechless.

Aaron: [00:08:56] I am speechless.

[00:08:57] All right so let's get back to this number three back to three ways a restaurant can use video in their marketing strategy and that is to do product reviews of new dishes. So we spoke earlier about ideas for showcasing new products. But really, you're sitting down and describing a product or a dash rather.

Christian: [00:09:19] Why would your clients do not it? Not yourself. Ok.

Aaron: [00:09:23] Yep. But you want them to do, like some examples would be like your number one best seller maybe something that or maybe something that's new. But having them do it obviously, if they don't like it, you probably wouldn't post that video, but I think that goes without saying.

[00:09:39] But it really just gives you real reactions to other people who are enjoying your product and then posting it. And if you see other people that are not the business owner or affiliated with that company enjoying the food, you're probably a lot more likely to say "Yeah, I want to go check this out" especially on something like social media where it's...it could be done more organically.

Christian: [00:10:01] Yeah. And technically you even have to -with these product reviews. I mean if you're doing a great job at your restaurant and you have a great clientele and you have customers who are coming back then these product reviews - people might even do 'em for you. You know? I know we like to talk about food in our Instagram channels and things like that. So, you know, it's a great way to be actively listening to social media to see what people are talking about your restaurant.

[00:10:31] Let's say if Aaron posts a picture and has a really long description on that picture about your restaurant that they really liked it or blah blah blah, then that's a good person to contact and say like "Hey, we loved your review. We would love to sort of sit down and have do you do a video whatever review. We'll give you a ten dollar gift card or whatever to come back.". I mean that's just a great little strategy, to you know, actually have these reviews and not have to worry about like "Oh, where am I going to get these or do I need to ask these customers while they're eating and they want to leave a review? You know a recorded review." So just be actively listening on social media by searching for your company or your restaurant for that hashtag and looking for local people - local foodies.

Aaron: [00:11:14] Yeah that's it. I mean that's a good strategy. You should definitely use that. And if you do or if you have great food and we haven't been to that restaurant - we would love to try that out and you that for you.

[00:11:27] All right. Thanks guys for listening again to another episode of The Marketing Natives. We hope that you got a lot out of this and if you are a business owner who needs help with their video like Christian said, don't hesitate to reach out and if you are not a restaurant owner but you need video in your industry. Make sure that you employ or try these tips out. They work for yours as well or in addition to that if you have a friend who has a restaurant go ahead and share that with them. Make sure you give us a honest rating and review on Apple or Spotify or any...actually I don't know if you can leave on Spotify. Give us an honest rating review on Apple, that'll be easiest and just let us know how we're doing and we appreciate you listening. So we'll talk to you guys next week.

Christian: [00:12:14] Bye.

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