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Carol has been working with us for some time, but only as needed for website help and graphic design. When the pandemic hit hard in March of 2020, she had to shut her doors and cut off the largest source of her business, in-store foot traffic. We built her an online shopping website, but it was never used to it's potential because of the in-store success. With her back against the wall, she had to make the tough decision of jumping in head first to the online world. She needed to make this work to keep the business successful, it had to work.


Before starting online with us, Crave had only done $10k in sales in the previous 6 months, since starting with us in the past 6 months they have done over $84k.

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Project Description

We worked with Carol to decide which of her products were the best sellers in the store and which would have the highest profit to be able to scale and reinvest in the business. Crave was perfect for our Sales Accelerator program, which is built to help brick and mortar locations start selling online. We started with understanding her audience, found them on Facebook and Instagram, created copy we knew they would love and sounded like Carol then started the campaigns off with pictures from her already successful Instagram page. Our first month we spent $2,000 and were able to return $15,000. Carol was hesitant to spend more per month, but almost forced to because of the pandemic it allowed us to scale online. After a few months we went out to recapture the story of Crave Popcorn and a collection video to showcase her most popular products and let those who have never had the pleasure of walking through Crave's doors see the true beauty and uniqueness that is Crave. The online world loved her videos and since then the about video has reached almost 100k people in just two months.


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