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3 Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Service-Based Businesses With Facebook Ads

3 Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Service-Based Businesses With Facebook Ads

September 22, 2020

3 Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Service-Based Businesses With Facebook Ads

Today we are going to be giving you 3 tips on how to generate quality leads with Facebook ads.

In the past you may have heard us talk about our Leads Accelerator. This is actually one of the necessary steps that need to be in place to attract, qualify and convert more leads online. Before we figured this out, we did everything manually over and over again with little to no success. Our goal for you is that when you watch this video, you will be able to walk away to focus on quality lead generation to help you grow your service based business.

First you will need to make sure that you understand your target audience and who you’re marketing to.


This is absolutely crucial and the rest of this blog will not matter if you don’t understand who your target audience is online. Make sure that you start with this because if you don’t it’s going to be almost impossible for you to generate quality leads online and a waste of money. 

1. Serve One Type Of Client

This could be B to B or B to C and it could even be industry specific or really niching down, but find out where your audience is and create the kind of content that they want. For example, you’re a service based business watching this type of content right now and we serve service based businesses who are trying to generate leads online. So do the exact same thing that we are, copy this and literally serve one type of client. When you do this you are able to narrow down your marketing and you’re able to narrow down your content so that it resonates with your audience. 

2. Create Content That Speaks Directly To Your Audience & Yell Out Qualifiers

For example, how many people did they serve? What type and amount of employees did they have? How much revenue do they generate every single year? If a client that you are potentially working with only serves 1 or 2 people per month, that may not be a good place for you to go and help that person.

If you’re a B to C customer, you may find out that you go and do landscaping at a home but they don’t really even spend money on having somebody mow their lawn, let alone the landscaping of the house. So you have to figure out what those things are that are going to qualify that person and talk about that. 

So if you created a video ad, you would want to say, Hey! We help people in this area and we help people that are looking to do something, whether that is upgrading their homes, looking to sell their home soon, whatever that may be. 

It doesn’t have to be specific but it should be in a general way that when you tell them about something they think, “Oh! This is for me!” When you do that, you are already starting to qualify that person even before they go to fill out your form or to schedule with you.

3. Add a Questionnaire To Your Consultation or Scheduling Form

If you’re working with B to B, then you want to make sure that you are asking questions that qualify them. Their name, their business, their website, etc, so that you can talk to them. Also what would be their monthly income, how many employees they have if it's necessary. All of those make sense for the B to B world because you don’t want to sit on the phone or talk to somebody on the phone who is not qualified.

For B to C, make sure that you figure out where’s the address? If I'm going to your home or if I’m serving you this way, or let’s say if you’re a dentist and they’re coming to you, make sure you find out if they have insurance or find out if they have the means and ability to pay for the type of treatment they want. What are those qualifiers and what they are for you are different for each business but you just need to figure out what they are.

Don’t Create A Form Leads Won’t Want To Fill Out

When creating your questionnaire, don’t do it too much, we would say the perfect amount of questions that somebody will fill out would be between 6-12 questions max. B to B you could do about 12 questions, for B to C about 5-6 questions, but you should be able to qualify the customer by that point. 

So if they schedule with you and they’re not a great fit, then just message them back and let them know that you don’t think they’ll be a good fit because you don’t serve these types of clients. Make sure that you don’t tell them why you didn’t qualify them, but give them an alternative for it. 

Recap of the 3 Tips

So just to recap, make sure that you:

  1. Serve One Type of Client
  2. Create Content That Speaks Directly to Your Target Audience and Yell Out Qualifiers
  3. Have a Questionnaire so that you don’t schedule a consultation or go out to somebody’s house without finding out more about their business

Hopefully this helped you figure out how to generate quality leads online through Facebook. If you’d like to learn more about our Leads Accelerator Program, you can get our free training on how to attract, qualify and convert more leads online for your local business by going here.

If you would like to watch our How To video on this subject, you can watch it here. Make sure to like the video as well as like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the bell so that you don't miss out on any of the content we put out every single week.

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