3 Reasons Why You Need A Local SEO Agency

August 6, 2018

Show Notes

On today's episode we dive deeper into what SEO is and why hiring a local agency is usually the better option for most companies.

  • We cover how many moving parts are really involved in SEO and how to keep up with them.
  • How SEO agencies stay up to date and much time is involved.
  • We break down how much time it really takes to be effective at SEO

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[00:00:16] Aaron: Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives. If this is your first time, thanks for tuning in. We're going to talk about SEO today and specifically three reasons why you need a local SEO agency on your team for your business. We're going to talk about the multiple moving parts in SEO. We're going to talk about how to stay up to date and why that's important. We're going to have a little break where Christian's going to tell us some exciting stuff going on at BitBranding.

[00:00:44] Christian: Holla.  

[00:00:44] Aaron: Oh. That was Christian by the way. He's going to jump in pretty soon, but he said holla. We're going to talk about how time-consuming SEO is, and then really just an overview of whether or not SEO is something that you need to really hire an agency for or could you handle it. So these are just some questions that you need to ask yourself and really evaluate is this something that I need an agency for in my business? So let's jump into this.

[00:01:10]  Christian: Yeah. So the first reason why you need a local agency is that SEO requires multiple practices. So what I mean by that is that it has multiple moving parts, and a lot of people can't even define SEO because of this. If we talk, for example, about Facebook ads, yeah, it's Facebook ads. You run the ads, and that's it. That's the product, and you get the results right there. With SEO it's a little bit more complicated because there are a lot of moving parts. For example, guest posting, citations, or reviews. Social media is actually part of SEO. Long-tail keywords, blog posts, on-page SEO, video, mobile-friendly websites. So all these things in conjunction create a good SEO strategy. So if you're a small business owner and you're trying to do SEO, for example, writing a blog post is definitely not going to generate the results that you want or need. So that's why it's important to hire a local SEO agency that will be able to take on all those moving parts and have them working together to reach your goals.

[00:02:21] Aaron: Absolutely. And it's not that a blog isn't important. We absolutely tell everyone that you should have a blog and that you need to create that content, but it's not going to be as simple as, you know, one day you're ranking on Google for the best pizza company. And then you write a blog, and now you're ranking for so many other things. It doesn't work that way. Maybe in the early 2000s when the Internet was first coming around, but now there's a lot of competition. So having a real strategy for your SEO is very important, and one of those factors that Christian mentioned are almost all equally important to make sure that you're ranking for what you would like to rank for. All right. The next thing is that a local SEO agency is going to stay up to date. For example, there's actually specifically for Google- There's other things out to like Bing or DuckDuckGo. Check out DuckDuckGo by the way. But anyway, so there's been four major algorithm updates for Google in 2018 already. We're recording this in July of 2018. So we're just a little over 6 months in, and there's already been four major updates. So for example, they started doing mobile indexing first which means that if your website isn't mobile first, in March that's going to take a huge hit for your rankings. So if you weren't paying attention to that or you didn't know that there was a huge update or you were in the process of making your website mobile friendly, that's going to really affect you. So staying up to date is crucial with making sure that you stay up with the trends and constantly making sure that you're going to be ranking at the top of Google for your search terms.

[00:04:00]Christian: Right. And a local SEO agency will be able to keep you up to date with all those changes.

[00:04:06]  Aaron: Right. I was going to say if they're not, they're probably not a very good agency, but yes, if they are good, they're keeping up with the updates and letting you know the changes to the strategy and why that's important.

[00:04:18] Christian: Exactly. Oooh. A-a-all right. Well, well, well. This is the part of our podcast episode where we talk about us. My name is Christian, and this is Aaron right across the table from me. We are a local marketing agency here in Allen, Texas. We've been doing this for about 3 years now actually. Yeah? Yeah, three years. And today I want to talk to you a little bit about having mobile-friendly websites. This is part of the SEO strategy that we've kind of been talking about. I guess one of the moving parts of SEO is having mobile-friendly websites. Having mobile-first websites which is basically all the websites that we create have mobile first. So that means that your websites are going to look good on tiny, tiny phones, regular-sized phones, LeBron James-type phones, tablets, phablets. I'm trying to find another word that rhymes with tablets and phablets. I don't think there's anything else. Computers, monitors, TVs, flat screen TVs, everything. So you want to definitely find an agency or a company that will basically be able to do a mobile-friendly website, and let me tell you something, that's us. We want to do your website or maybe redo your website if you have an old website that's not mobile friendly. You're worried that you're going to get penalized by Google or any other search engine. Definitely contact us. The best way to reach us is probably social media actually. So you can find us @BitBranding basically everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. But if you'd like to learn more about our services and what else we have to offer, you can go to bitbranding.co.

[00:06:15]  Aaron: All right. Yeah. Check out the portfolio there too. We're not just tooting our own horn, but you could check out that.

[00:06:20] Christian: Done some pretty good stuff.

