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On today's episode we talk about the 10 things you need to know about IGTV:

  1. IGTV is a portrait mode style video, you can only watch videos vertically.
  2. You can view IGTV from the Instagram App OR the IGTV app.
  3. Even if you don’t have 10k followers, you can link your IGTV videos from your stories and have your followers swipe up to watch the full video.
  4. Currently the maximum length is one hour for an IGTV video, but eventually they are going to make it limitless.
  5. You can create only 1 IGTV profile per Instagram account.
  6. You can’t record and create your content from the IGTV app. It’s only for viewing and uploading.
  7. Long form content consumed by your customers gives you a much better chance to acquire them. Plus, we do see IGTV ads coming in the future… this is a prediction, but we’ll see!
  8. IGTV videos stay on your channel until you physically delete them unlike Instagram Stories that disappear after 89 hours.
  9. You need the IGTV app to watch different profiles without leaving the app. IGTV can be found on every Instagram profile, but once you are there you are only consuming that profile. Whereas on the IGTV app you can consume many of the people you are following plus any that you may discover.
  10. IGTV videos have their own likes and comments.


Christian: [00:00:00] IGTV videos stay on your IGTV channel until you physically delete them. So if you're accustomed to Instagram stories where the content gets deleted after 24 hours, this is different. Think of this literally as YouTube.


Narrator: [00:00:19] This is The Marketing Natives, providing actionable ways to grow, improve, and succeed in your business, and now your hosts, Christian and Aaron.


Aaron: [00:00:31] Hey, friends. Welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives where we talk about local businesses, locals things except for this episode. We are not talking about anything local. We're talking about IGTV, Instagram TV, and anything else that you may have heard it called, but we're doing- We're doing. This episode is ten things you need to know about IGTV. We're going to kinda do it as a bullet point, maybe a little more rapid fire, and maybe break down a little bit more, but these are the things that you need to know. The down and dirty.


Christian: [00:01:06] Yeah. Down and dirty.


Aaron: [00:01:08] Yeah. The trenchy stuff.


Christian: [00:01:12] All right. So number one, IGTV is a portrait-mode video app. So that means that you can only- Technically you can only watch or watch and create videos vertically which there hasn't really- I mean, I guess Instagram stories and Snapchat really brought this to life, and actually smartphones being the shape and form that they are allowed this form of video to be created, I guess. So now we have IGTV. So it's a vertical video app.


Aaron: [00:01:51] Yeah. And something just real quick to that is that- I can't remember who said it or the correct way that they're putting this, but there's going to be like three types of video that we consume. It's going to be the kind of video where you lean in, you lean out, and you lean back. So for like IGTV since it's vertical, you're going to like lean in. This is what you're going to be spending time on. They said the lean back was more like YouTube where you're just going to turn it sideways, and you're going to put it in front of you, and you're going to watch it kind of like TV. And then the other one I can't remember, but it's just that's how we're going to consume content. You got the ones where you're watching it on your phone and it's real quick, the ones that are a little bit longer but it's vertical, and the ones that are like a YouTube or a longer style. And IGTV is really transitioning the vertical video to long-form content which is pretty cool. So the second thing here is that you can view IGTV from Instagram the app which you should already have or the IGTV app. There is a dedicated app which we will talk about later.


Christian: [00:02:56] Yeah. I think the main difference here between watching from Instagram app or the IGTV app is that in order to access any IGTV content on Instagram, you would have to be on that person's profile in order to be able to see the little circle bubble next to the stories highlights to be able to see their IGTV video. With the IGTV app, you're able to- It's kind of like having your cable box where you have your different channels of different people. You can watch their different videos and things like that.


Aaron: [00:03:31] Right. And currently- Well, sorry. Even if you don't have 10,000 followers, a lot of people know about the swipe up feature, and they're like dang, I wish I could do it.


Christian: [00:03:41] You're talking about inside of stories.


Aaron: [00:03:42] Inside of stories on Instagram, and if you haven't watched an Instagram story, go do that. But for you to have the swipe up feature, you need to have at least 10,000 followers, and then it becomes available. But for IGTV, you can create a story and then link back to your IGTV. So Christian and I could be talking about this podcast and then connect our IGTV video, have them swipe up, and it will take them to the longer-form video which is pretty cool.


Christian: [00:04:08] Yeah. So that was number three. Number four, currently there is a 10 minute- What is that called? What's the word?


Aaron: [00:04:20] Time limit?


Christian: [00:04:20] Time limit. Yeah. There's a 10-minute limit to the videos that you create on IGTV. So actually- And I think- I forgot, but there's also a minimum number. I forgot the number of what it was.


Aaron: [00:04:37] I think it has to be over 15 seconds. So at least 16 seconds or whatever.


Christian: [00:04:41] Yes, yes, yes. So yeah. You can't make just one-second videos or two, three or five. Anway, anything that's basically on your Instagram stories you can't create here on IGTV. So that's the current maximum length is ten minutes, but in the future and actually big brands and verified accounts, they have a limit of 60 minutes, an hour, and they do expect that in the future they will let other people be able to have that much time to create those videos.


