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How To Set Up Facebook Shop On Shopify [Updated 2021]

How To Set Up Facebook Shop On Shopify [Updated 2021]

June 9, 2021

How To Set Up Facebook Shop On Shopify [Updated 2021]

In this blog we are going to show you how to set up Facebook Shop inside of Shopify.

As always, before we get started we just want to say welcome to everyone new. My name is Christian Piñon and I am one of the co-founders here at BitBranding.

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Ok let’s get started. We have our Lil Bits Treats Shopify account open here. For us, over on the left hand side under Sales Channel, it says Facebook Shop (discontinued.) This is because they’ve made some changes, so we want to make sure that we set that up again.

In order to do that, we’re going to click on the Plus button next to Sales Channel. 

It’s going to bring up a bunch of different sales channels to add. You’ll want to scroll down until you see  Facebook. You’ll then click on the plus sign.

This is the same way to add Instagram as well so if you’re curious about how to add that, it’s all included in this new Facebook Sales Channel.

When the page loads, there’s going to be some information in there, but you’ll want to scroll to the bottom where it says Update Sales Channel and then click on that.

This is where you can set multiple things up. You’ll see Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Marketing. For this, we are doing Facebook Shop, so you’ll click on Start Setup.

For this to work, you will have to connect a Facebook account. You’ll click on Connect Account.

After that, it will bring up your business manager pages. Find the one that you want connected to this Sales Channel and choose Connect. 

This process should be easy to follow, it should just go step by step, with the next thing being the Facebook Page. Connect to your business page.

Next is Data Sharing, which is very important, so you want to make sure that you enable that. 

If you’re running ads on Facebook. If you’re reading our blogs and watching videos on our Channel, you’re probably running ads on Facebook so we would highly recommend that you do the maximum level. That will give you the most opportunity to track events and be able to expand on simple ads and do greater things.

The next step is a Pixel. If you don’t have a Pixel, then it’s going to have you create one. You will just need to click on Create New. 

The confirm button might not show up right away because it might still be updating the data, so even throughout the whole setup, Facebook can take up to 48 hours to approve everything. We will show you at the end what it should look like.

Continuing on with the setup, the next thing you will do is the Facebook Commerce Account. This is something that is kind of newish on Facebook. If you don’t have a commerce account set up yet, that's ok. You can actually do that through Facebook, but for this purpose we are just going to set it up here inside of Shopify so that you don’t have to worry about the steps inside of Facebook. So you would click on Create New and it will set it up for you. 

Lastly you have the Terms and Conditions. This is important. You want to click Review Terms.Once you’re done reviewing them, click on Accept Terms.

Then at the bottom of the page you’ll click Finish Setup.

Once all that is done, it should direct you back to your SetUp page and you should see a message that says that You’re Ready To Use Facebook Shop. You can click on Got It.

Once you do that, you should now see that your Facebook Shop is Active. Again, some of the features may not be available until the 48 hour period is up.

Something else we do want to show you is on the right where it says Product Status. In this instance, we have 5 products that are approved and 1 that is not approved.

Facebook does require certain details be provided for a product for it to be approved.

Let’s click on the unapproved and see what’s missing and troubleshoot it.

The cool thing is when you click on it, it will show you different things that need to be done, and on that page you will be able to see what’s missing. In this instance, we are missing a product image. 

It could also be missing a description, title, etc. If you don’t have those things on your products, then you are doing your Shopify store wrong because you need images and you need really good product descriptions. 

So, if you have any of those issues, make sure you get them fixed in order for your product to appear on Facebook.

Now we are going to jump into another account to let you see what that looks like. They have the Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Marketing all set up. All of these are very important in order to run a highly engaging and good campaign on Facebook. 

As you can see, they have quite a few unapproved products, however, they could be drafts, products they’re still working the details out on, things like that. 

Now, when you click on the Customize Shop button, it will take you to the Facebook Commerce Manager. 

Once in there you will see all of your Active and Deactivated items. It should show up automatically from Shopify. So, if it’s still loading, then in your items, you will not see any products whatsoever. This is going to automatically sync up with your Shopify so that you will actually start seeing some of the products in there. 

The other thing that you will see is that when you go to your Facebook Page, you’re going to see the new Shop tab. When you click on there you will see all the available products.

All right, guys, thanks so much for reading. If you would like to watch our “How To” video on this subject, you can watch it here.. Hopefully this was beneficial for you. If you’re still confused about anything, or if there is anything we left out,  please leave a comment on the video and let us know.

We also want to do a shout out for another of our videos that Aaron did, How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager. Aaron goes step by step on how to do this on the Facebook side of things instead of the Shopify side. This video will help you out a lot and you can find that video here.

Again, if you enjoyed the tutorial, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the bell so that you don't miss out on any of the content we put out every single week. Hit that like button on the video because the YouTube algorithm monkeys really love that. They’ll take the video and show it to more people, and that’s what we want. We want to share the love, we want to share the knowledge. All right guys, we will see you next time. Take care.


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