3 Tips Dentists Can Use To Grow Using Instagram Stories

October 15, 2018

Show Notes

On today's episode we talk about 3 Tips Dentists Can Use To Grow Using Instagram Stories

  1. Use Instagram Stories regularly! Have some sort of consistency when it comes to stories because the more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feed.

      2. Make sure to use all of the features available to you. Try adding stickers, location tags, hashtags and gifs whenever possible. The reason we tell you to use these is to help            audience retention and chance for them to engage with your posts which is one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to growing on Instagram.

  1. Start creating Stories ads! Instagram Stories ads show up in between regular stories plus they are cheaper than regular Instagram ads. The tricky part about Stories ads is to make sure you have something eye catching enough to make “speed tap” users stop.


Aaron: [00:00:13] Ola friends and welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives. We are talking about dentists today and as we mentioned in previous episodes. If this is your first time although it is about a dentist don't let that discourage you from getting some really good advice. We're going to be talking about Instagram stories and specifically three tips dentists can use to grow using Instagram stories. Got some really good stuff here and if you have not subscribed before we jump in I want to tell you to make sure that you hit the subscribe button so you don't miss our new episodes that come out every Monday. So let's get into this. Number one, what do we got?

Christian: [00:00:56] Use Instagram stories regularly has some sort of consistency.

[00:01:03] So I think we always say that with any social media you must have a plan of action. You must be consistent with your posting that creates regular engagement. It's the same thing with Instagram stories. You should be posting consistently to these stories because the more that a user interacts with your Instagram stories the more likely your post will show up in their feed. Very important.

Aaron: [00:01:30] Yeah one thing that you can do now, it's rolled out for most people is that there's that little airplane it's on your Facebook or your Instagram, sorry, and you can actually share that post to your story. So by creating a story and talking about the type of post that you put out and then putting that little airplane and sharing your post to your story people can click there and then go to your post and get more engagement that way. So the story just kind of tells you like the behind the scenes and tell us more about it and then you can have them click over to your actual post which gets you more traction and that's really where you want them to spend time looking at your posts and interacting with you that way.

Christian: [00:02:11] So yeah. Number two make sure to use all the features available to you. I mean Instagram stories they have location tags, they have gifts, they have mentions, hashtags you can put frikken music in there now. There's a lot you can put emojis. I mean there's a lot of stuff that you can do with Instagram stories and use it.

[00:02:33] I mean think about it if you post a picture and it doesn't say anything versus you post a picture and you have a little bit of text you have a gift. You have a tag for the location you know which picture do you think people are going to stare a little bit longer.

Aaron: [00:02:48] Yeah his specialty is a gift and it's like moving. Definitely going to look at that. One other thing is to this as we talked about that are not even hashtags like those are trackable like you can actually track hashtags inside of stories too. So if we do trending hashtag from even something like Twitter and that hashtag happens to be trending on Instagram and you pull it up and you're one of those people that do that hashtag like we did the what was it - the Kiki challenge or In My Feelings challenge. We used that and we'd tag that on our stories and we got to 300 more people to look at our stories because we were using a trending hashtag on our story.

Christian: [00:03:25] Exactly. So yeah I mean all that all the stuff you know helps with audience retention. How it gives them a chance to engage with you. So again going back to that picture with nothing and the picture with some stuff like the picture with nothing is probably not going to engage anyone into asking a little bit more about it you know versus if you have you know maybe their restaurant is tagged. And they're like, "Oh I've been there too" and they comment back to you.

[00:03:51] So you just get again a higher audience retention and a chance for people to engage with your posts.

[00:04:04] Boom, baby, there it is the párt in our podcast where we talk about ourselves this is Christian speaking.

[00:04:11] And Aaron is over there on the other side of this desk and we are a Bibranding we're a creative marketing agency located at Allen and I think Aaron did a fun tidbit last time so I'm going to give you a fun tidbit. And that is that we love pizza.

[00:04:26] So if you ever feel like, "Hey I want to get these guys in my show or I want to impress these guys - actually. You know if you're listening to this episode and you want it - you want to work with us whatever you want to. Like maybe I don't know your photographer or your videographer maybe I don't know. I'm just you know a spitballing here.

[00:04:50] You know you don't work with us and you wanna impress us - bring peace to the interview. There is a 99.9% chance that you will get hired.

Aaron: [00:05:03] Dang. Yeah absolutely. We won't even look at the resume just like ask some questions and eat the pizza.

