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How To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate For Your Clothing Brand

How To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate For Your Clothing Brand

November 5, 2021

How To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate For Your Clothing Brand

Hey, guys, Christian, here and today, I'm going to show you a few ways you can increase your conversion on your Shopify store. Let's get started. 

Optimizing your online store isn't a one and done solution for e-commerce, it's an ongoing process that will help you constantly learn more about your audience and how you can better serve them, right? It's not about a tactic with an endpoint. It's something that you should always be doing to get better. 

Do Some Improvements

So the number one thing that you need to do is improve performance and site speed. 

When your site crashes during high volume shopping days like Black Friday or your mobile site takes more than a few seconds to load, you run the risk of losing your customers' attention and loyalty. In fact, 79% of customers have reported dissatisfaction with website performance are less likely to buy from that site again. Slow pages are the number one issue that angry mobile users complain about, ranking even higher than the site crashes. There are many ways to reduce the page load time on your e-commerce site, including compressing and reducing file size images, decreasing the amount of apps that you use, and modifying and improving the HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We actually made a video on how to increase website speed on Shopify. You can check that out right here.

Nice To See You!

Before we get to number two, I just want to say welcome to everyone new. My name is Christian Piñon, one of the co-founders here of BitBranding. 

We've been helping frustrated store owners since 2015, becoming impactful store owners through tutorials, tactics and strategies. 

The number one way they can support us is by heading over to our YouTube Channel and hitting that subscribe button and turning on notifications. Please do it. We love you. 

Make It Flawless

The second thing you can do is make the site search work flawlessly. 

Visitors who use on site search are 1.8 times more likely to convert and can generate as much as 14 to 40 percent of your store's overall revenue. Why do site searches converge so well? Well, to begin with, it's likely that shoppers who use site search exhibit an intent to buy, right? So once this intent is put into words, shoppers are led quickly to what they need. Often, this means that they're not necessarily shopping for a button shirt. They're actually interested in products that meet more narrowed down descriptions such as a red hooded flannel or sale button down plaid blue shirt. So make sure that you have a good search solution for your story. 

Use Quality Photos

Coming in at number three is to use high quality images and copy. 

Considering that people can't touch or try on your products online, you need to work twice as hard to make your products come alive via excellent photography, graphics and description. You can't rely on stock photography or small, uninspiring product photos to convince your customers to buy something. We actually made a video on how to write better product descriptions. You can check that out here.

Try Something New

The fourth way is to create a better user experience, and one way you can create a better experience is to try new apps. 

Some apps that can help with conversion rates are Shop The Look, which enables customers to buy an entire outfit with just one click. 

There is also Swatchify, which enables you to easily create detailed colors for your products so it's easier to shop. The idea here is to find apps that will make shopping your store a breeze. 


All right, so I gave you four ways to increase conversion on your website. If you're interested in learning a little bit more about what you can do for your store, you need to check out our free training. I said free training, it’s literally free, and it shows you the five keys to e-commerce growth and success in the long term. I talked about in the beginning of this video about how some of these things are things that you just don't do once, you have to constantly be doing these things. In this training we actually go a little bit above and beyond on just conversion rates and things that you can do, we actually give you a lot more in order for you to succeed in the long term, that's what we're interested in here, the long term. So check that out by clicking here.

Now that you’ve finished reading this blog, we have ANOTHER awesome video or you guys to check out. It is the four apps that you need on your clothing store today and you can find that right here.

That’s all we have for today. If you want to watch the How To video for this topic, you can find it here. Make sure to like the video, subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you find anything of value in this blog or maybe our future YouTube videos. You'll see all of our other future videos. We'll appreciate that.

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