10+ Ideas for Your First Video Series on Facebook

March 17, 2016

You have probably heard that video is becoming increasingly important, and you heard right. We sit down with multiple business owners per week and talk about ways to make their business flourish in such a noisy space online.

Facebook video is your key to organically grow your audience and potentially double your business. Yes, you could double your business in a year with video. Below are a list of video ideas to start your first video series on Facebook.

1. Question and Answer show about your industry.

2. Product or Service reviews. Share what products/services you use or are specific to your industry and give your honest opinions on these.

3. How to video on something in your industry or even a product specific.

4. Behind the Scenes. If you own an interesting business, like a film company, show what goes on behind the scenes. Do something cool and people will always want to know how you did it.

5. Vlog Style show, where you are talking about what is going on with you and your business that particular week.

6. Thank You Tuesdays. Make a simple video where you thank recent followers or give a few shoutouts to some of your fans.

7. Interview style video series where you bring on customers or experts in your field.

8. Video contest. Once a month do a live video contest and have people participate in the comments.

9. Motivation Monday. Everyone loves motivation, but take it past the picture and word on image. Do video and read the quote! If you don’t do it, I probably will.

10. Explainer videos. Explain how a complex process or system works in an easy to understand way. Common Craft has built an entire business around explaining things with video.

11. Build something through your show. Projects that take 2-3 weeks to complete. We understand that sometimes it is hard to get in front of the camera, but it will get easier. The biggest mistake a business can make is starting out with a weekly or bi-weekly video series and then stop because the results aren’t where they want to be yet.

Give the video and consistency time, on average it takes 2-3 months to see significant results. This is because people need to know when and where you are having your show and to be looking for it.

If you still have questions about how to start your first video series, we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Aaron Pearson
Managing Director
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