Aaron: [00:05:12] Yes. All right. Number five, you can create only one IGTV profile per Instagram account. So for BitBranding, we can't have an IGTV for our marketing and an IGTV for our website design. It's only BitBranding's IGTV. So only one per profile.


Christian: [00:05:31] Yeah. Number six, you cannot record or create your content inside the IGTV app. The IGTV app is only for viewing and uploading your videos. The videos that you create for IGTV you have to do it on Final Cut or iMovie and edit them that or- Actually there might be- We should have researched this a little bit. There might be some apps already out there that you can download and easily create these videos and maybe have some transitions and some texts and stuff like that, but the nicer video content that you're going to see on IGTV is going to be done on computers with professional software. So. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. All right. So we have a quick ad today. Usually what we do is we split the episodes in half, and we talk a little bit about our company. We are BitBranding. We are a creative marketing agency in Allen, Texas, and really all I want you to do today actually is I want you to either go to our Instagram which is @BitBranding - you can search for that all together - or you can go to Facebook, search for BitBranding all together. And I want you to either send us a DM or write to us, and I'm super interested to learn about what type of live events would you be interested in. We're talking to small business owners, and we want to create some- We already did one event in August, August 1st, but we want to get some information from you, our listeners, into what type of event would you be interested in. Is it something more of a presentation where you're learning about a very specific topic? Or is it just you want to do maybe some roundtable? Or you're more interested in maybe a workshop where it's more hands-on. We maybe teach a little bit, and then the rest is, yeah, hands-on creative. You maybe have a little workbook or something to go down. So let us know. Again you can either go to our Instagram @BitBranding or go to Facebook, send us a private message, and let us know.


Aaron: [00:08:03] All right. We are back to our regularly scheduled episode. We're talking about ten things you need to know about IGTV, and kicking off this second half is number seven. Long-form content consumed by your customers gives you a much better chance to acquire them. Meaning that if they watched an Instagram story, maybe they watched three or four of them and they're all 15 seconds, you have a minute of their time, maybe a half of a minute of their time. But if you create an IGTV video, and you can let them- Christian's dancing across from me. If you let them dive in and find out a little bit more about you and they consume a three to five, maybe 10-minute video about you, they're really going to find out who you are. And if they stay, that's going to be a lot- It's going to be a lot better chance for you to do business with them because they could understand more about you, your brand, than just a little slice-of-life clip.


Christian: [00:08:58] Very nice. Number eight, IGTV videos stay on your IGTV channel until you physically delete them. So if you're accustomed to Instagram stories where the content gets deleted after 24 hours, this is different. Think of this literally as YouTube. You know, you go to YouTube, and you upload your videos, and they stay on your channel forever until you either delete or don't make them public anymore. So keep that in mind.


Aaron: [00:09:30] All right. And the second to last one here we have is number nine. You need the IGTV app. We kind of alluded to earlier that to watch a profile you have to- Or to view an Instagram story, you have to either watch from the profile, but at that point, you can only watch that person's stuff. For example, you go to BitBranding, you can only watch our IGTV, or like Christian mentioned earlier, you go to the IGTV app and you can browse from BitBranding. You can go check out the Allen/Fairview Chamber. You could go check out [Billy Smith], the Yeager Office Suites here in Allen which is where we office.


Christian: [00:10:15] Holla.


Aaron: [00:10:17] You should go check them out, but that will allow you to see multiple at a time. Like Christian said, this is your [box]. This is your Netflix. This is your Hulu. So very, very cool.


Christian: [00:10:28] Yeah. [I ruined that moment. I literally said that probably a little bit earlier.] But I guess we haven't said this. That the videos on IGTV people are able to like and comment on the video, and those stay right there with that video. So.


Aaron: [00:10:48] Forever.


Christian: [00:10:49] Yeah, forever. So I guess that's different from Instagram stories where people can comment on that story, but it just goes directly to your inbox basically.


Aaron: [00:10:58] Right. So stories go to you as a direct message, and the comments and messages on IGTV goes to you as a notification.


Christian: [00:11:09] Right. And they'll be right next [inaudible] on that video. You'll be able to see those comments. It's pretty cool.


Aaron: [00:11:18] Awesome. All right. So we hope you guys enjoyed this episode. This was 10 things you need to know about IGTV. We will probably be talking about it in the future as we continue to experiment and you guys ask questions, and we'll be happy to answer them. So if you are new to the podcast, please make sure that you subscribe. We'll be back to a regularly-scheduled episode where we're talking about specific industries and breaking down strategies for what they can do online. If you have the podcast app or, sorry, the iTunes app or if you have Stitcher or Spotify, whatever your app is that you're using to listen to us, make sure you click that subscribe button. We come out with new episodes every Monday, and if you found value in this, please take the time to go leave us a review. And we would greatly appreciate it. Shoot us a message on Instagram, @BitBranding, and let us know you did that, and we will send a t-shirt. But you've got to mention this episode too.


Christian: [00:12:12] Nice. [inaudible]

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