3 Unique Ways to Generate More Leads for a Roofing Company

April 30, 2018

Show Notes

On this episode we talk about 3 unique wats to generate more lead for a roofing company: 

  • Press release - Roofers have a bad rep and are just one step up from the used car salesman, so if you are able to do something unique that would warrant a press release that would add validity to your business as well as trust.
  • Deliver a personal touch - Do your customers feel special or are they just a number? Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, specially for service based businesses. Having a personal touch helps new customers feel special and create a connection with your brand.
  • Vlogging - Play the long game. Have fun with the job, most of the time people don’t need a roof, so plan for that. This vlog could be twice a month and show more behind-the-scenes of what happens with roofers both on and off roofs.


Christian: [00:00:00] You know as a roofer or any other service-based company, you should be customer-

Aaron: [00:00:06] Obsessed.

Christian: [00:00:06] Obsessed.

Narrator: [00:00:10] This is The Marketing Natives, providing actionable ways to grow, improve, and succeed in your business, and now your hosts, Christian and Aaron.

Aaron: [00:00:22] Hey, guys. Welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives, and today's episode is all about roofers. So we're going to talk about three unique ways we can- Three unique ways to generate more leads for a roofing company. We're going to talk about press releases, delivering a personal touch, and vlogging and then also a special update with our ad that you'll have to wait to hear about.

Christian: [00:00:50] Yeah, awesome. So the first thing we have here are press releases. This is something that I found a lot of people know about but don't necessarily use in their business. It's something that is very easy to, I guess, you can purchase - I don't know if that's the right way - or order a press release online. There are several sources that we can actually link up where you can get a press release. Now roofers usually have a, you know, a bad rap I guess because, you know, once there's a storm anywhere in the area, 20 different roofers pop up out of nowhere. I'm not talking about roofing. I'm talking about like the roofing companies. They pop out of nowhere. They just stick and slap a magnetic thing on a truck, and they call themselves a roofer and a roofing company. So that's why a lot of roofers get a bad rap. I mean, there's a lot of really good roofing companies out here in the area, but yeah. I guess the idea behind the press release is for the company to do something that warrants- Warrant. Warrants? Warrants.

Aaron: [00:01:58] Warrants.

Christian: [00:02:00] For you to actually do a press release. So it might be something that's not even related to roofing.

Aaron: [00:02:07] Right. It could be a volunteer opportunity. Like you saved 65 animals at a shelter or something, you know, something like that.

Christian: [00:02:14] Yeah. And the whole purpose of this is just to add validity to your business as well as, you know, trust within the community that you are, I mean, a good company that cares about the community.

Aaron: [00:02:26] Yeah. I mean, I would trust a company who got a press release or like had something written about them. So for the Dallas area, if they did a Dallas Morning News or like a local in Allen like Allen American. If somebody wrote about these roofing companies and said hey, they did this thing or they helped out with this, then I would be way more likely to call them than somebody else who kind of has like four people running around in the back of their truck.

Christian: [00:02:49] Yeah, exactly.

Aaron: [00:02:50] All right. So our next one is to deliver a personal touch. So this is something that Christian came up with. So I'm going to go with what he wrote down which is to make your customers feel special and not just a number. Especially for, like, for a roofing company, you may not need them or you may not need your customers or they may not see you rather for like five years or six years. Now in Texas, we have hail like a lot. So they may see you every year or every other year, but for most people, if you put on a roof, it's a 15, 20 thousand dollar deal. It's a big purchase, and you don't want that to happen every five or ten years. So you know, keeping those customers and adding that personal touch and making them feel good about your experience is really what matters especially since they're going to have friends who need you or relatives or somebody like that. And if you gave them a good experience, they're going to remember you, say hey, they did a good job with the roof, and they also did this for me or they really went above and beyond, and I'm going to refer you to them.

Christian: [00:03:54] Yeah. I think- We went to a talk yesterday with Jeff Bezos, the CEO founder of Amazon, and something that he said is that Amazon is a customer fanatic. I think that was the word he used.

