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Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

February 12, 2016

Social media is still relatively new when you compare it to traditional marketing and a lot of companies are talking about what to do on social media. However, not too many companies are telling small business owners and clients what you should NOT be doing with social media.

Like anything, there are things you should be doing as well as practices you need to avoid. Below is a list we have come up with to help you navigate through the social media storm. 

1. Using your personal page exclusively to sell your business. This is frowned upon by friends and family and not professional. Your friends are on Facebook to know about your life, not to be sold to.

2. Paying for engagement - Boosting a post to send out bad content will get you nowhere quickly. Sure, they may click on it, but that is a short-term gain for long-term loss. (Notice how we said ‘boost’)

3. When creating a video ad or shooting a video, film vertically instead of horizontal. When you shoot vertical, it creates black lines on the videos and isn’t a professional shot.

4. Using too many social networks. Don’t get on every social network because that is what everyone else is doing. Get on the social networks that your audience is one and do them well. Then, and only then should you branch to other areas.

5. Not staying consistent. If you are on social media, consistency is huge. With the way each social mediums algorithm works, you must consistently engaging and become top of mind for your users.

6. Overselling. Over the course of learning about BitBranding you will quickly find out that we are an inbound marketing company and believe the hard sell is a way of the past. You are going to attract more bees with honey than vinegar. Provide value. Plain and simple.

7. Sharing too much at once. If you aren’t able to post Monday through Friday, don’t bog  us down with 3-4 posts on that Friday or Saturday just because you now have the time to do so. This is spammy.

8. Not setting goals. You can NOT just wing social media. It is a real marketing outlet and you must have goal you are striving for to achieve the success you’re after.

9. Ignoring comments/likes/tweets. If you have clients or potential customers, heck, even a random person engaging with you on social media you can’t just “like” their response. You need to actively respond and hold a conversation with them.

What you can take away from this article is that you must provide value to your clients at all times and stop trying to sell. Build relationships, create trust, and then ask for something. 

If you have questions about what this looks like in practice, we would love to help.

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