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How to Setup Local Pickup on Shopify

How to Setup Local Pickup on Shopify

January 12, 2021

How to Setup Local Pickup on Shopify

In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to set up local pickups, on your Shopify Store. 

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So we want to go to settings in the bottom left hand corner.

You will then go to the first column and choose shipping and delivery. 

In here you will see some new options with local pickup. This will allow local customers to pick up their orders at your location. 

So right now, we can manage this location. So right now, it says doesn't offer pickup. 

We can click manage on that. 

Then we're going to select “this location offers local pickup”.

Now in this section you have a few options such as what the expected pickup time would be. 

This drop down will give you options such as ready in one hour, 24 hours, two to four days, etc. So depending on the type of products that you're selling and how long it takes you to sort of get the products ready for people to pick up, you can change the times where they will be able to pick it up. 

During checkout, this will be just another option besides the shipping options. They will have this local pickup and it will read “usually ready in 24 hours” or whatever time frame you choose. 

Besides that, you also have the ability to create a notification. Give them a little bit more instructions. So if you're offering, for example, curbside pickup, you can let your customers know exactly what they need to do when they arrive at your store or location of a pickup. And you can change this and you can have up to 255 characters. 

Once you're done making those changes, you just click Save in the upper right corner.

That's all you need to know. That will add that local pickup option during the checkout inside of the shipping options given to them.

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