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Our programs walk you through three pillars to successfully grow and scale your business online.

Our process begins with discovering your customer avatar. We do this through our Content Messaging Foundation™, which allows us to  understand your demographics, psychographics, and customer needs.


Strategy and Automation
Next we align your goals with a proven strategy and messaging that speaks directly to your audience. Then, build your assets including; photo, video, landing pages, copywriting, and automations.


Tracking Results
Lastly and most importantly we will create a centralized location to track your data. This allows us to monitor results so that we can make data driven decisions to hit your goals.

Case Study

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Hear what our customers have to say

"I had an absolute blast working with these guys! They loved what I was going for, were quite prompt and WORTH EVERY PENNY! I absolutely LOVE my new company logo. Thanks Christian for your amazing and detailed work!"

Liz Abukar
Real Estate & Portrait Photographer

"BitBranding are absolute professionals. Designed an e-commerce website for one of our clients and had it live quickly! Iterative feedback process was simple and Christian and Aaron were always thorough and timely with their responses. BitBranding will be our first call next time!"

Jeffrey Rasco
Executive Vice President

"Working with BitBranding was the right move as a business owner.  Their knowledge and up-to-date information is on-point.  Clear guidelines and expectations of their step by step process.  Very approachable team and quick to respond to questions."

Maria-Paula Carrillo
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

"BitBranding brought my company into the 21st century !  The owners created our new website, helped us understand all the technology - understand Web driven analytics ( all things foreign to me). They introduced "chat features" on our website which has been very successful and communicating with our customers.  This team is creative and innovative - they will inspire you to learn how to grown your business."

Francey Beall
Co Owner / Marketing Director


We are big on education and we work hard to provide you up to date information.

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Using traditional advertising for people who do not fit your customer profile is expensive. Social Advertising gives you greater control.

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