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6 Tips to Improve Your Video Content

6 Tips to Improve Your Video Content

April 25, 2019

Here at BitBranding, one question we get all the time is, how can video content help my business. Well, looking at the statistics, Facebook has over 1 billion daily users. Eight billion daily views or 100 million hours of video is consumed on the platform everyday!

So why is video content so important?

It allows you to give your client information on the medium they want! Why skip out on that large of an audience? We put together a list of 6 Tips to help you create the best video content possible.

Keep Making Content

Maybe you are uncomfortable with being on camera. It happens to everyone. When you begin making videos for your company, you will soon realize that one video simply isn’t enough. As your business grows and develops, your videos will need to follow. You need to be putting out new content on a consistent basis and with that repetition you will quickly begin feeling more comfortable on camera. Most business owners find it gets easier the more they do it. The more videos you make the more comfortable you will be. There is also the option of having someone speaking for you on your company's behalf, whether it be one of your employee’s or if you hire an actor.

Creating Professional Looking Content Can Be Easy

If you are just starting out and are worried your content isn’t high enough quality because you aren't filming with a professional camera you can lay that worry to rest. Smartphone technology is improving at a rapid rate and the quality of the camera on your phone has never been better. Aside from the quality of video, the most important thing for your ad is what you are saying. Having a well thought out and clear message for your audience is the most important thing when running a successful ad.

Promote Your Content

Just because you have a well produced video for your business doesn’t mean it is going to generate leads. Effectively distributing your videos is one of the toughest parts of video marketing. If you are having trouble getting your content seen, promote it to build an audience of people who enjoy your content.

Strategize, Strategize, Strategize

No video campaign will work without pre-planning. Before hitting record make sure you plan every element of the video. That includes what will be said, how it will be framed, who would want to see it, is that the person you want to reach, where will the video be posted, and so on. One way we like to do plan out a video ad is to view it as if we were the target customer, would we watch the video and convert? If not we make changes and test it again. If you would like a FREE Consultation to discuss your Video Production Strategy click here.

Engage As Much As Possible

A simple way to get more views on your videos is to engage with your audience. Add a question or topic that you talk about in your video and encourage your audience to comment. Now maybe you are encouraging people to comment. That’s Great! Now you need to respond to those comments. Actively responding to your audience, not only with videos about what they want to see, but directly responding to comments on your video is a great way to generate more views, which in-turn will generate more leads!

Take Time To Make Great Content

Video can be a pillar for your business once you start creating it, so make sure you take time to make each video as good as it can possibly be. One mistake a lot of business owners make is they want to make videos as fast as possible, so they do it in one take. That is great if you can do it, but the sad truth is most can’t. They may do it because they don’t like being on camera, or they don’t have time to dedicate to a video. If this sounds like you, just think it will take longer, and be more expensive to re-do a video because it wasn’t getting conversions or leads, rather than doing a second take the first time.

Now Go Try It Yourself

Go start making videos, and see how much of an effect it can have on your business.

For a limited time we are doing FREE Video Strategy Consultations, click here to schedule your's today.

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