Aaron: [00:04:08] Let me think about that. Customer obsession.

Christian: [00:04:11] Customer obsession. So. Yeah, I mean, this has to do with delivering a personal touch, and that's, you know, as a roofer or any other service-based company, you should be customer-

Aaron: [00:04:23] Obsessed.

Christian: [00:04:24] Obsessed and competitor obsessed. Because, I mean, at the end of the day, the people who are, you know, keeping you afloat is, you know, your customers. It's not the competition. So that's very important to always keep your customers at the forefront of everything that you do, and having some kind of personal touch. Maybe a phone call. Maybe you know people by name even if they, you know, apply for free inspection via e-mail, you know. For you as a business owner to call them and give them a call and say like hey, so-and-so is actually going to come by. You know, just wanted to make sure that you got my e-mail. Things like that actually go- Going above and beyond will definitely help your brand.

Aaron: [00:05:08] Yeah, I was going to say I don't think anybody has ever even done like a video. So you could even do a video. Like if you know you're the person coming out like hey, I'm Jeremy. Just look for me. I'm going to be the one who's going to be on your roof. So if you have any questions, let me know beforehand. If not, now you know what I look like, and I'm not some random person who's going to pull up in a truck. I'm actually who I say I am, and I don't think that people would, you know, shy away from that. I think that that would really go a long way. All right.

Christian: [00:05:38] Whoa snap. All right. So what we have for today?

Aaron: [00:05:42] Today is Monday, and that means that this- When you're listening to this episode, this Thursday, May 3rd at 4:30 P.M. at the Yeager Office Suites in Allen, 550 South Watters Road, we're going to have our ribbon cutting. If you have not seen our video that we've done, we released it a couple of weeks back. It was- What was the name of the video?

Christian: [00:06:04] The Most Outrageous Ribbon Cutting Invitation.

Aaron: [00:06:08] Ever.

Christian: [00:06:09] That you've ever seen.

Aaron: [00:06:10] You've ever seen. Yes. So check that out. Go to our Facebook page. /facebook.com / bitbranding, but really fun video. I'll give you a hint. It has dinosaurs. It does have Abe Lincoln, and it does have some superheroes.

Christian: [00:06:26] Ninja Turtles.

Aaron: [00:06:26] Yes. So a lot of cool things are going on. It's about a two minute video. We promise you will watch it more than once, but anyway go check out that video. Make sure you RSVP. There is going to be free food, giveaways. There's going to be ziplining. We are talking about tiki torches for people to use so that they can- We're going to have the whole thing. It's going to be lighted up because Imagine Dragons are going to be here, and there's going to be tiki torches so you don't get lost in the darkness. There's going to be hot tubs. We confirmed there were three hot tubs. There's going to be bottle service for the hot tubs, and there's going to be a lot of cool people. So if you're a business owner- In all seriousness, if you're a business owner, it's a good way to network, help you grow your business, meet us, take pictures, and free food. I mean, I think I'm- Yeah, free food.

Christian: [00:07:12] Free food. Free food.

Aaron: [00:07:13] Anything else I missed?

Christian: [00:07:14] Free food.

Aaron: [00:07:15] Yeah. So there will be free food. May 3rd, 4:30, Yeager Office Suites, Allen.

Christian: [00:07:18] Be there. All right. So we're back to our episode which we're talking about three unique ways to generate more leads for a roofing company, and our last unique way is to vlog. What can you say about that?

