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3 Unique Ways to Generate More Leads for a Roofing Company

3 Unique Ways to Generate More Leads for a Roofing Company

April 30, 2018

On this episode we talk about 3 unique wats to generate more lead for a roofing company: 

  • Press release - Roofers have a bad rep and are just one step up from the used car salesman, so if you are able to do something unique that would warrant a press release that would add validity to your business as well as trust.
  • Deliver a personal touch - Do your customers feel special or are they just a number? Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, specially for service based businesses. Having a personal touch helps new customers feel special and create a connection with your brand.
  • Vlogging - Play the long game. Have fun with the job, most of the time people don’t need a roof, so plan for that. This vlog could be twice a month and show more behind-the-scenes of what happens with roofers both on and off roofs.

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