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Some of the Best Free Resources for Small Businesses

Some of the Best Free Resources for Small Businesses

April 1, 2016

When you are small business owner, knowing where your money is going is essential to keeping your business up and going. At BitBranding we are no different, we have a budget to stick and watch where we allocate money. We were on a mission to find companies that provided true value for small business owners without paying an arm and a leg for their services.

Below is a list and short description of companies that are free to use and provide real bottom-line help to small business without all the expense.

1. www.slack.com - Slack is a communication system that allows you to talk to multiple team members in a ‘channel’ and so much more. Slack also integrates with pretty much anything you can think of. Including Google mail, and Skype.

2. www.canva.com - If you cannot afford a graphic designer, but want to leave a professional appearance on your work. Available on desktop and tablets.

3. http://allthefreestock.com - All the free stock is a website curation of all the best free stock photo websites out there. If you are in a pinch and trying to find quality photos, all the stock is sure to have your answer.

4. www.mailchimp.com - At BitBranding we use MailChimp over the other leading competitors because it offers its services for free up to 2,000 clients and is able to scale with you. As an added bonus they integrate with almost everything you need.

5. Grama App - This app allows you to seamlessly copy and paste the right hashtags for all your Instagram photos. Its super easy to use and best of all, FREE.

6. https://appear.in/ - Trying to have a group, live video chat but not everyone knows how to use Google+ or even a gmail account? Appear.in allows users to send links to anyone and then they are able to watch and interact without ever creating an account.

7. www.sumome.com - SumoMe has changed the way BitBranding markets. If you are trying to grow your email list, find out where people are clicking on your website or even having your Google analytics all in one place.

Our hope is that you are able to use these resources, do your own research, and grow your small business more effective and efficiently and a lower cost to you.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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