Aaron: [00:07:40] Well, I can tell you that vlogging, just to explain to people, is video blogging. So just like you're going to tell a story or write about a blog, just instead of written, it's more video. And as a roofer, you guys have a pretty cool, unique job, and honestly I don't really know what you do other than put on the roofs. But getting on the roof or day-to-day or going back to the office, ordering supplies, especially if you have a cool, unique personality. I mean, everybody has a unique personality, but if you can have some fun with it, that would be really cool. I remember a guy on Snapchat two or three years ago in the Kansas City area. He was a contractor, and he was always singing in his car. Like going to pick up some lumber today, and like, it was so funny. And like, he would just always be going from job site to job site, and then he'd be like throwing on the dollar sign emojis whenever he'd be dropping money in the bank. Like yeah, dropping money, dropping money. But the point-

Christian: [00:08:39] So you're saying that there are ways to be entertaining.

Aaron: [00:08:42] Yeah.

Christian: [00:08:42] And doesn't have to be the same old boring like behind the scenes or anything like that.

Aaron: [00:08:47] Right.

Christian: [00:08:48] Like you can find ways to- I mean, even with a roofer that- I mean, we actually don't know what they do. I mean, we have an idea, but I mean, there could be cool things that they do throughout the day. But you know, make ordinary things cool.

Aaron: [00:09:01] Yeah. And I think routine is fun too. Like if you're familiar with Casey Neistat. Everybody knew who his UPS guy was or where he went and got pizza away or where he went and got food. So if you go to the same construction spot or the same place to pick up material and it's Bob who's always helping you, and you just have this little battle or this little- I don't know. What is it? Back and forth conversation with Bob, and everyone knows like oh, that's Bob from, you know, whatever company. That's fun too. So just little pieces like that is good, and as an idea of, like, how often to put out the content, I wrote on here bi-monthly, you know. You could even do monthly, but I would try to do, like, every other week or so if you could. Just to keep it fresh for people, and that just keeps you on top of the mind. So it's just more of an awareness play, but say for six months out of the year, it's not going to be hailing, but they are going to be thinking about you. Like oh, that's, you know, Jimmy who's always talking about the roofs. That's who I need to call. He's always saying he's got that one jingle. 6-4-2-2-2, and give him a call. And now I've had hail hopping. Who am I going to call? I'm going to call Jimmy because he's funny, and I feel like I know him already.

Christian: [00:10:09] Yeah. And vlogging doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to overcomplicate things with editing or a bunch of stuff. Literally, you know, you can record one day, you know, and that one day is what you share that week and that's it. You know, you don't have to piece together multiple videos, you know, throughout the week or anything like that. You can just, you know, pick some unique situation that's happened and use that as that weeks vlog. I mean, eventually, you know, if you get bigger or bigger following, then yeah. Maybe you can upgrade your camera, maybe invest in a social media specialist or person, you know, in your office or hire, you know, an external company to help you produce better content. But starting out, definitely try to keep it simple.

Aaron: [00:10:57] Right. You could just do it. I mean, it's not going to be the best, but you could absolutely do it from your phone. It's just more about creating the content, getting it out there, and I would challenge you to go look up like 30 different competitors just for fun. I guarantee you none of them are doing it. So we would really like to see it. If you do a vlog for a roofer and you're listening to this episode, please send us a message on Instagram. So it's just BitBranding on Instagram. Shoot us a DM, and we would love to see your vlog because I really don't think that anybody is doing it. But they should.

Christian: [00:11:30] There might be someone. I don't know.

Aaron: [00:11:31] Yes. If you are, listen to this episode.

Christian: [00:11:34] Let us know.

Aaron: [00:11:36] All right. So that is the end of this episode. No bonuses for you guys. Sorry, but we do want to still encourage you. Make sure you come out to our ribbon cutting this Thursday. Do not forget. And if you found value in this episode, even if you are not a roofer but you know that these are some unique ideas to help you grow your business, make sure if you're on an iPhone click those three little buttons in the right hand corner. Click that share button and share this with a friend. Preferably a roofer, but I think that all these ideas work really well for any business owner. So just as you guys listen to other episodes, make sure to note that, and please leave us an honest rating and review online.

Christian: [00:12:16] Yeah, we'll see you at the ribbon cutting.

Aaron: [00:12:19] Yes. Next week. Have a good week.

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