How to Create Custom URL Redirects in Shopify

November 10, 2020

How to Create Custom URL Redirects in Shopify

In this blog we’ll be showing you how to create custom URL redirects on Shopify. 

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So a lot of times when you are creating or recreating a website, let's say that you've already have a Wordpress, and maybe a WooCommerce store and you're transferring everything to Shopify. Some of your links might not be exactly the same. So, for example, let's say we have a collection on Shopify that’s a ‘sale’ collection, that URL might look different from the one that we had previously, our store. So on our store, it might have been That would take us to our sale page. Now, here on Shopify, there's certain things that you can't necessarily manipulate.

So, for example, if we go into our products on the left and we go down to collections.

For this example, let’s create a new collection by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner. We are then going to call it ‘Sale.’ 

Next you’ll want to scroll down to ‘Search engine listing preview’ and click the ‘Edit website SEO’ link at the top right of that box. 

Now, when we create this collection, if we look here into the SEO settings, you see that ‘URL and handle’ at the bottom. You see it automatically adds that collections and then forward slash sale. So in our previous store, we had the URL forward-slash sale. Because of this, we need to create a redirect for that in case some people might have bookmarked that sale page before or let's say that you have that link somewhere on your social media platforms. It's important that when people click on that old link, they're transferred into this new link that you've created on your brand new store. 

Here’s how we do that. First, you want to make sure that you have all of your necessary fields filled out and then click save in the upper right hand corner to create that collection. 

After you’ve created your collection here, you’re going to go to Online Store here on the left. 

Then you'll go to navigation. 

Inside of navigation, we have ‘URL redirects’. It's like a very small link up here on the top. 

So you're going to click on that and then click ‘Create URL redirect.’

Here is where you just type in the ‘from’ and ‘to’. So we want to go from ‘sale’ to the new one ‘collections/sale’.

Then we click on save redirect. That will make any old link that just has a /sale go into our new collections/sale.

There you have it. Now you want to create all these redirects in order to make sure that your store shows properly for those older links on your previous website. So you want to make sure that you look at all your previous links and then you look at your new links and make sure that they either match or if they don't match, then that's when you create some of these URL redirects. 

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Christian Pinon
Creative Director
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