[00:06:21] Aaron: All right. So if we just give myself one second here, I want to give you guys a little outro of what happened with every time during the podcast.  

[00:06:32]  Christian: You know, it's kind of funny that we use all this technology and stuff, and we're still relying on an app on a phone to do that little horn thing when we can just kinda add it, you know.

[00:06:43]  Aaron: Yeah. Post-editing.

[00:06:45] Christian: Post-editing.

[00:06:45] Aaron: But it's not nearly as cool as pushing that button. I'll tell you.

[00:06:48] Christian: That's very true.

[00:06:49] Aaron: Yeah, it's called the rap airborne. Shout out to them. Maybe they're going to give us some affiliate words, but anyway, it's very fun to push and that just signifies that we are back to our regularly scheduled episode. Three reasons why you need a local SEO agency. And I mean, we in Allen, Texas. So maybe why you need one in Allen or the Dallas, Texas area.

[00:07:09] Christian: Yeah.

[00:07:09]  Aaron: So SEO can be very time-consuming. We know because we're doing it for quite a few people. This is not only reaching out to people to have them write blog posts for you, creating blog posts for you, but also getting you on this what's called citation. So listing you on websites that are authoritative. This could be on Yelp. This could be on Google. This is Facebook. So listing you on those things. If you've ever had to create like a Facebook profile or a Yelp profile or something like that and you know that it takes 45 minutes to an hour, well, try to do that 30 to 50 times per month by yourself. It's very time consuming, and that's just one piece of it.

[00:07:48] Christian: Right. And then you have keyword research to start doing some blog posts. Then after you do the research for those keywords, then it's actually writing the blog post, reaching out to people, gathering or trying to get more reviews. So again going back to our number one which is it has a lot of moving parts. Because it has a lot of moving parts, it is very time-consuming. I mean, a good example is like if your car breaks down, you're more than likely not going to learn everything about your car, look at 30 YouTube videos on how to fix your car and diagnose it, and then actually potentially buy software or in this case a toolbox or any parts that you need in order to fix your car. You're not going to do all that stuff. You're probably going to hire a professional that has the tools, has the software, has the expertise in order to help you get to your goals.

[00:08:48] Aaron: Right. And we're not saying that this isn't- I guess for Christian's car example, we're not saying that's a bad thing. We're just saying that you're a business owner, and we know that you're busy. Your time is best spent growing your business while having somebody else spend that time, and as we wrap up here in a few minutes, we'll ask you- You need to ask yourself these questions on whether or not it makes sense. Do you have more time to spend on SEO? And is this something you need to learn first so that whenever you hand it off to somebody it actually makes sense because you understand what they're doing versus- You know, some people just don't understand it at all which is kind of the point of this podcast is to educate you and understand why there's so much work that goes into SEO.

[00:09:33] Christian: Yeah, and actually just a little segue here. If you still have questions about SEO and you probably are not in this stage of hiring an agency but you want to have a better understanding of what SEO is, we'll be more than happy to talk to you, even meet with you. You can come check out our offices in Allen.

[00:09:55] Aaron: In Allen.

[00:09:56] Christian:  And we'll be more than happy to explain some of these concepts and a lot of those moving parts that we're were talking about and how everything interconnects and works together.

[00:10:06] Aaron: Right. So I guess a couple of questions to ask yourself is one, do you have the time to do? If you do, that's the biggest piece. The second thing is do you feel like you will enjoy it to get to a mastery level? And not to the mastery level where you could teach it to somebody else but at least to the point where you know what's going on. You know how to check for the Google updates. You're updating citations. You're adding the blog post. You're looking for keyword research. If you enjoy that, you have the time, and you have the expertise and you're building the expertise, then it probably doesn't make sense to hire an SEO agency, but if you're thinking I don't have the time, I really don't want to learn this, I'm selling t-shirts or I'm selling- You know, I'm a dentist, and I don't need to be learning SEO. Then that's where you really just need to talk to an SEO agency, and this is not a selfish plug, but if you want to talk to us, we're happy to talk to you. And whether we're a fit for you or not, we'll know in a conversation. At least be able to point you guys in the right direction.

[00:11:07] Christian: Yeah. I don't have anything else.

[00:11:09] Aaron: All right. Cool. Make sure if you're listening to this for the first time, hit that subscribe button. We've actually had a few people message us on Instagram and say hey, thanks for having this podcast. Appreciate it. And we're able to connect with them, kind of help them some more. So if this is your first time, please shoot us a message over on Instagram and let us know, and we can connect. And we'll follow you over there and just answer any questions you have, and if you have a friend who's starting up a new business and they're good at what they do but you know that they're probably going to need some help with SEO, just send them this podcast and at least get them some education on what's going to be really ahead for them. All right. We'll talk to you guys next week.

[00:11:46]Christian: Bye.

[00:11:48] Narrator: The Marketing Natives podcast is a production BitBranding

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