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4 Important Places to Put Your Company Logo

4 Important Places to Put Your Company Logo

June 25, 2018

The right logo can make all the difference in the world. Every major company on the planet has a brand, logo, or identifying mark, and it's all over their products, from clothing to cars and everything in between. Logos even get plastered all over social media profiles and advertisements!

Unfortunately, many business owners slap their logo at the top of their website and forget about it. If that's the case with you, you're missing out on a ton of opportunities to cash in on your branding.

Brand Your Printed Material

Business cards and store signage are great places to put your logo. When people see your logo on a card and then on a sign, it helps keep the brand consistent and encourages communication as people identify with the colors and the fonts that are used.

Coordinate Social Media Profiles

Your profile pictures can be anything you would like it to be, but you'll have to make sure that the message is consistent across all the platforms or people might get confused. If you don't want to put the logo itself on the picture area, consider placing a variation of it in each spot, or maybe one in slightly different colors. Whatever you decide to do, make sure people are able to decipher what it is they're looking at easily.

Sponsor an Event

If you can sponsor a local event or team, it can be a huge opportunity to increase brand visibility. A billboard on the outfield wall of an independent league baseball team can be seen by thousands of people every week, and even if they're unable to actually read the text, a simple glance at the logo will be enough to communicate your association with the team. Moreover, customers love a company that supports local causes, so associating with various events can breed a strong sense of loyalty as well.

Create Unique Packaging

If your entire packaging centers around placing the item in a bag and taping it shut, you are missing out on a chance to create a unique experience for your customers. By creating custom boxes and putting your logo on the side, you'll be able to link your business with a sense of creativity, as well as the possibility of others sharing or even reusing their boxes for other purposes. In this way, your logo will be seen multiple times by the same people, which is vital for customer conversion.

Creating a logo is expensive, so it's important that you're getting as much mileage out of it as possible. Rather than saturate your market, however, try to think of unique ways that people can see your mark and interact with your brand. Doing so will cement in their mind that you are a creative company that values experience as much as revenue.



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