How NOT To Create High Converting Facebook Ads

March 2, 2021

How NOT To Create High Converting Facebook Ads

The worst thing you can do to engage your audience via ads is to use stock photography. 

Don't worry, we understand that stock photos are easy to access, and obviously, it's a lot less work up front, but just look at any successful brand out there. Nike, Whole Foods, Burger King, they never use stock photography. They ensure their brand is consistent by using their own or commissioned photography. So if they don't use it, then why are you? 

Think about it, when you use stock photography, photography that is not yours, it just doesn't fit your brand. It doesn't fit your colors, your message, people tend to dismiss stock photos very easily on social media. You can just tell that they're stock photos, they're not real people. We can clearly tell that they're not authentic to your brand. 

We know authentic photography can be challenging and expensive to get, but here’s a question. Isn't it more important to focus on how to do things differently so you can get different results instead of continuing to do what you've been doing to get the same result over and over? Think about that. 

If you're like the frustrated store owner, then you know that authentic photos just move people in the right direction. If you stick with photography that's stocky or not real, then you may risk putting in a ton of work with just little results. 

So do you want to continue using stock photography and putting a lot of work with little to no results, or do you want to stand out faster, change lives deeper, and increase sales quicker? If that's you, then you need to check out the Ecomm Accelerator Process! 

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Christian Pinon
Creative Director
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