Christian: [00:05:07] Yeah I was like "Oh you're hired".

Aaron: [00:05:09] Hands down.

Christian: [00:05:10] Hands down if anything and is this and I don't care. Right?

Aaron: [00:05:14] Yeah especially if they go get pizza. anyways.

Christian: [00:05:17] Those are our fun tidbit. Like we love pizza so take advantage of that somehow, someway.

Christian: [00:05:22] But going back to our company Bitbranding I talked about this last time and if you haven't signed up yet you need to sign up to the Weeklybit this is the weekly newsletter that we send out every Saturday with awesome awesome fire four fire emojis. Well maybe 5 or 6 fire emojis. I mean this is the best freaking content and it's delivered to your inbox free of charge. It includes some of our best content that we publish throughout the week. It includes fun stuff too like what we've been up to, how we're actually growing and managing this company which is really cool insight to hear from from us on a weekly basis on what's going on with Bitbranding. So make sure you click the link.

[00:06:06] We're going to have a link in the description of this episode make sure you click there and subscribe to our newsletter. Trust me it's worthwhile.

Aaron: [00:06:17] All right.

Christian: [00:06:18] So I think those are the first. Commercial that I did. I was like halfway good right?

Aaron: [00:06:24] Yeah. And if you've been listening to Christian's commercials, you know this is something that we're all growing with. So shoot him a tweet, you can find him on Twitter. And you know let him know like "Hey that was a good commercial, bro like do that you're doing better".

Christian: [00:06:39] Thanks. Yeah I'd really appreciate that.

Aaron: [00:06:41] Yeah he'll probably like that tweet, maybe even retweet it.

Christian: [00:06:45] Potentially.

Aaron: [00:06:45] Yeah. All right.

[00:06:47] Number three, we're going back to Three Tips Dentists Can Use To Grow Using Instagram Stories and that is to start creating story ads. These are very inexpensive. They are very effective. And what's something that does not necessarily, for here, but it's something that I've noticed whenever we've been running ads is that if you do Instagram stories regularly yourself and then you're also running an Instagram story ad. What will happen is that your ad will run congruity with your regular stories so the person who sees something from you and watches your stories and then they happen to see an ad from you. They don't know the difference between them so it looks very very raw and organic and it will allow you to have that swipe up feature to send people to your website to purchase a product. And it also just looks like, "Oh this is all part of it. This is all part of the story that they're telling". Which I think is a huge advantage that Instagram is kind of putting into place.

Christian: [00:07:48] Yeah I think also the tricky part with these is that sometimes like, Aaron so you don't know you know what's a story and what's a sponsored post when you're just swiping through Instagram stories. But you need to make sure that that story - the story ad that you do it's highly engaging and eye catching enough to make what we called them air quotes "speed tap users" to actually stop and listen to whatever you're trying to say because that happens a lot. I mean with these Instagram stories and IGTV is just a very easy to kind of swipe and just go to the next thing which a lot of people do.

Aaron: [00:08:25] I feel like I...well, I don't tap through as fast just because I'm looking at them to try to find the ad so I can see like "Hey who's doing what".

Christian: [00:08:34] You're you're a marketer looking for that exactly so it's different.

Aaron: [00:08:37] Yeah but if you're not, it's you're one of the people who are clicking through those pretty dang quickly. Any bonuses?

Christian: [00:08:44] I don't have any bonuses. Do you have any bonuses?

Aaron: [00:08:49] No bonuses. All right. So thank you guys for listening to this episode. Again this is for dentists. But you can apply it in your own business, you should start using Instagram stories and then gravitate if you have already been doing stories try to move towards ads. It's something we didn't mention was that it's super inexpensive. We're talking pennies compared to regular ads, so check that out and if you are not subscribed makes sure whatever ever podcast platform you are listening to this from whether it's Spotify Google Play or like the Apple iTunes store. Make sure you subscribe or follow us so you don't miss an episode. We have new ones coming out every Monday. And if you are a business owner who we have not talked about in our show or you're interested in having us break down something for you. Shoot us a message on Instagram. It is Bitbranding everything @bitbranding and let us know "Hey how would you do this for Facebook for my industry?". And more than likely we'll create an episode for you for it.

Christian: [00:09:49] Word.

Aaron: [00:09:50] Word. All right. Have a great week and we'll talk to you guys next time.

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