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Meet the Intern: Kasia Labaziewicz

Meet the Intern: Kasia Labaziewicz

June 26, 2017

Hi my name is Katherine but I go by Kasia (sounds like Kasha),which is basically the Polish version of Katie. I am 21 years old and live inDenver, Colorado. I am about one semester away from finishing an AAS in GraphicDesign and am currently looking at art schools where I could get my bachelor’s.

I spent the first ten years of my life in Japan and have movedabout a million times. My family moved to Nagano, where the ’97 winter Olympicswere held, when I was about a year old. We lived there for close to six yearsthen spent three in Tokyo. Between leaving Japan in ‘05 and coming to Allen in’07 we lived in Rochester, New York. Then, after four years in Allen moved toShanghai, China for two years. After that I spent a year back in Allen,graduated high school and moved up to Colorado. I absolutely love Colorado andhopefully will be able to stay there for at least a few more years.

Besides always loving art, which is what led me to graphicdesign, I have also always loved to dance. My favorite genre is ballet. I alsoenjoy skiing and, more recently, snowboarding. We used to go at least once ayear as a family but I’ve only been once since moving to Colorado… baking,reading and watching movies are some of my other favorite pastimes.

Currently, I live with my boyfriend James and our cat Retro.James and I met in a Japanese class at University of Colorado. He’s originallyfrom Houston and is a HUGE Cowboys fan. Retro is a huge 12lb cat. He's not fat,just really big. He demands a lot of attention but is incredibly loving. Ialso have a dog, named BB who lives with my parents in Allen. He is a sweet,little maltese who we’ve had since moving to Texas and has been my favoritecompanion for many years. He even came to China with us.

I’ve been having so much fun at BitBranding and have alreadylearned a ton! I walked in not even knowing where to start with building awebsite but was able to cloned the Denver Art Museum by the end of my firstweek!! Since then I’ve also created Facebook ads that are actually running fora client and several landing pages which will also eventually be used for realbusinesses. I’ve gotten so much great feedback and some really useful tips. Iam so thankful for this experience!

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