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11 tips to get more online customer reviews

11 tips to get more online customer reviews

September 15, 2016

When consumers are online looking for a product or service they need, they will research your company before making a decision. Actually, over 90% of your potential clients are looking to see what other people have already said about you online.

Online reviews are more important than ever because the differences are now between a lead and no call. The struggle is getting customers who are happy with your services to leave a review. Customers want to leave reviews, but are so busy in their own lives. However, there are key tactics and strategies that you can implement that will increase the amount of reviews you do receive.  Below are ten proven tactics to get more online reviews.

1. Run a contest on Facebook. This will allow your customers who have done work with you in the past to leave a review with a little incentive. Give something away that is of value to your customer. Remember, it may be worth it to spend a little money to get more reviews as the ROI(return on investment) could be huge.

2. Pay attention to the reviews you already have. Start by making sure to resolve any issues your customers are having currently. If you already have online reviews you want to make sure that you are handling the issues because potential customers will see this. If they see you handle the situation they are more likely to do business with you.

BitBranding Google reviews
BitBranding Google Reviews

3. Purchase an online reputation software. This will allow you to request feedback/reviews from your customers almost instantly. You can sign up with software through an agency, like us, or find a software company online. Find one with a good review.

The easiest way to get more reviews is to send them a direct link to the site you would like the review on with a personal message. Reputation management allows you to send those messages quickly and effectively. Another great tool with reputation management software is you can also be notified when there is a review, both positive and negative, so you can respond quickly. You want to make sure you respond within 24 hours, your customers and Google both love that.

Reputation Management software
Online Reputation Management Software

4. Respond and thank all your reviewers. Just as we mentioned in number three, you need to make it a priority to reply to all reviewers. Even if they just give a 5 star review and don’t leave a comment, make sure to reply and thank them for taking the time to leave a review.

5. When someone buys a product or service, make it easy for them to leave a review. Clickable links at the bottom of an invoice, thank-you email, etc. The biggest struggle users have with leaving a review is all the hoops they have to jump through to do so.

6. Create a designated review space on your website. Creating a spot on your website is a great tactic to send users over to leave a review on many different sites. This is a great alternative or an addition to your reputation management account.

Fit 4 Adventure client testimonial
Client Testimonials on the website

7. Offer an incentive. You could give away a product, service, or even just your time. Ask them to leave a review in exchange for something of value. As mentioned earlier, you must give something of value to give a larger amount of people interested in leaving reviews. This strategy is most effective for those businesses that have been around for at least a year, but haven’t been following up to get reviews. This is a great way for past clients who have used your services to give feedback.

8. If you meet with your customers regularly, ask them if you can take a quick 30-second video with them about why they use your product or service. Video testimonials and reviews generate great SEO juice. Although this won’t be able to be uploaded to a review site, you can use it on your website and potential clients have a better insight of your customer satisfaction.

9. Get on multiple review sites. Google, Facebook, Yelp, FourSquare, etc. Find review sites that are relevant to you, then claim your business. Most reviews sites are free and if and your business you should be on them. Customers can leave a review even if you don’t claim the business, so you do want to make sure you have control and are monitoring them. Getting on more review sites makes it easier for customers to leave a review on their favorite site.

10. Know how to deal with negative reviews. Reach out to negative reviewers directly. (If possible) When dealing with negative reviews you need to come at an angle of help not offense. Respond to the review on the site publicly, but when possible respond privately too. Ask for detail about the problem and do your best to make it right. 

11. Leave a review first. If there is business you have worked with in the past or had a good experience, leave them a review. Putting yourself on review sites as someone who has left a lot of reviews actually benefits you as well. You are much more likely to receive a review if you give one first. Google especially works this way and will give away VIP material to those who review frequently.

Aaron Pearson Google Reviews
Local Google Guide

We know these tactics and strategies work because we practice them in our own company and with our clients. You should aim to pick 2-3 tactics and put them to practice. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email and we would be more than happy to help you.

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