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How Shopify and Effective Web Design Can Grow Your E-Commerce Business

How Shopify and Effective Web Design Can Grow Your E-Commerce Business

January 29, 2021

Do you know how your website ranks among your competition? Do you feel like you're losing customers and failing to scale your business as expected?

Effective SEO-friendly website design takes careful planning and regular updating to meet the industry constantly updating specifications. Search engines are continually updating their algorithms to create a better shopping experience for customers. If you miss the mark, the search engines could penalize your company.

Are you ready to learn some digital marketing agency certified e-commerce marketing strategies regarding your web design? We're discussing the subject in-depth, so read on to figure out where to start.

Why Is Web Design Important?

Many customers' first interaction with a business is through their website. This first impression can make or break their likelihood of giving you your business. Because of this, you should update your site and ensure it functions as expected every time someone clicks through to your landing page.

When a new customer is searching for your business, they will generally use specific terms to look for your site on a search engine. However, if your content isn't SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, you could be missing falling low on the results pages.

Over 25% of people click on the first result listed on the first page. So if your site appears much further down than that, you're missing out big time.

Additionally, a well-designed website shows your consumers that you're current with industry trends and invested in your business's success. If your competition sites are more updated and easier to use than yours, many consumers may choose them instead. Don't miss your opportunity to update.

5 Reasons You Need Shopify's Web Design Solutions

If your business isn't performing like you need it to, it's time to take a good long look at your e-commerce site. Not all websites are created equally. When it comes to expert design, Shopify knows what it takes to make the sale.

Growing your audience and reaching more potential customers starts with an expert website. Here are some reasons Shopify could be the solution you're looking for.

1. Easy Website Management

If you feel like your website is confusing to navigate and you don't know where to start to update it, Shopify will be your hero. When it comes to managing your website, Shopify has e-commerce tools that easily allow you to manage your POS (point of sale) systems and other business essentials.

You will even have access to an admin panel that will allow you to create different accounts for your team. You can also manage your inventory, review orders and payments, and shipping processes.

2. Make Your Business Scalable

It's your goal to grow your business and reach more customers, right?

Shopify is designed to grow with you and has options to allow you to upgrade your account when necessary. Your website will easily migrate into a Shopify Plus account, which provides added site security and larger bandwidth.

3. Customer-Focused Payment Options

There are over 100 payment options that you can choose from to give your customers the shopping experience they want.

Through the built-in Shopify payments gateway, your customers won't be charged on top of their expected fees when they get to the payment. This helps to build transparency and trust in your brand.

4. Sell on Multiple Platforms

Selling your products only works if people know you exist. Utilize your social media platforms to integrate sales opportunities and take advantage of your exposure.

You'll also be able to obtain analytical data to track performance and maximize your sales opportunities.

5. Support When Needed

As you grow your business and learn more about e-commerce, having Shopify on your team gives you 24/7 support at every turn. You'll be able to talk with other industry experts in the provided discussion forums and an SEO expert on hand to help you boost sales.

If you want access to expert website design in Allen, TX, we can help you figure out where to start. We don't use complex marketing lingo or basic templates, so you'll have a beautiful website that will work hard for your business.

5 Easy Website Design Tips

There are many different types of e-commerce websites on the web these days, so how can you help your business stand out? These five easy tips will help you figure out where to start and see where your current site might be lacking.

  1. Keep your site design simple and free of clutter
  2. Create a visual hierarchy to highlight important details
  3. Make your site content easy to read
  4. Ensure your site is easy to navigate
  5. Upgrade your site to make it mobile-friendly

Take a look at your website currently and note any of these areas you might be lacking. If you're unsure how your website functions, ask a friend or family member to click through and search for a specific product.

The better you understand your website's weak points, the easier it will be to focus on those areas to ensure your updated site succeeds. With some careful planning and customer-focused updates, your site will perform optimally for every visitor, every time.

Where to Start With Web Design

If you're ready to grow your business, reach more customers, and achieve your goals, then you're in luck! Take some time to search for a "website designer near me" and see if Shopify would be the right fit.

With its easy-to-learn design and user-friendly interface, you'll have an updated website quickly. Our experts will also help you learn how to track and understand the data so you can make educated decisions about your business's growth.

For more information about website design, digital marketing, and e-commerce success tips, check out these other informative articles on our blog.

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